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  1. Well we obviously just went through the process of building a stadium. I can't count how many times I have heard about possibly having a Super Bowl after the stadium was built. You can't deny that that happened. It actually did. No owner is going to decide to build a stadium in order to host a Super Bowl. The new stadium will dramatically increase the value of their franchise whether they have a Super Bowl or not. But that new owner wants/needs help paying for the stadium. State representatives and taxpayers need to be told of the benefits of building the stadium. That is where the Super Bowl comes in.
  2. AFC Championship Game

    Well I thought it was funny.
  3. The funny part is that the league tells a city that they have a great chance to get a Super Bowl if they build a stadium. They build a stadium. Then the NFL provides a list of demands to the city if they want a Super Bowl.
  4. Anyone hearing that Tomlin resigned?

    I heard that Bell didn't feel like practicing was for him on the day before their playoff loss. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/leveon-bell-reportedly-blew-off-steelers-walkthrough-before-jaguars-loss/
  5. Here is the NFL hostage, (hosting) demands. https://www.sbnation.com/platform/amp/nfl/2014/6/8/5790704/nfl-super-bowl-demands-host-cities-minneapolis
  6. One thing that I got for Xmas this year is a ticket to the Super Bowl Experience. The Super Bowl will probably not be here in Minnesota again for a very long time if ever. Minnesota did a great job of planning the last time they had the event. There are many things going on for Super Bowl week besides the actual game of course. I do think that most people that travel to the game would prefer a warmer climate for all of those activities though.
  7. Vikes vs the Saints

    That is the mistake that the Steelers made when they overlooked the Jags.
  8. Bills/Jaguars

    Bills are stopping the run and Bortles can’t do anything about it. Just horrible.
  9. Playoffs Hanging In the Balance Thread

  10. Playoffs Hanging In the Balance Thread

    Panthers, Rams and Saints all losing at the moment. Looks like they’re playing for the 4th seed instead of the 3rd.
  11. Whats your craptacular championship lineup

    Yes it is. Kind of like sitting next to my son while he's telling me how he's beating me by 70 points because none of my players (including Gurley's 42 pointer) have played yet. Or listening to how awesome his team is.
  12. Not a drill or joke. http://www.wbay.com/content/news/Large-police-presence-at-Lambeau-Field-465961373.html http://fox11online.com/news/local/police-responding-to-lambeau-field
  13. Whats your craptacular championship lineup

    Stacking on steroids. If the Rams have a bad day, I will too. Well my son and DIL took turns taking players that I wanted in the draft. Son's first five picks were Melvin Gordon, Ajayi, Fournette, Davante Adams and Davante Parker. Then he was able to get Carson Wentz in the 10th. DIL first 5 were McCoy, Julio, Crowell, Winston and Crabtree. I was half drafting and half trying enter everyone's picks into MFL. I had problems trying to get the draft order set up on the iPad. Gurley was the only Rams player that I drafted. I think that DIL's roster qualifies under the craptacular category. Stafford/Winston McCoy/Crowell Julio/Crabtree/Marquis Lee/Kendall Wright (Start three) Lutz Ravens/Panthers
  14. Whats your craptacular championship lineup

    This team is 11-1. The one loss was by .15 points. Only six players left from day one. Antonio, Gurley, Gronk, Cousins, Matthews, and Gore. Drafted Dalvin Cook in the 3rd but picked up Kamara after he was dropped by someone else early in the year. My son and his new bride also play in this league. I'm playing my daughter in law for the champion ship. I beat my son last week. We had three of the final four teams.
  15. I am so sick of NFL catch rules...

    It doesn’t pass the eye test of what a catch should be. According to scientific calculations, a receiver must keep the ball from moving out of his hands while hitting the ground. The ground can’t cause a fumble but it could cause a non-catch. We both know that it is perfectly fine for an offensive lineman to grab a defender and keep him from tackling a runner as he is running past him if the ref “doesn’t see it.” Maybe the the league should have fans calling into the games like in golf when they can report an illegal score card. Each time a fan calls in, the play would be reviewed. Or maybe they should have fans calling a 900 number. Press 1 for catch or press 2 for not a catch. There are so many ways to fix what is wrong with the league if they really wanted to. Or press three if you think the ref really deserves a kick in the groin right now.