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  1. I am starting Corey Clement over ___________?

    I would have done the same. David Johnson has been very meh for the preseason/regular season.
  2. man im torn

    I was trying to be nice to the guy but yeah, I agree with posting in the right forum.
  3. man im torn

    They prefer people to post their start/sit advice on another link For your question, it really depends on how they will incorporated Josh and take away targets or not. I do expect Patriots vs Lions game to be a high scoring game. Tough call. In my league, I am starting Lindsay.
  4. Antonio Callaway

    I really don't want to drop him but that offense looks very inept. We don't do dynasty league. My bench players (10 team league) in my money league is weird right now. I got Ingram, Lev'eon Bell (frustrating), Wentz, Royce Freeman, Alshon Jeffrey and Josh Gordon. Many of these guys will move up the depth chart to starting roles. Trying to figure out ways to optimize the overall team
  5. Antonio Callaway

    He did have one drop from Baker. The ball landed on his hands and somehow he dropped it. Might have been like 10-15 yard reception if caught (guesstimating the distance of the pass)
  6. Trade targets?

    Definitely Hyde and Mayfield. Others if not on a roster could be Lindsay, Golladay and Keelan Cole.
  7. Antonio Callaway

    Curious to how many targets he had after Tyrod left the game and Mayfield becoming QB. He could be a good pick up now. I'm almost tempted to drop Quincy Enunwa due to him being the only decent WR for a JETS team that looks very blah... to me.
  8. OK Brown fans - exhale

    Same Talking to my buddy on the phone and both of us were excited with the game. Regardless of fantasy football implications. (I had Enunwa and Hyde) Neither of us are Browns fans
  9. Crowell wipes butt with football

    Mayfield just gave this organization hope...
  10. Crowell wipes butt with football

    True I am by no means a Browns fan but it would be nice to see them be competitive. I do like watching Mayfield play. IMO, it wouldn't surprise me if he has the "it" factor. Only a very few of those around at the QB position.
  11. Crowell wipes butt with football

    It is great success if you compare one another Mayfield 3-4 for 47 yards (one drive) Taylor 4-14 for 19 yards (the entire first half)
  12. Crowell wipes butt with football

    Mayfield already did better in that one drive than Taylor for the entire first half.
  13. Crowell wipes butt with football

    It should but who knows with them. Been saying for weeks that Tyrod has no business being out there. I get the patience part with putting Mayfield out but eventually, you just gotta let him learn with real game experience.
  14. Anyone else starting Wentz this week?

    Yeah, I play my one good friend and saw this matchup. Not trying to pick up another QB so it's one or the other.
  15. Anyone else starting Wentz this week?

    Same I do think I will start Wentz on week 5. He plays Minnesota. Mahomes plays Jacksonville.