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  1. The 2018 NFL Draft

    18EW5FA0117 Yep, they did
  2. Week 15 Milk Carton

    Tate AND Howard. Damn vultured TD from Cunningham!!
  3. @#$$^$^&$%#$@$%^& %^$&^*&!!@$@!!!!!!
  4. need the win to secure playoff spot this week. Is Dak Prescott gonna pull his head out of his ass tonight, or do I start Tyrod Taylor against the Pats this weekend? I know never bench your starters but this is a big week.
  5. Golden Tate

    Just J.Kearse available
  6. Golden Tate

    Viable play with the injury tonight?
  7. Best fantasy player so far

    Dak Prescott for me for sure
  8. Imagine you drafted this team

    I was happy to get Even Engram with the 2nd to last pick(206) in 16 team draft. Best Value pick as it turns out from my draft right there for sure.
  9. 2 player PPR WR question

    That is the Mindset I have been having on the issue as well, As of right now I have Kearse in the line-up. but kick-off is a few hours
  10. A slightly injured but playing Keenan Allen vs the Bronco's Defense or Jermaine Kearse Vs the Dolphins as a safer play because of injury and match-up?
  11. Who is gonna have the better week?
  12. Any advice here from you esteemed Huddlers would be well appreciated.
  13. Do i go with Run CMC tonight or with Chris Thompson? Half PPR league. Thompson has tbe better matchup, but MC will be on the field more..
  14. Sterling Shephard's Value

    I was just offered Sterling for Chris Hogan(NE)..... nah...
  15. What do you need Monday Night?

    A career night from Dak x2.... lol