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  1. Dez Bryant cut

    Cowboys basically kept Dez over Demarco Murray a few years ago. Now they are both gone.
  2. Kirk Cousins to Minnesota

    Today is moving day for all Vikings Qb’s. Good luck to all past, present and future Qb’s.
  3. Packers expected to sign Jimmy Graham

    If Jordy is 33, then Graham at 31 is the youth movement they need.
  4. NCAA Men's Bracket

    That is my preference as well.
  5. NCAA Men's Bracket

    Thanks. It’s been awhile.
  6. NCAA Men's Bracket

    I’ll either do one or two brackets. Whichever one you prefer.
  7. What do the Vikings do with their stable of QB's?

    My preference is to sign Cousins. I hear lots of local fans say the opposite. I'm hearing that the team should sign Keenum, Brees, or Bridgewater. Cousins is ten years younger that Brees and we've had our share of 40 year old QBs running our team.
  8. NCAA Men's Bracket

    My NCAA Men's tournament is now open and ready for entries. It is $10 per Bracket. Top five finishers win. All of the details are in the link. To join, click here: http://www.pickhoops.com/MikesBracket Online bracket entry closes Thursday, March 17th at 12:18pm EDT
  9. Well we obviously just went through the process of building a stadium. I can't count how many times I have heard about possibly having a Super Bowl after the stadium was built. You can't deny that that happened. It actually did. No owner is going to decide to build a stadium in order to host a Super Bowl. The new stadium will dramatically increase the value of their franchise whether they have a Super Bowl or not. But that new owner wants/needs help paying for the stadium. State representatives and taxpayers need to be told of the benefits of building the stadium. That is where the Super Bowl comes in.
  10. AFC Championship Game

    Well I thought it was funny.
  11. The funny part is that the league tells a city that they have a great chance to get a Super Bowl if they build a stadium. They build a stadium. Then the NFL provides a list of demands to the city if they want a Super Bowl.
  12. Anyone hearing that Tomlin resigned?

    I heard that Bell didn't feel like practicing was for him on the day before their playoff loss. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/leveon-bell-reportedly-blew-off-steelers-walkthrough-before-jaguars-loss/
  13. Here is the NFL hostage, (hosting) demands. https://www.sbnation.com/platform/amp/nfl/2014/6/8/5790704/nfl-super-bowl-demands-host-cities-minneapolis
  14. One thing that I got for Xmas this year is a ticket to the Super Bowl Experience. The Super Bowl will probably not be here in Minnesota again for a very long time if ever. Minnesota did a great job of planning the last time they had the event. There are many things going on for Super Bowl week besides the actual game of course. I do think that most people that travel to the game would prefer a warmer climate for all of those activities though.
  15. Vikes vs the Saints

    That is the mistake that the Steelers made when they overlooked the Jags.