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    Seems Legit.
  2. Which players are on all your teams?

    Out of 10 MFL10's and two locals, my most common players are Wentz,6 Goff,5 Lockett,8 Fuller,8 Tyreek Hill,7 Graham,6 Crowell,5 Looks like draft order decides which RB I end up with mostly.
  3. my condolences to Seahawk fans

    The game wasn't much fun to watch until Lockett scored his touchdown. Then I was hoping for more FF points. I saw a stat where Wilson was a top five QB for holding onto the ball. That was evident. I yelled "throw the ball!" on several occasions.
  4. touching QB = roughing

    Packers sack McMahon 11/23/1986. https://www.foxsports.com/nfl/story/thirty-years-ago-bears-packers-featured-the-dirtiest-hit-in-nfl-history-102016
  5. Dan Bailey

  6. Dan Bailey

    Happy Dance.
  7. ESPN says Browns releasing Gordon on Monday

    I saw that he hurt his hammy during a promotional shoot. Maybe footfall isn’t for him when you can’t even handle a camera shot. Way too much drama for me to ever draft a guy like him. Shefter said that teams were lining up with trade offers. That doesn’t mesh with the team dropping him.
  8. Report: Lions veteran players are mad at Matt Patricia

    Sounds like when the Vikings hired Les Steckel when Bud retired in 1984. Bud had to un-retire in 1985 to fix the mess.
  9. go out and get this guy

    I agree with you too. I don't have anyone to drop to get him.
  10. NFL Cuts Tracker

  11. Huddle Message Board League #3

    I see league one goes to week 16 but the others go to week 17. We get one week vacation.
  12. Message Board League #1 Official thread

    We will see how it works. I have three receivers and Running backs and there’s a huge drop off at TE not so much at receiver.
  13. Message Board League #1 Official thread

    Kind of like one of my local leagues. Most of the drafters are so outrageous there is no way that you can predict what they will do.
  14. Message Board League #1 Official thread

    Hey Taz, The guy who took your phone is trying to get ahold of you. He's trying to give it back. Too many calls and texts coming in something about it being your turn to draft or something.
  15. Message Board League #1 Official thread

    Drafts one and two are on the same pick. Now that's incredible.
  16. Message Board League #1 Official thread

    Oh and I took two TE's before some have a single one. You're welcome.
  17. Message Board League #1 Official thread

    I have one cheatsheet that shows his value as 6.03. In my local last year, Coleman was my best RB due to injuries. That wasn't much fun.
  18. Message Board League #1 Official thread

    I think that my Tevin Coleman pick was a great relief in this draft. Was concerned that I would end up with no RB depth there with me going in other directions. He’s not a RB1 but a solid three. Should be better than the #35 as picked.
  19. Message Board League #1 Official thread

    Not a single post about a drafted player. That is funny.
  20. Message Board League #1 Official thread

    Is this the draft with the one minute timer? No wait that's my other one.
  21. Dalvin Cook to split carries with Murray?

    If I was picking at the end of the first round and cook was still available I would be extremely happy! There is also no way that I would draft Thomas, Allen or Beckham over Cook. If Cook is considered a top 10 Running Back, I would draw a huge line under his name signifying a huge drop off after him. that is with Fournette in and McCaffrey out, IMO.
  22. Sportswire App with The Huddle in it

    Ok the red one.
  23. Who has been here since the 90s?

    He is still reeling them in on FB. But he recently missed the cutoff on a purge.
  24. League Forum Moderator Reset

    I would like to Mod the Uff-Da league. Thanks.
  25. Who has been here since the 90s?

    I must've been around in the 90's. I vaguely remember the 90's but the early 80's is just a blur.