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  1. Mewelde Moore

    They're both named Meathead?
  2. Cardinals interested in trade for Vikings' Bennett

    Kinda the same in Viking land Kung-fu Midgets. Until their O'line gets sorted out, the running game will matter who is toting the rock. But, all things being equal, IF Tice commits to just 1 RB and IF Tice decides Moore is that 1 RB, the Viking run game will be better. However we're talking about Meathead here. I expect him to continue doing as he has done. Can't decide on just 1 RB, so Fason will now get the touches Bennett used to get. The Viking run game stays discombobulated and will continue to suck not only for Fantasy purposes, but in the real NFL world as well.
  3. Cardinals interested in trade for Vikings' Bennett

    Last year we saw Rice, McCardell & McKenzie all being traded during the regular season.
  4. Suggs

    I think Droughns continues to start, but they'll probably work Suggs in a series or two this week. Don't take that for gospel, just my opinion.
  5. Culpepper Projection?

    Their O'Line is a shambles right now. That has a lot to do with Culpeppers funk I think. Along with all the other problems mentioned.
  6. Predict the # of Manning TD Passes and win.....

    Think I'll wait until Week 15 before chimming in Seriously though, even if I'm late to the party I think he'll catch fire and be good for around 40ish
  7. Ricky Williams

  8. Just when we thought it safe to start

    Freakin' "Questionable". That means he's 50/50 to play. Why couldn't Fox just go ahead and list him "Doubtful" ?
  9. Panthers | Davis Misses Practice; Questionable for Week 3 Wed, 21 Sep 2005 11:59:51 -0700 Correcting previous reports, Carolina Panthers RB Stephen Davis (neck) did not practice Wednesday, Sept. 21. He is listed as questionable for the team's Week 3 game.
  10. Ricky Williams

    I think Ricky is serving the 4th and final game, of his four game suspension in week 5. Don't forget the Dolphins week 4 bye. Don't think a bye week counts for Ricky as one of his game suspensions, since during a bye, there's no game for him to be suspended from.
  11. 15-3. This could be ugly for DC.

    No Golden Showers on Big Score 1's wheels allowed Rovers Unless it's a three way involving those two little tramp Mouseketeers, Aguilera & Spears
  12. 15-3. This could be ugly for DC.

    Actually Pope Flick, there is some debating there. While you nailed the Red Skins score of 14, you missed the Cowboys final score of 13 by 3. Both Rovers and myself missed the Red Skins score by 3, figuring them to score 17, while both of us nailed the Cowboys score of 13. So it ends up in a Three Way Tie between you, Rovers and myself. Since I'm the smartest of the three of us and definitely have the coolest board name, I'm the real winner while you to putzes are just a coupla' wannabes. All you Huddle peasants down before the mighty Big Score 1 and to a much lesser extent Rovers & Pope Flick. Now, if only somebody could help with my Fantasy teams
  13. What a joke

    Wouldn't the thread title have been better if it was "What a Choke"?
  14. Old fart QBs bringing it

    I want to know what kind of mojo Dilfer has got going on. Those were pretty respectable numbers for any QB...but Cleveland no less
  15. 15-3. This could be ugly for DC.

    Looks like the two closest for the actual score and having the winning / losing team right were; & yours truly