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  1. Ppr Need to start 2 wr, 2 rb and 1 flex Beckham vs Bengals Allen at Jaguars Evans vs colts Pascal at Bucs Brown vs ravens Jones vs redskins Singletary vs ravens Guice at packers Penny at rams Mattison vs lions Currently have Evans and allen, Jones and Singletary, flexing obj. Do I hope obj finally pays off or go with Pascal who has a better matchup but has also been inconsistent. Any worry about allen if they bench rivers? Powell is available to...is he a better flex option with bell out?
  2. I've been rolling with Winston most of the season. Cousins is available along with Allen. Great matchup for cousins at home vs lions. Allen at home but against tough ravens def. Should I just stick with winston vs indys middle of the pack def?
  3. 🙋🏼‍♂️🙋🏼‍♂️🙋🏼‍♂️
  4. Week 13 Milk Carton

    Where do I start...Winston, A. Jones, evans, kittle, J. Williams. Now it's looking like 4 teams at 6-7 tied for last playoff spot
  5. OBJ or Diggs?

  6. Ppr Weather is looking pretty bad for the ravens 49ers game. Would you pick up and start any of these? Higbee at cardinals (Everett is out) Goedert at dolphins (ertz sounds very questionable..they signed a te from the practice squad) Smith at colts
  7. Pick my flex

    Ppr Allen at Broncos (will he be shadowed by harris) Beckham at Steelers (tough def at home) Williams vs titans (coach said wilkins will be more involved)
  8. Wr2 help quick

    Ppr John brown at cowboys Keenan Allen at broncos
  9. Win and in. Lose and it'll be a mess of time breakers for the last spots. Any changes?
  10. I do have dwelley in case something happens during warmups
  11. Yeah I'm not sure what I want to do either
  12. It's being reported that he has a broken bone...could pick up Hollister to start in his place. Just thinking one hit and he could be out. What's everyone else doing?
  13. Rb dilemma

  14. Rb dilemma

    Need 3 out of these. Jones at 49ers Singletary vs Broncos Montgomery vs giants Guice vs lions Scarbrough at redskins