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  1. Jimmy G throws TD on 49ers final drive

    After watching him the last few weeks including today's performance, I am a believer. Could be a good QB sleeper to draft in later rounds for next year.
  2. Marquis Goodwin

    He came through with a 100 yard game.
  3. Kamara possibly concussed?

    Just my luck... Need Kamara out there!
  4. Playoff tie-breaker question

    Our Tie Breakers (pecking order) is this... 1. Overall record 2. Division record 3. Head to head 4. Total points scored
  5. Marquis Goodwin

    I am starting him over Alshon Jeffrey. I got Adam Theilan and Keenan Allen as WRs. Using Goodwin as flex.
  6. Marquis Goodwin

    Anyone else think he could be a good FF player for the rest of the season? With Garropolo as the new QB, Goodwin could potentially be a strong performer. (basing this off their last game)
  7. you playing mark ingram tonight?

    First round of the playoffs... Go Kamara!
  8. Browns get it wrong again

    They need to draft a QB that isn't a reach. I never got the fascination with DeShone Kizer. He was mediocre in college and worse in the NFL. Since Cleveland came back to the NFL, I can't recall one right QB pick they have made.
  9. Can Vernon Davis be trusted vs Cowboys?

    I benched him. (almost started him) Now to see what Ricky Seals Jones will do.
  10. Can Vernon Davis be trusted vs Cowboys?

    It's been a weird season for me. At the beginning of the season, I was on a 5 game losing streak. Now, I am currently on a 6 game winning streak with the potential to win it all. I feel I have options with WRs and RBs. Especially with WR/RB flex. TE play has been hurting me. If I could get someone to step up, I would feel like it's a complete team. My roster... QB--Drew Brees QB--Phillip Rivers RB--Alvin Kamara RB--Jordan Howard RB--Joe Mixon RB--Doug Martin RB--Devontae Booker WR--Keenan Allen WR--Adam Theilen WR--Alshon Jeffrey TE--Greg Olson TE--Vernon Davis K---Jake Elliot D--Eagles D--Lions I plan on dropping Devontae Booker and/or Doug Martin for the TE and/or Cooper Kupp or LeGaroutte Blount.
  11. Can Vernon Davis be trusted vs Cowboys?

    I own Vernon Davis and Greg Olsen. I am going to pick up Ricky Seals-Jones to have 3 TEs on the roster...
  12. my fave part about kamara

    My favorite part is he's on my roster.
  13. Vernon Davis this Thanksgiving

    So my buddy and I share a team and I had Olsen in the entire time. My buddy convinced me to change it to Vernon in the lineup. He was giving me stat lines and so forth.. Eventually, with about 20 minutes before kickoff, I inserted Vernon. Tomorrow, I am kicking by buddy off the team or at the very least, he owes me lunch for that F up. The only good thing from yesterday was Adam Theilen and Keenan Allen produced some points.
  14. Vernon Davis this Thanksgiving

    He says he is playing. I hope so.
  15. Vernon Davis this Thanksgiving

    I have been using Vernon for the last couple of weeks. This week, I just got back Greg Olsen. I was planning to start Greg but the decision is a tough one.