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  1. Drew Brees starting this week

    I'd rather see both! I have Drew Brees. He has a good matchup against the Cardinals. Would be nice to take advantage of that.
  2. DirecTV / NFL Sunday Ticket (2019)

    If you can't get NFL ticket via retention officer, just go to Reddit NFL Streams. It's free..
  3. Mike Evans Trade?

    Not sure what the best value would be. Patriots seem to pass it around to everyone but in particular, to Edelman. Steelers has a big question mark of a team. Philly might be nice?
  4. Weird year for WRs?

    Depends on league setup. I am in a 10 team league. In our league, the first 2 picks for rounds 6 were Cooper Kupp and Chris Godwin. Guys that went after that include Golladay, Lockett, Boyd and Fitzgerald (I drafted him). Free agents includes McLaurin (i picked him up), Chark, Ross, and Sutton. All of these names are in cbs top 20 WRs with Fitzgerald being #20 currently. I am using Huddle website for the cheatsheet. So about 50% of the top 20 WRs are starting round 6 and beyond. Huddle Cheat Sheet
  5. Weird year for WRs?

    Yep Really wasted drafting WRs in the end of the 2nd and early 3rd when I am able to find WRs in later rounds/free agency. Next year, drafting RBs for like 5-6 straight rounds...
  6. McLaurin/Chark

    As long as Case Keenum starts, I would go with McLaurin.
  7. Barkley eyeing October 10th return

    Oct 20th sounds too soon. I would be pleasantly surprised if he can pull this off.
  8. Rams vs Seahawks (TNF)

    Carson with back to back 100 yard games. Really liking what this guy can provide in the offense. Not the fastest guy and really doesn't get many passes. What he does well is run between tackles with hitting it hard or being patient. Just depends on the situation.
  9. My team fell apart...

    I try to limit myself to 1-2 teams max. The overlapping of rooting vs not rooting for your player gives way too much mix emotions. Curious, how many teams do you guys do a in a year? I was under the assumption the regulars on here have like 5 teams.
  10. My team fell apart...

    Saquon Barkley Drew Brees Antonio Brown Lamar Miller My team is taking some abuse. Makes it hard to enjoy FF when this stuff happens.
  11. Who are you done with?

    I'm done with Antonio Brown...
  12. Why does God hate my fantasy team? Every year

    Lamar MIller Drew Brees Seems to happen to me every year with injuries.
  13. Mike Evans?

    He is being outplayed by Godwin. Has 50 yards so far vs Carolina. Really need him to get a TD to help his numbers. Only 3 receptions.
  14. Who has better year? Hockenson or Waller

    Waller will get more receptions/targets. Hockenson will get longer passes. Not sure who will get more TDs.
  15. How is week 1 treating you?

    I'm going to win with Josh Jacobs still left to play. Drew Brees--Got me 300 yards and a couple of TDs. Saquon Barkley---Got me 120 yards rushing Chris Carson--2 TDs Mike Evans--Sucked (think he was still recovering from being sick) Robby Anderson--Sucked (Antonio Brown would have been my starter. I had Fitzgerald on the bench....ugh) Josh Jacobs-- TJ Hockenson--I've been calling this guy to be a stud for several weeks now. He reminds me of Gronk except he is a better blocker Robbie Gould--A couple of FGs Chiefs D--Didn't do much which was disappointing given Jacksonville was playing with their backup QB