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  1. NOS receivers?

    I started him and Cook. Surprised he didn't do anything in the game. Especially the week before when they were saying he had most red zone targets in the league for week one
  2. Saquon Barkley

    Looks like it's being confirmed he is indeed out for the year. Injury last year had him miss a few games. Now this. Weird as I was thinking he would be one of those guys that would never get hurt. Also, I should have played it safe and took Ezekiel.
  3. Eagles host RB Devonta Freeman

    Agreed I do think Fournette has value left.
  4. Eagles host RB Devonta Freeman

    My buddy has both Boston and Sanders on his FF roster. So he watched the game last week and was saying Boston is not good. I didn't catch the game but assuming they want to solidify the backfield. Just in case of injury issues.
  5. Cohen get a 3-year, $17.25M extension

    He just so meh as a RB....
  6. Marlon Mack: fear the RB tore Achilles

    I had a feeling Mack wouldn't last the season. I draft JT in round 5. I have JT, CEH, Barkley and DJohnson. Sad thing is I am more worried about Barkley than others due to he OLine sucking.
  7. NOS receivers?

    I am starting both Cook and Sanders. They are going to get a lot of targets and I would be shock if at least there is not 1 TD scored between the two.
  8. NOS receivers?

    High ankle sprains are typically 4 weeks out unless some kind of freak like Barkley of last year.
  9. Allen Robinson has asked for a trade

    Wish he would get traded to the Texans. His FF value would blow up.
  10. Colts Oline

    I didn't get to watch the game but was the Oline or Jonathan Taylor the issue with his low average? Also, surprised Hines is showing so many carries. Now that Mack should be out for a period of time, I would think week two is when he really gets the carries.
  11. Favorite rookie WR?

    This year, thinking about grabbing 1-2 rookie WRs in later round drafts. Perhaps reach a round or two earlier than projected. Trying to determine which one will bring the most value. (non-keeper league) If you had make a list of top 3 Rookie WRs, what would be your pecking order? Right now, I like Jefferson and Jeudy as they seem to be starters with high upside. It's a coin toss for myself on who to pick at #1 overall from those 2 (as of today).
  12. Miles Sanders Out...

    Could this turn committee if Boston does well today? Glad I have no ownership on this one. Miles was drafted right before my pick.
  13. How did Chiefs pick fans to attend?

    Assuming combination of lottery and rotation. Fans that attended game one might have to wait every other game or something like that.
  14. Did CEH outperform DJ week one?

    Yep. I have no idea if they have a bigger guy to put in there in those situations too. Defenses will have to pick their poison. Stuff run or spread it out to attempt to control the passing games. CEH benefits in this offense. Not sure how well he would be in most offenses due to overall size.
  15. Did CEH outperform DJ week one?

    Both had good games. For CEH, I felt his goal line carries would have been an issue for any RB as Houston was selling out for the run. There was JJ Watt already in the backfield a few times before even allowing CEH to make a play. I guess CEH being small would make it tough to jump over but OLine has to block better or since they were selling out for the run, to go outside of the tackles with run or pass.
  16. CEH outlook

    Also, Williams was not effective with his carries. 7 carries for 23 yards which is 3.3 YPC.

    CEH use inside the 3 was impacted with a sellout of Houston stopping the run. They crashed hard and often times, were in the backfield as CEH had the ball. Not going to do much as a RB when that happens. JJ Watt made some great penetration in several of those plays.

    DJ, right on queue, looked like he was hurt....

    David Johnson looking good and yes, I own him!!!! Now need some more CEH production.

    Just want crazy production from David Johnson and CEH.
  21. I took Barkley in mine. Really not a bad decision either way as long as they stay healthy.
  22. how are you watching NFL?

    With that said, I will probably just call up DirecTV and negotiate for free NFL Ticket. Only because I can....
  23. how are you watching NFL?

    It's really easy to set up from watching any of youtubes videos. Just search jailbreak firestick or something similar to that. I subscribe to two guys that dumbs it down on how to set up many of those apps or Kodi.... Need a VPN and basically follow the instructions from the video and pretty much access to everything. editing.... I might as well provide a couple of websites that are quite handy... For live TV, try the link below.... For TV Series/Movies, try the link below...
  24. how are you watching NFL?

  25. In those kind of leagues, I typically do several mock drafts with being in the beginning, middle and end of the draft order. Then, I get a good feel of how the first 5ish rounds go. By the time the draft starts, you will know what to do with the position after determining the draft order.