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  1. Missing Tiers in The Huddle Cheat Sheets

    You do get projected points. You can see point drops and also how different positions relate to each other.
  2. Fournette waived!

    I’ve considered picking up Thompson before this happened. Isn’t he just a 3rd down guy? They usually don’t get to take over the backfield all of a sudden.
  3. Fournette waived!

    Who is going to be their RB now? Does it even matter? Jags are in tank mode now if they weren’t before. Perhaps a blessing for Fournette owners.
  4. Message Board League Draft 12 Team

    My draft dominator app likes Shorty’s draft too. The step down from 1.01 to The 1.02 projection could be the difference. If the rookies drafted break out this year that could be the team to beat.
  5. New Guillotine League Openings

    The league is now full. Thanks to everyone.
  6. New Guillotine League Openings

    We need two more owners.
  7. New Guillotine League Openings

    Still need about 8 or 9 owners.
  8. New Guillotine League Openings

    Update. I just started filling the second league.
  9. I am starting a new Guillotine League this year. For the Opening season The Commissioner will be covering the MFL fees to allow 100% payback of entry fees. I want this to be a league where you can check out the new Guillotine format, so it will be only $10 per owner this year. As of now we need about 8 owners to fill the second league. We will have two 16 man leagues with the champion of each conference playing each other for the overall league champion in week 16. Here is the Guillotine concept: Lowest scoring team each week gets eliminated and that team's players enter the Free Agency pool. Teams have $1,000 blind bidding money to use on free agents for the year. After waiver's clear, players are first come first serve. No additional roster adds after week 14. Last team standing, wins! Roster Starting Lineup: QB: 1 RB: 2-3 WR: 2-3 TE:1-2 Defense: 1 Kicker: 1 9 total starters; 7 bench spots. Entry Fee: $10. In two 16 man league format each conference champion gets $100 and the overall league champion will get $120. COVID-19 Rule: If less than 10 NFL weeks are played, All payouts will rollover to 2021 or can be refunded. If 10 or more NFL games are played but not a full season, all surviving owners will share in the pool winnings. Link to league https://www63.myfantasyleague.com/2020/home/49577#0 I will send out an invite to anyone that is interested. Thanks For more information my email is immikesvikes@gmail.com.
  10. Message Board League Draft 12 Team

    Have you guys ever hit the Fantasy Sharks draft guide tab. It's next to the List/Grid tabs. They never like my players. But they think that this years top scoring defense is going to score 145 points and then the next best team as 118 points. When did Mean Joe Greene and the steel curtain unretire?
  11. Message Board League Draft 12 Team

    Well if the Lions score a lot of points this year, that would be nice. I have Stafford, Swift, Golladay and Marvin.
  12. Message Board League Draft 12 Team

    Did anyone get Shortty? Just sent him a text. lol
  13. Message Board League Draft 12 Team

    Not sure why I couldn’t post without replying to Gopher. Talk to Mr iPhone about that one.
  14. Message Board League Draft 12 Team

    Here is what MFL did with opt outs. If you see an H behind there name, don’t draft them. We have updated the Fantasy Injured Reserve options to help you handle COVID related illnesses and player Opt Outs in your fantasy league. For starters, players that are out because of a COVID related illness or because they are required to quarantine will be labeled with (C) after their name on the various reports and screens in your league. Players that will miss the entire season because they chose to Opt Out will be labeled with (H) after their name.