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  1. Your best 10th round or later target ever

    Young did close to that the year before. Funny how things work out sometimes. But yes that was a fun turn of events to watch.
  2. Your best 10th round or later target ever

    In my very first FF draft, I drafted Steve Young in the first round. He never played a game. My second qb selected was Steve Beuerlein. That was the year that his Carolina Panthers decided to throw the ball around. He finished up with 4400/36. I won the title. That was probably my best pick after the 10th round. That was 1999. Beuerlein was 34 years old that year. He threw more than 15 Passing TDs only three other years in his career. Never even hit 20 again.
  3. Your best 10th round or later target ever

    I was able to draft Kareem Hunt in the 9th and in the 8th of two different drafts. Nothing much later than that has been too exciting. I've lost Dalvin Cook and David Johnson in the former, and Ezekiel and Dalvin in the latter. In my local, the one that I don't suck in, I have Cousins/Goff, Gurley, Kamara (picked up to replace Cook), Antonio, Woods and Gronk.
  4. The Browns never ending search for a QB.

    NFL did them a favor.
  5. Fan Duel & The Huddle Projections

    I put in $50 to start out the year. First weekend this month I won $25 off $12. Next weekend $104 off $25 followed by $326 off $79. Unfortunately the story didn’t end there. Last weekend I played in over 30 tournaments and only won in two. I still have house money but I should’ve held back a little last week. i play in some feature games and some multipliers. Mostly the quadruple winner. That $250 win off $50 felt pretty good at the time. You have to finish top 8 out of 45 or so. There were plenty of players with stars next to their names for those though.
  6. Rodgers hurt

    Just putting it out there but Kaepernick was born in Milwaukee. Obligatory statement of the day.
  7. Murray vs McKinnon

    Murray hasn’t really been fully healthy this year. He does look better today so far. Ive heard people say that McKinnon looks stronger this year. Could be be a good mixture going forward.
  8. Packers other Aaron (Rodgers)

    Probably shoulder area
  9. Packers other Aaron (Rodgers)

    Rodgers took a hit after a throw. Taken out of game for now. Didn’t look too serious.
  10. How's everyone's season going so far?0

    I won $104 and spent $25 on FanDuel last week. I also saved a bunch of money on Geico.
  11. How's everyone's season going so far?0

    I only have one roster that didn't have Dalvin Cook on it. I have two teams that drafted Kareem Hunt, once in the 9th other in the 8th. One of those teams had David Johnson and Cook. Other one had Cook and Ezekiel. Those two draft-only teams could've been very strong. One local had Gurley, Cook, Antonio and Gronk. Last weekend was the first loss because Rudolph scored 10.5 points, (10.35 would've tied me). Other local is going to be a long one this year.
  12. Adrian Peterson trade to ARI

    Yea I would be more excited for Kamara than Peterson's prospects.
  13. Bears Vikings thread

    You probably meant to say 2-14 and it is a shocking stat to say the least. It sure looked like 2-15 until they finally pulled Bradford. He was not ready for prime time.
  14. Ridley signs with Vikings

    I think Floyd will eat into Laquon Treadwell's production. But seriously folks, I think he will be a decent 4th option if you believe that Rudolph is a third option.
  15. Ridley signs with Vikings

    Minnesota Vikings‏Verified account @Vikings 2h2 hours ago We have activated @MichaelMFloyd to the 53-man roster and released Stevan Ridley. Floyd in Ridley out.