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  1. Hello , sorry to offend ... but there are not many places to recruit a fresh honest player owner for an active league Since Espn forums been shut down now 2 years now . We all know this is NFL , but there may be Basketball fans amoungst you. need 1 Active Serious owner 10teams 6 advance to playoffs Reset Keeper league every other year. fair play no collusion/Petty vetos current team ram is in playoff position thanks
  2. Looking for 6-7 Greetings....Recruiting Gamers Vets to join an( Average scoring league) 20-55 per game night The blue print is perfect ...madden like in the NBA. No outrageous scoring Its fantasy but true fantasy Created so that the little guy that plays 15 minutes can produce 35 points Remember when Kevin love first entered the league and all he played was 15 minutes ...? At the end of the night whenlooking at his stat box you'd think he played a full 48 minutes Basicly if you shoot 3-20 you will be penalized If you shoot 8-8 3's you will be rewarded If its in the Game its in the Game Welcome to 3Peat Bigs get points, guys who do the dirty work even get points I need 6 to 7 to join I want to have fun and enjoy i am not interested in nabysitting owners 18 weeks The season is 18 weeks before playoffs 6 advance to playoffs If you have bad reputation here your not invited If your on trial HERE and your espn name is fake your not invited The 7th spot id rather give to a novice that lives next door then to a non lineup setter a non active league member Or even worse a gamer in 99 leagues 18 weeks is a long season Im not asking for 2 years You have never played a league like mine before everything is streamline Even real life injuries can be a blessing Unless the #1 was on your team! Haha Backups do well Here I'll check back in ,sorry to seem blunt i really dont want to waste my time with Quitters Hope to find some real players here thx
  3. Only 1 team is left ..thank you and i await the active serious claimer
  4. (2) Spots are available team long beach. And Dasterdly Dogs Link above will allow you to trace over We are a 10 teams 6 advance playoffs winner take all.league 1week matchup league All i that you be active set your lineup and work the wire to.make ypur tesm better or trades ... our draft is Aug 27 , on a Sunday day after McGregor fight. Deadbeats are annoying for.many.leagues it effects playoff pushes late in season. Our draft is live online auto select Or you will loose your high Draft order. If your interested and want.the challenge of a Madden style league with structure thank you
  5. 2Nd team if still available
  6. 1Team Left ((Free)) 10 player Snake Draft live league Offensively built ((Some of you are in 10 leagues at once)) Under4 league type Owner preferred Set your line up be @ Draft your in!!! Email if you want in the!! Final spot
  7. Hello marsh. Your taking over a flake, do u still want in?
  8. Final Space Draft on Sunday late night 1 active player wanted Set lineup. . no baby sitting reminders Live draft online thx
  9. Sorry late reply 40 minutes ago, if ur still up for the season chk for link
  10. Looking for serious FFL