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  1. Austin Ekeler

    solid player that should be grabbed ... had a couple big fumbles last year but kid has talent. I think value dependant on game flow or if Gordon goes down ....decent bye week filler too.
  2. Stafford got his @ss kicked all night and stayed in the game.... he played horribly for sure but you cant say the guy gave up. Hes a tough SOB for taking those shots and staying in when the game was well out of reach.
  3. Antonio Brown missed practice again

    I, for one, hope Mr. Brown plays it safe and takes the night off.
  4. Who to flex???

  5. Must win situation! Please help

    Bryant WR Booker FLEX
  6. Mariota or Brees today?

    hard to sit Brees .... and I can see TEN running the ball all day, of which Mariotta will be a part of. Tough call but I think I go Brees
  7. Maclin, Kroft or M. Bryant for flex?

    im considering starting Kroft vs CLE ... he scored 2x last meeting... but would be tempted to go Bryant with JuJu out
  8. D Booker or J Williams

    id go booker and the upside
  9. 1 PPR WR/RB and 1.5 PP TE Need 2 of these: DWilliams @ NE DAmendola vs MIA - no Hogan today .. but banged up MLee @ ARI TKroft vs CLE --scored 2 TDs last time he played CLE
  10. Bestest Fantasy Team of all time??

    ha I messed up-- wasn't priest holmes that year... it was a combo of ---- get ready for it ---- Michael Pittman/ Arlen Harris/ Trung Candidate/ Shawn Bryson and Quentin Griffen ! 13 team total score league ..
  11. Bestest Fantasy Team of all time??

    QB Aaron Brooks RB Priest Holmes RB Warrick Dunn / TJ Duckett RB Amos Zereoue WR Randy Moss WR Terrell Owens WR Peter Warrick WR Ashley Lelie K Gary Andersen 2003. BOOM.