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  1. Lockett or Allen ROS

    Was also looking at picking chase Edmonds up but I don't have anyone to drop
  2. Lockett or Allen ROS

    Just figured they'd start coming back down to earth here in the next couple of weeks with tougher matchups
  3. I'm looking to make a package deal with the Pats Def and one of my wrs for either lockett or Allen. The guy that has these 2 said he wants an upgrade at defense and that he'd be willing to trade one of them. PPR league. qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, flex, te, k, def My Roster: Allen A. Jones, Mack, Conner, Singletary, Montgomery Beckham, Evans, Boyd, McLaurin, J. Brown Kittle Nugent Bills and Patriots Was thinking of trying Mclaurin and pats d for one of them. Maybe Boyd. Which would you rather have?
  4. J. Brown or Crowder this week?

    Yea yea, that's what I meant
  5. Brown vs miami or crowder vs patriots? Easy answer is crowder but I'm also starting josh allen and Singletary for the Bills.
  6. Ppr qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, flex, te, k, def My team: Qb: Allen Rb: Conner, A. Jones, Mack, Singletary, Montgomery Wr: Evans, Beckham, Boyd, Mclaurin, J. Brown Te: kittle K: Nugent Def: Bills, patriots I'm trying to get more rbs to make a package for a sure fire #1. Was Montgomery a decent piece in re turn for Diggs?
  7. Ppr 1 qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, 1 flex, 1 te My team: Allen A. Jones, conner, mack, singletary Obj, evans, diggs, mclaurin, boyd, J. Brown Kittle I could pick up Everett or herndon to cover my te spot
  8. Who would you try to target with him? A couple of names come to mind?
  9. Week 6 Milk Carton

    Same here with minshew
  10. Start hopkins and fuller?

    I should clarify Malcolm brown, not marquise.
  11. Ppr league. I usually never like starting 2 from the same team but... I picked fuller up after last week. Do I start them both in hope of a shootout? I have woods, sanders, jeffery and M. Brown I could plug in for fuller. None of those guys has been consistent. If anyone I'd think of brown but I don't like the matchup vs 49ers
  12. Flex which wr

    Ppr league. Boyd at ravens (most likely will see a lot of humphrey) Diggs vs falcons (is it his turn for the big game) Mclaurin at dolphins (Keenum is back but new coach wants to run) I see potential in all 3 in terms of the # of targets boyd gets, but the other 2 have great matchups. I could also bench evans vs bradberry and the panthers who have shut him down.
  13. Bench Evans?

    Evans vs bradberry again. We've seen him disappear against good corners. I have Mclaurin and Diggs on my bench. Go with Mclaurin at miami?
  14. A: cook and golladay B: Evans, conner, Pats D I have side b on my team right now. Pats d has been great but their matchups get tougher after the next week or 2. I normally stream def anyway.
  15. Melvin gordon this week

    I'd start jones. Especially with William's out