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  1. Bradford Out

    Diggs 100 yards at half, Thielen close behind.
  2. Baltimore - Jacksonvillw

    Joe Flacco...not a morning person.
  3. Dalvin Cook's Season Projection

    Hopefully it won't be week two replayed each week. Keenum got most of the reps in practice this week. Last week he didn't.
  4. RIP Bernie Casey

    He retired from football before he was thirty. He was also an actor. He played J.C. Caroline in the movie Brian's Song.
  5. RIP Bernie Casey

    That is some bad PR right there.
  6. Bradford Out

    Bradford is not playing this weekend and he is getting a second opinion on his non-disclosed injury. https://sports.yahoo.com/sam-bradford-ruled-vikings-week-vs-buccaneers-174108284.html
  7. Devante Parker projection

    A defense is an organic reactive thing...Now the receiver is going to get attacked by an alien ooze that attaches to their faces. I hope it doesn't mess with the ones on my rosters.
  8. And they say Gurley wouldn't do anything

    Not everybody. The Huddle nailed it.
  9. This is more of an angry rant than anything

    I hate Jeremiah.
  10. This is more of an angry rant than anything

    I picked up Siemian in my league despite having Ryan. They do have the same bye weeks so there's that.
  11. I see that they play in Wembley Stadium early Sunday morning. It's a Sunday game, but it must be excluded from the other Sunday game players. They probably want entries coming in right up until noon.
  12. Adrian Peterson? ....trade possibility?

    Adrian didn't help his case by giving coach the evil eye. Ask Jeff George how that worked out for him.
  13. What happened to the Min D??

    The defense was close to making a few picks. They are capable of having good sack games as well. I like a team that can do that because that can lead to scoop and scores too. I have them too. You would regret dumping them, imo. Zimmer is one of the best defensive coaches in the game. He is still calling the plays and that is a good thing.
  14. Oh Ezekiel...

    I had an owner text me his lineup yesterday and he was starting Palmer and benching Brady. So anything is possible.
  15. Falcons new Stadium

    That was a big oops.