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  1. Todd Gurley TD Watch

    Damn, that's insane. Averaging almost 2 TDs a game. I was one pick away from getting Gurley (drafted 2nd). Instead, I got Le'Veon Bell.... haha!
  2. Todd Gurley TD Watch

    Is the 31 TDs including the playoffs?
  3. Rob Gronkowski - not on plane

    First Hyde, now this... My team is a complete mess.
  4. Hyde going to Jax?

    Well, that screwed me this week. I started Hyde over Lindsay and Emmanuel. Yeah, i know... I just felt the Hyde had a great matchup against TB. Now, I cant start him. I'll just start Josh Gordon or John Brown. This kinda BS really ticks me off though. Not that they are about FF... It's just frustrating in our world that they make the trade after Thursday night game.........haha!
  5. Lev Bell - Something is brewing in Burgh

    I would add that game has changed this year. Record number stats are being displayed throughout the league. I truly believe the roughing the QB impacts D a lot. So many calls have been made to keep drives alive. Then, another year of JuJu and Antonio on the other side really opens up the offense. Perhaps the best duo in the NFL. It should be interesting to see how Connor and Le'veon are used once return. I believe they will be about even on plays. It keeps Le'veon happy YET there isn't a big drop off from either. He turned into a FF bust due to missing half the season and then if the split carries will not make him live up to a top 3 pick.
  6. Gronk.

    To be honest, I don't think anyone has ever thought about doing that but in reality, it's an option. Heck, I didn't think about it until I read this thread.
  7. Gronk.

    That's it (under Roster Management and Transaction, second option from the top called Lineup Deadline) with the 5 minutes before each player game starts. Check out this Sunday and will noticed how you can still edit rosters after 1 PM for those that have 4 PM, Sunday night game and Monday night game.
  8. Gronk.

    You can pick any person/team D that hasn't played 5 minutes before game time. If 4 teams are on bye and you see him available, you can pick him up whatever time after the final waiver wire was run. Technically, if a person is worried about getting negative points by the D, he should pick up the Saints D because they are not playing for this week. It's similar to saying you forgot to change your lineup on a person who is on bye. We use CBS too. Our settings is based on 5 minutes before pickup. I just couldn't recall if you bench a player and does it even give a score or not. I felt like it wouldn't. I would have to go back to commish settings to check our settings again.
  9. Last year I won the very first game. Then lost 5 in a row. Then won 6 in a row. I kept staying active in the waiver wire. I was able to obtain Adam Theilen, Marquis Goodwin, Jimmy Garoppolo, Eagles D and Eagles kicker to go with my draft pick, drop and then pickup again of Kamara. What was hurting me early on was Brees not producing the way I expected him to. Greg Olson going down early. And I can't remember the other spot that impacted my team. This year is somewhat eerily familiar with streaks. I won the first 3 games. Now lost the last 3 games. Waiting on Bell. Just got back Ingram. Waiting on Josh Gordon and Gronk to do something. I have Mahomes. Waiting on Kerryon Johnson to be allowed to take over. This has been a frustrating year. I feel like I should be better than I currently am.
  10. Lev Bell - Something is brewing in Burgh

    IMO, somebody will pay him a large chunk of money. His strategy of not playing for a half of season or longer will be looked upon as protecting the body of being worn down.
  11. Josh Gordon to the Patriots

    So Josh lead the team with targets this past weekend. You can see the chemistry starting to develop with Brady and himself. The question is when will he turn into the stud producing FF that we remember a long time ago....
  12. Gronk.

    Don't you have to play a defense or it will give an illegal lineup? Hmmmm, unless you pick up a team on bye week and try to stick it in tonight.
  13. Gronk.

    He still has been a major disappointment. Just not sure if he will ever turn it around since he always get double team and now the Patriots have more weapons.
  14. Lev Bell - Something is brewing in Burgh

    I am guessing he isn't coming back until week 7 weekend. Question is about whether Steelers really care one way or another? Connor has shown is just as capable without him. And no, I am not comparing the two. It's more about his production since arrival. Or is the Steelers still shopping around since they probably have a good idea of what Connor can bring to the table vs having to pay Bell after the season
  15. Rams-Broncos .....3 inches of snow?

    I admit it, I made a mistake with benching Emmanuel for John Brown. I just wish he was more consistent from game to game.