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  1. I will take a team in league 2 but I can't log in. My email is immikesvikes@gmail.com want to put that in one of the openings.


    Hope your staying dry down there.




  2. Mewelde Moore

    Playing Moore this week is a risk but could payoff. He'll definetly get more receptions than Bennett if he gets more playing time.
  3. King Of The Mountain

    Colts. Thanks for the reminder.
  4. Who will win a game first?

    How good is it when we don't give the Vikes a chance against the Bears. I think that the Vikes, led by new coach Jimmy Johnson, will win against the Pack. Those home games are going to get absolutely nasty and deservedly so. I say the Vikes first win will either be next week or it will be a road game who knows when.
  5. Moss!

    Culpepper is expecting to run for his life on every single play. He's not looking downfield for receivers and isn't seeing the open guy. Just avoiding defenders running directly at him, mostly.
  6. Moss!

    I've never said that I was happy to see Moss leave. I've never said that the Vikes would be better just because Moss was gone. You won't see many fans that have ever said that. Most of us enjoyed watching Moss play every week. I've defended him on this board and so have others. But I haven't seen too many Viking fans give props to the coaching staff. Will Culpepper be ok without Moss? Yes, when they find some players for the OL. Moss was only a shell of himself last season, out of some games and playing hurt in many of the games he did play in, but yet Culpepper enjoyed his best season. Culpepper is also playing this season with a new OC. His new OC isn't in the booth watching the game unfold either. With 3 people in on calling the plays, it's a complete bs setup. If Ziggy is serious about winning, than he better find a legitimate OC and/or head coach. The difference with the new ownership is they won't try to get by on the cheap like Red would. He'll go out and do what is needed to improve the team.
  7. NFC North Power Houses

    The Pack will probably play the worst two MNF games this year. First with the Vikes and then with the Ravens.
  8. Miami Bandwagon

    Your good. I was talking about the 65 Impala that had an AM radio. And not the SS Model either. Those were cool.
  9. Miami Bandwagon

    Yea but was yours made in the 70's? New ones don't count.
  10. Miami Bandwagon

    Most of those cars aren't around anymore. But the Dolphins are still here in 2005. Maybe they'll move up to the Impala area. Boring, but the radio works.
  11. King Of The Mountain

  12. Miami Bandwagon

    Who among us predicted that the Miami offense would lead the NFL in yardage at any point in the season.
  13. McNabb

    McNabb must be a wimp. My son played football on the very same day as the Eagles/Falcons game. He played every down on offense (QB) and defense (MLB) and he also blocked a punt and recovered it for a td in his spare time. The other team was down to their 3rd QB after the first two got injured.