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  1. NFL schedule vs. DFS

    The most popular games are for all Sunday afternoon only games. Fanball does include SNF games but people usually don’t like to be on the leaderboard all day long only to get bumped off in the night game. Even Fanball doesn’t include early London games since they all want to accept entries up to the noon games. It wouldn’t be good for them to see Sunday morning entries stop coming in 4 hours earlier. This Sunday seems like an unusually boring lineup of Sunday afternoon games. The SNF and MNF games are the projected highest scoring games this weekend.
  2. NFL schedule vs. DFS

    This weekend there are four teams on bye, one Thursday game, an early morning London game, and the SNF and MNF games. None of the players from those teams are included in the main slate of the Daily fantasy sports games. 12 of 32 teams don’t have players to pick from. Plus some of the better teams can get flexed into some of those games making the selection even worse. Some weeks have six teams on bye as well. Do you see that as a problem or concern?
  3. Do you trust Dalvin Cook tonight?

    I don’t expect any goal line tds. But yea he could break some runs. He did in the preseason and is capable of it.
  4. Do you trust Dalvin Cook tonight?

    I just put him in for James White. Not a ppr.
  5. Fitzmagic or Fitzpatrick

    The fans in the stands are wearing Fitz beards. They are probably ready to throw them on the field.
  6. Fitzmagic or Fitzpatrick

    Is it time to rip off those beards?
  7. What do you need to happen on MNF

    I’m going to need a long touchdown from Big Ben.
  8. Huddle seeming unreliable

    He was in fantasy football when fantasy football wasn’t cool. Oh and I was able to draft William Green in all my leagues one year.
  9. Huddle seeming unreliable

    Some of the greatest players of all time playing against the best matchup of the season can have a bad game. So you haven’t noticed that this weekend was a bit on the strange side?
  10. Huddle seeming unreliable

    Well how come I had a good weekend following the Huddle advice? Won on DFS for a change. Sure took the sting out of watching the Vikings play.

    Seems Legit.
  12. Which players are on all your teams?

    Out of 10 MFL10's and two locals, my most common players are Wentz,6 Goff,5 Lockett,8 Fuller,8 Tyreek Hill,7 Graham,6 Crowell,5 Looks like draft order decides which RB I end up with mostly.
  13. my condolences to Seahawk fans

    The game wasn't much fun to watch until Lockett scored his touchdown. Then I was hoping for more FF points. I saw a stat where Wilson was a top five QB for holding onto the ball. That was evident. I yelled "throw the ball!" on several occasions.
  14. touching QB = roughing

    Packers sack McMahon 11/23/1986. https://www.foxsports.com/nfl/story/thirty-years-ago-bears-packers-featured-the-dirtiest-hit-in-nfl-history-102016
  15. Dan Bailey