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  1. PPR -- need one Coleman @ WAS Barber @ CAR Breida vs OAK I am actually leaning Barber as he's going to get most/all of the work and has done better lately. Coleman splitting time with Smith and WAS run D is legit. Breida losing some touches to Morris and Mostert and is always getting hurt Thoughts?
  2. Is Eli really done?

    in the history of sports? lol come on. it could have been executed better but his play has been steadily deteriorating for years.... if they needed any confirmation that it was time to move on--he's giving it to them this season.
  3. Is Eli really done?

    He's been done for a few years now imo. If it wasn't for OBJ he would've been sent to pasture a couple years ago. I firmly believe OBJ extended his career. They benched him last year, it was the right move, than they caved. The Oline is bad- no doubt.... but he makes it even worse. He should be on the sideline with a clipboard.
  4. Cooper to Cowboys

    am I the only one who thinks that when Jerry called on the price for Cooper that Gruden just fired off " yeah, gimme a first rounder and he's yours" while at happy hour ?
  5. Chubb or Johnson?

    SOB .... went through the whole thread hoping to make a Chubby Johnson comment and ya beat me to it
  6. Down by 31 to KC and attempting field goals

    trying to figure out if you just typed this...or have just been cutting and pasting it for 10 years the answer is always no.
  7. Vampire league suggestions

    Ive been following the vampire league and find it really interesting... ran it by some of my regular league guys and no one was interested. I'd definitely be into trying one... your rule changes seem to make sense ...but maybe need to be fine maybe trades only involving the vampire are allowed. You want to trade with team b you need to integrate the vampire into the trade as a 3 team trade-- or maybe get the vampires approval. The possibilities are endless...
  8. WDIS at WR

    Need to pick one of these for PPR Fuller @ JAX Snead vs NO Watkins vs CIN Im leaning Snead as the safe 10-12 pts vs his old team .... Fuller and Watkins have the higher upside but both their involvement has been lacking recently and Fuller is banged up
  9. Congratulations Brees!

    i was wearing my Brees jersey's blue but hey, was sad to see him go and have always been a fan its pretty simple for me....the QB is supposed to be a leader, throw the ball, score and win games -- there aren't many who have put it all together and done it better....ever. well done Brees
  10. Corey Clement or Mr. Wendell

    I have one or the other in a most of my leagues.... thinking Clement has the higher upside. Smallwood nice flex plug in PPR. Josh Adams has more value than Sproles at this point imo and worth maybe a stash if you have the bench ... Sproles cant stay healthy
  11. Freeman @ PIT Coleman @ PIT Breida vs ARI Need one in PPR
  12. ballsy move .... not sure I can sit Hill
  13. WR and RB Help 1PT PPR

    love Fuller but not if we only get half a game again this week that being said if you can endure that chance then I go Fuller and Crowder and Lynch
  14. Who to start ??

    Id go Brown ....tough choice tho