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  1. Mike Evans?

    He is being outplayed by Godwin. Has 50 yards so far vs Carolina. Really need him to get a TD to help his numbers. Only 3 receptions.
  2. Who has better year? Hockenson or Waller

    Waller will get more receptions/targets. Hockenson will get longer passes. Not sure who will get more TDs.
  3. How is week 1 treating you?

    I'm going to win with Josh Jacobs still left to play. Drew Brees--Got me 300 yards and a couple of TDs. Saquon Barkley---Got me 120 yards rushing Chris Carson--2 TDs Mike Evans--Sucked (think he was still recovering from being sick) Robby Anderson--Sucked (Antonio Brown would have been my starter. I had Fitzgerald on the bench....ugh) Josh Jacobs-- TJ Hockenson--I've been calling this guy to be a stud for several weeks now. He reminds me of Gronk except he is a better blocker Robbie Gould--A couple of FGs Chiefs D--Didn't do much which was disappointing given Jacksonville was playing with their backup QB
  4. AB to New England

    Too many mouth to feed there though. For FF, I thought he could put up more numbers at Raiders than Patriots.
  5. AB to New England

  6. Antonio Brown has frostbitten feet

    I agree with Mayok voiding his gaurantees. This guy has been a clown since his Steelers days..
  7. Antonio Brown has frostbitten feet

    I drafted AB in both league due to the value. His value now is to get him kicked off the team..
  8. I hate my team

    Not that you are asking.... Joe Mixon--I tried to stay away from him. I just don't trust that oline. Kerrion Johnson--I had him last year. He would lose so many goalline TDs to Blount which was frustrating. Blount averaged like 2ish yards a game in several games. Amazing that he kept on getting opportunities. Now they upgraded with CJ Anderson. I don't trust their HC because I feel CJ will do the same thing with goalline situations. Kelce--Stud Robby--I have him in 2 different leagues. He had a lot of targets and getting big production towards the end of last year. I have a feeling he is going to become solid WR2 status and depending on matchup, maybe even some WR1 status. I like his potential.
  9. RB McCoy released

    Well, my Darwin Thompson sneaky pick just diminished in value. Might end up being a drop guy for me as this is only a 10 team league.
  10. Who keeps ending up on your teams this year?

    I have Antonio Brown, Robby Anderson and Sterling Shepard on both of my teams.
  11. Giving others draft sheets

    I used to do the same thing. Then all of a sudden, my printer magically broked after making one copy. Weird... It might have been out of ink or just doesn't print all together. I gave them both answers...
  12. Luck retired and He was a Keeper

    Agreed. In particular to doing keeper at the last week of preseason. Injuries or i guess retirements can happen.
  13. Damien Williams thoughts?

    WIlliams gets a long TD... Curious if this really will be RB by committee.
  14. Damien Williams thoughts?

    I drafted Darwin Thompson as he is already more explosive than Damien WIlliams is. The issue with Darwin is size. I don't know if he can handle a large chunk of carries.
  15. Luck Retiring

    DMD, can you delete my other post. Yeah, this is crazy!!! I almost drafted him.