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  1. More of a chance than me...down 60 with miller and boone or jonesπŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈπŸ€£πŸ€£
  2. AJ Brown

    He's in there...0 targets though.
  3. Ppr Matchup posted below My bench: boone, K.Allen and beckham Waiting to see how the rest of the day plays out to possibly put boone in over jones. Do you think I need to chase some points with brown and miller or put allen in who's been more consistent lately?
  4. Kicker Help

  5. Bench perriman?

    Ppr With evans and Godwin out he'll be the focus for the defense (even if it's not a great one). I can start allen, AJ brown and miller over him. I usually get burned for chasing points which is what I feel I'd be doing in playing perriman after one huge game. Thoughts?
  6. Bench perriman?

    Who would you bench? Would it be crazy to bench allen? Just thinking other 3 guys teams will have to throw to keep up against their respective opponents. Chargers should handle the raiders. Brown vs saints Perriman vs texans Miller vs chiefs
  7. Ppr 1 qb 2 rb 2 wr 1 flex kicker def Winston Jones, mostert Allen, perriman A.j. brown Koo Denver def Bench: mattison, Singletary, obj, j. Brown, A. Miller, Patriots Keep going back and forth on defense. Also wondering about brown getting shadowed by lattimore for the saints. Miller is against the chiefs so they should have to throw to keep up. Chiefs also give up more receptions to slot receivers.
  8. Already gave my 2 cents πŸ˜€
  9. Ppr 2 wr and 1 flex Allen vs raiders Perriman vs Texans Brown vs saints Miller vs chiefs Singletary at Patriots I'm rolling with the 1st 3 right now. Not sure if I should be worried about possible shadow coverage from lattimore on brown or not
  10. Championship Lineup options

    Imo sit sanders Play denver d
  11. Which D to win it all?

    I have them both as well. Keep going back and forth. Right now I'm leaning Denver. Singletary didnt play last time and I think they are playing better overall now. Either one is a solid option though...just give the slight edge to denver right now
  12. Jameis Winston appreciation thread

    I was wondering this as well
  13. Start 3 49ers?

    Anyone else?
  14. Start 3 49ers?

    Ppr Just noticed I have mostert, Sanders and kittle in my lineup. To me kittle and mostert are must starts. Should I bench Sanders for any of the following: Beckham at cardinals Thielen at chargers Pascal at saints Singletary at steelers Gordon vs Vikings
  15. Mg3 or hunt

    Ppr Gordon vs Vikings Hunt at cards
  16. Lineup Help Required !

    Goff, brown, higbee
  17. Thielen

    I'd sit beckham
  18. Ppr Pascal at saints Slayton vs Miami Looking for highest upside. Playing #1 seeds in 2 leagues in which both got 37 pts from Jackson on Thursday.
  19. What do you think

    This. πŸ’―
  20. Ppr Normally I'd easily go with Singletary but I really hate the matchup at Pittsburgh. Do you think mostert will keep his hit streak going at home vs atlanta?
  21. Play Bell tonight?

    I like mostert
  22. Snuck into the playoffs at 6-7. Won the first round and I now face the #1 team who went 12-1. He scored over 2000 points with the next highest being 1750. I was around 1450. So I'm going for high ceiling guys hoping to pull off a huge upset...would you make any changes? My team is on the left in the pictures