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  1. 12 Team PPR I'm in 6th place and am the overall point leader in my league - would you make this move? QB: Watson/Brees RB: Chubb/A. Jones/Singletary WR: D. Adams/Lockett/Tate/Deebo/Landry TE: Waller/Hollister D: Steelers/Eagles K: Maher Was offered Zeke+Gerald Everett for my Aaron Jones+Waller Learning toward taking it - thoughts?

    Winston. Weather looks crappy in NE on Sunday & Dak is playing the Pats. I think the Boys focus on pounding it with Zeke. Winston will rack points in ATL. Mind answering mine? n
  3. Need Some Help Gents!

    Montgomery & Guice - I don't trust the Lions RB corps & I think Edmonds gets most of the meaningful work for the Steelers. Flex Deebo if Kittle is out, otherwise leave it as is. If Lockett sits, play both Samuels. Mind answering mine? http://forums.thehuddle.com/topic/532826-need-some-help-my-dudes-whir/
  4. MT trade advice

    Man that is tough, I haven't looked at ROS schedules but Edelman has such a safe floor I would probably try to keep him. I would definitely send Godwin & Ridley/Moore for MT, but wouldn't add anyone outside of Conner in the package. Adding Kamara/Jones/Chubb would be too much IMO. Would you mind answering my post? http://forums.thehuddle.com/topic/532826-need-some-help-my-dudes-whir/