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  1. need 3 more. it really won't be as difficult as it may look once we're doing it. if you're looking for a managerial challenge. this is it.
  2. 3 basic rules: Rule 1 (The Bad Trip): After week 2 any starter not meeting his fantasy scoring average will have to be benched for the following week. In the event that there are not enough players on a manager's bench to cover the benched players, they will have to start an incomplete lineup. However, I don't foresee this happening... perhaps on bye weeks. Also, bye weeks do not count as a mandatory benching. If a player's next week is a bye, then he will have to be benched the following week. Rule 2 (Turn a Friend On): Teams that have a starter that scores 6 points or less in a match up will be allowed 1 waiver wire/free agent pick up or 1 trade the following week. Only 1 waiver transaction or trade will be allowed. Even if you have more than 1 starter score 6 points or less. Waiver wire order is determined by Lowest Score the previous week, Worst overall record, Least points for, Most points against. In that order. Additionally, anyone losing a player designated as Out, I/R or PUP will be able to add a player to their roster after the initial waiver picks are made. No one else is allowed to use the Waiver Wire or make trades that week. Rule 3 (The Flashback): Beginning in week 2, the team with the lowest scoring total each week will be allowed to bench a player from his next opponent's team. However, if he loses the game, his opponent can force a trade starter for starter by position. A WR for a WR, a RB for an RB, etc. All flex players will count as their regular position. (Vampire like) Lastly, after week 13 the playoffs will return to normal, except that no one can use the waiver wire or trade. Teams will remain as is. Now, I believe this benefits the poorer teams and makes the good teams work harder, but consider it a test of your abilities. It will need some serious policing by me and each team owner, but I think we can do it. I set it at $15 because most of us can afford that for an experimental fantasy experience. Email me for an invite. Remember, I may be crazy, but I'm crazy fun.
  3. Live a little guys and gals. It looks harder than it is. We'll police it together. Still need at least 3.
  4. pretty basic settings after the 3 experimental rules. part vampire league, part acid trip. attached is a copy of the 3 experimental rules. payouts are $100/$60/$20. also, can email me at if you have any questions. would like to draft on the 27th, but depends on if we fill up, or not experimental league rules.docx