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  1. Who has been here since the 90s?

    He is still reeling them in on FB. But he recently missed the cutoff on a purge.
  2. League Forum Moderator Reset

    I would like to Mod the Uff-Da league. Thanks.
  3. Who has been here since the 90s?

    I must've been around in the 90's. I vaguely remember the 90's but the early 80's is just a blur.
  4. FTSA Experts Draft

    Well it definitely looks like a good year to wait on a QB after looking at it again. There are some decent QBs still available after Ryan was taken.
  5. FTSA Experts Draft

    Good Value with Matt Ryan pick.
  6. FTSA Experts Draft

    Glad to see my local team should have four 1st/2nd round players this year. :tu:
  7. FTSA Experts Draft

    David Johnson and Kamara before Barkley. I see Johnson and Barkley as a tossup but not with Kamara.
  8. Dead body found in CB Janoris Jenkins home

    I don’t see any reports of Janoris kneeling for the anthem anyway.
  9. I can see the temptation when some owner isn't good at setting his lineups or starts players on bye weeks. But that isn't a good direction for the commish to go to. Does he do this every week, check every team or only when feels like he wants to? If he does this once but not all of the time, then you have problems. You also have problems if the commish does it all of the time as well.
  10. Dez Bryant cut

    Cowboys basically kept Dez over Demarco Murray a few years ago. Now they are both gone.
  11. Kirk Cousins to Minnesota

    Today is moving day for all Vikings Qb’s. Good luck to all past, present and future Qb’s.
  12. Packers expected to sign Jimmy Graham

    If Jordy is 33, then Graham at 31 is the youth movement they need.
  13. NCAA Men's Bracket

    That is my preference as well.
  14. NCAA Men's Bracket

    Thanks. It’s been awhile.
  15. NCAA Men's Bracket

    I’ll either do one or two brackets. Whichever one you prefer.