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  1. Thanks Irish. I was hoping for a Gonzaga win but I'm glad that I didn't receive the shutout with a UNC victory.
  2. I coulda been a contender. Should've went more green and less New York.
  3. As far as Kaepernick is concerned, I watched his game yesterday quite a bit with the NFL package. Mostly because I wanted to track Carlos Hyde, Matt Ryan, and Taylor Gabriel. If not for that I don't think I would be watching a Kaep game. I don't care what he thinks or how he's been wronged. A positive attitude would carry more weight than some guy who thinks he's been wronged or suffered some terrible tragedy. But maybe that's just me.
  4. Usually when August rolled around I was excited about my fantasy leagues. But the last two years I wondered if I should cut down or cut way down though. I keep two locals and do a few MFL 25 leagues ahead of my local drafts and that is about it now. (Although my son did some DFS in the first few weeks so I did that as well until I was putting in more than I was taking out. That isn't much different than doing scratch offs, pull tabs, etc. as far as I'm concerned.). I get more involved as the season progresses. By the time November rolls around I wonder why I didn't play more MFL teams. I only did three this year that have weekly management. The NFL has become more of a money grab than a form of entertainment, imo. They play more often on more nights than ever before. That is even while players seem to get injured at an alarming rate now. They press local governments to help them build new stadiums with ultimatums yet they want to play more games in foreign countries. All for the good of the game. The cash game. And the quality of the games are historically bad. There are a few good teams and a few bad teams but mostly just plain mediocre teams. A majority of playoff teams don't belong in the playoffs. Most teams have a few good players but they that may not be on their teams in a few years.
  5. I wouldn't expect much out of AP next week.
  6. Yea it was just confirmed that AP is starting. No idea about the workload as they're going to determine it as the game progresses. AKA who the (the really bad word) cares. The Vikes?
  7. Should've bet the under. If you get deductions for fumbles you turned out even worse.
  8. Just like in real life. When the teams need to win, they don't. Teams that don't have anything to play for beat teams that do.
  9. I could say the same for Gronk or even Doug Martin who I got in just about every redraft.
  10. That would be a different nightmare but your welcome to it.
  11. Quitter!
  12. I remember those. You could hear the time change.
  13. How about a VCR flashing 12:00? Does that show AM/PM?
  14. If you want speed, try Twitter.
  15. If Doc tells him to lay low for a week, he better lay low for a week.