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  1. WDIS at RB

    PPR League Starting Zeke and need one more from: Mixon vs BAL Dont trust him vs anyone let alone BAL...shouldnt even have written him in here Murray vs ATL Kamara back but do they ease him in and work Latavius as the game should be in hand Jones vs ARI Recent comments sound like he'll start and get the lions share of carries Im leaning Murray but Jones is tempting Help!
  2. Chargers fire their OC

    good riddance
  3. Officiating

    I don't know whats worse ..... 1. The refs are on the take 2. The refs are really this bad It's almost unwatchable.... I mean thank god for Red Zone otherwise it would be
  4. Melvin Gordon Holdout to end, he could join this week

    i hope they sit his @ss
  5. Melvin Gordon Holdout to end, he could join this week

    The Chargers wont pay him what he'll want ....and Ekeler isn't cooperating. And imo Jackson is the future. Melvins gamble appears to not be working out too well.
  6. OBJ to Browns

    This team should definitely be fun to watch - good for CLE. But man, I cant even IMAGINE how that locker room is gonna be if/when things go a bit rough - Talk about a collection of personalities...