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  1. Who is gonna have the better week?
  2. Any advice here from you esteemed Huddlers would be well appreciated.
  3. Do i go with Run CMC tonight or with Chris Thompson? Half PPR league. Thompson has tbe better matchup, but MC will be on the field more..
  4. Sterling Shephard's Value

    I was just offered Sterling for Chris Hogan(NE)..... nah...
  5. What do you need Monday Night?

    A career night from Dak x2.... lol
  6. Howard Jordan

    he was on my bench....
  7. Got Thompson in presently, think that is the prudent choice.
  8. Howard Jordan

    Sorry. ex military, went last name first. lol
  9. Howard Jordan

    Wish the Bears had just left him inactive for this week, would have been forced to start my 3rd RB....Chris Thompson.... I think I would have been much happier. Uggg. lol
  10. Cameron Meredith

    and the receiver is down, receiver is down. medic to the field. tissues to us owners that drafted him. lol
  11. Cameron Meredith

    A nice late round bench player who is possibly able to put up good enough numbers to to relieve bye week headache.Good enough for me to draft in round 9-10 for sure.
  12. Cameron Meredith

    No, Opie, Haven't managed to get into a good dynasty league yet. 20 years of FF and haven't done that style yet. Hoping to get into one this year or prob next realistically. Meredith hadn't been on my radar before this year, my loss, but hoping for some good mid to late round value this year now that I got him in 2 keeper leagues.
  13. Cameron Meredith

    later round draft pick potential and nobody outside of Chicago prob has him on their draft radar, so yes, sleeper.
  14. Cameron Meredith

    He is the number 1 option in Chicago this season. Picked him up in a couple keeper leagues i got going, I am Thinking he might be a sleeper hit this season. got him pretty late in both drafts.
  15. Cameron Meredith

    Got a sneaky suspicion that this guy is gonna do something this year..