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  1. 10 Team ESPN .5 PPR ($150 Leaguesafe)

    2 owners needed
  2. 10 Team ESPN .5 PPR ($150 Leaguesafe)

    Need 4
  3. Last second redemption league looking for owners! Draft will be Tonight at 8:00 PM ET. Stats from Thursday Night game will be active. Settings: 1st-$750, 2nd-$450, 3rd-$150, $10 to weekly top scorer (15 weeks) Draft order will be randomized once all payments are collected *Due to limited time frame, I'm asking all potential owners to pay upon joining the league Thanks
  4. 10 Team ESPN 1/2 PPR ($150 Leaguesafe)

    I have a couple open spots. Just need your email and I can shoot you an invite
  5. 10 Team ESPN 1/2 PPR ($150 Leaguesafe)

    I have room for a few more owners
  6. This is my 6th year running this league and I have several open spots. Please read the entirety of this post before requesting to join! League Name: Gridiron Gurus League settings: Snake Draft: Thursday, September 6 at 6:30 PM ET. Pay/Payouts: $150 via Leaguesafe. 1st- $750, 2nd- $450, 3rd- $150, $10 given to weekly top scorer through NFL Week 15. All payouts will be allocated following a majority approval vote on December 31st. *League rules are ESPN standard 1/2 PPR fractional scoring. *Six team playoff beginning Week 14. Top two teams receive first round byes. *Trades are LM Only Vetos. Trades will only be vetoed if blatantly lopsided or show any signs of collusion. *Draft order will be randomly generated using the fftoolbox website after all payments are collected and payment deadline has expired. If you have any questions please feel free to ask below. I will respond as soon as possible! Thanks, Hunter
  7. This is a last second league I'm putting together due to one of the most bull**** Week 1's ever. Complete Settings: Leaguesafe: $100 buy in. 1st-$600, 2nd-$300, 3rd-$100. (Majority Approval) Draft tonight at 7pm ET. (Order randomly generated using fftoolbox generator once payments are collected) I will be at work until 3pm ET. If interested, leave your email and I will send invites out as soon as possible.
  8. Still willing to put something together if anyone is interested
  9. Complete settings: $100 Leaguesafe. Payouts: 1st-$600, 2nd-$300, 3rd-$100 (Majority approval) Snake Draft at 9:00pm ET (Draft order will be randomly generated once everyone pays) I'm looking for active owners who want to have fun! Due to limited time, payments need to be collected fairly quickly!
  10. 10 Team ESPN .5 PPR ($100 Leaguesafe)

    I sent you 3 Leaguesafe invites! I wasn't trying to be rude, but I was rushing to get everyone paid up so we could complete the draft prior to the NFL kickoff.
  11. 10 Team ESPN .5 PPR ($100 Leaguesafe)

    You were removed because you did not pay. You had plenty of time and actually were the reason our draft was delayed 30 minutes.