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  1. I already have a playoff spot locked but I want to clinch the 2 seed with a win this week. Lineup is below, I was thinking of taking cooper out, putting Chark at WR2, and putting in Samuels at flex. 10 team 0.5 ppr league. Qb Lamar Rb Carson Rb Mixon Wr Thomas Wr Cooper Te Hollister Flex Chark Flex Ronald Jones D/st Saints K Koo Bench: Michel, Tyrell Williams, Royce Freeman, Jaylen Samuels, Mclaurin, Stafford, Witten
  2. Herndon or Witten?

    Not sure which one to start today. I haven't had any luck with the TE spot this year and I'm hoping Herndon can help with that but I'm hesitant with this being his first game of the year. Witten hasn't been bad but he hasn't been great either. .5 ppr league Thanks in advance!
  3. I have a ton of players who are at the same skill level and I dont know who to start. I've tried trading depth for a better player but no one seems to interested. I also need to drop someone and pick up a kicker for this week. Thanks in advance! 10 team .5 ppr Qb Stafford Rb Carson Rb Michel Wr Thomas Wr Chark Te Everett Flex Edmonds Flex Ty Johnson D/st Colts (streaming) K none at the moment Bench: Lamar, Royce Freeman, Mixon, Amari Cooper, Mclaurin, Tyrell Williams, Herndon, Singletary
  4. Help me with my lineup

    Anyone else?
  5. Help me with my lineup

    Thanks, I was thinking that too especially since he plays tonight
  6. I have a bunch of players around the same skill level plus I'm unsure of Amari Cooper. I want to put Singletary in but I'm not sure who to take out. Maybe Mixon? Thanks in advance! 10 team 0.5 ppr Here's my current lineup: Qb: Lamar Jackson Rb: Mixon Rb: Carson Wr: Michael Thomas Wr: Chark Te: Everett Flex: Cooper Flex: Michel D/st 49ers K Gonzalez Bench: Singletary, Royce Freeman, Tyrell Williams, Mclaurin, Edmonds, Stafford, Herndon
  7. Trade Help

    Should I try to go after Sanders or maybe even Juju instead?
  8. Trade Help

    I was just offered the following trade: I give Mike Williams and I receive Christian Kirk Not sure if this really helps my team at all. Seems like a wash to me. Am I missing something here? Should I counter with something else? 10 team half point ppr. My team: 3-2 Qb Jackson Rb Mixon Rb Carson Wr Thomas Wr Cooper Flex Michel Flex Chark Te Everett D/st Seahawks K Gonzalez Bench: Mike Williams, tyrell Williams, Singletary, royce Freeman, MVS, Mclaurin, Chris Thompson His team: 4-1 Qb Ryan Rb Zeke Rb Damien Williams Wr Thielen Wr Moore Flex Kerryon Flex Kirk Te Andrews D/st Patriots K Nugent Bench: Miles Sanders, Juju, Fuller, Pollard, Malcolm Brown, Ronald Jones, Herndon
  9. He's had great games all year and seems to Minshew's favorite target. I picked him up a couple weeks ago and unfortunately have had him on my bench since then.
  10. Help me with my horrible TE situation

    Thanks for the input! Now this is going to be the week where OJ breaks out just because I dropped him
  11. Help me with my horrible TE situation

    Thanks guys, I thought about those options and I'm leaning towards picking up Herndon. Who should I drop?
  12. Im 2-2 and have OJ Howard and he's not cutting it for me. The waiver wire isn't great and there's no one I would drop howard for: Eifert, McDonald, Witten, and Ebron are the top guys. Should I pick one of them up instead? I was also thing about offering a trade to the owner who had kittle and waller but I dont think I have the pieces to do it. 10 team half ppr league. Thanks in advance! My team: Qb Lamar Rb Mixon Rb Carson Wr M. Thomas Wr Cooper Te Howard Flex Tyrell Williams Flex Terry mclaurin D/st 49ers K maher Bench: Mike William's, Michel, Singletary, Royce Freeman, MVS, chris Thompson, Chark His team: Qb Watson Rb Lindsay Rb McCoy Wr Adams Wr Julio Te Waller Flex Godwin Flex Ross D/st Packers K Zuerlien Bench: Kittle, melvin Gordon, Duke, Brees, Hunt, Gore, Darrell Williams
  13. Opinion on this Kittle trade?

    I would do it, even with Gordon coming back Ekeler can still be a flex option and since you own Gordon you get his handcuff. The bears dont seem to know how to use Montgomery and you have good depth already so it wouldn't be a big loss. Plus Kittle over Herndon
  14. Josh Allen or Jacoby Brisset or Andy Dalton?

    I think I'll go Dalton too but it's close between him and brissett
  15. Mclaurin out, who to start

    Any other thoughts?