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  1. Landry might be suspended 2-3 games but I still make that deal bro!
  2. Also if anyone uses the link to get the discount, call them after you pay for the league, tell them about the $99 promo you saw, they will give you a refund to make up the difference, no questions asked!
  3. Physical draft kit + NFL games for free. Just use this link The deal cannot be matched mate but CBS will give you nothing until you pay for your league, it is a commissioner league with all the extras.
  4. You have to submit payment to CBS for the league to get other stuff. Did you get a free draft kit using the link above?
  5. Back again, 2017 CBS Fantasy Football Commissioner, $30 off using link and you also get 10% off merchandise code mailed as well as FREE NFL Streaming this year!!! Here ya go! Only saving 30 but the other stuff is great as well! Discount Link
  6. Eagles cut Ryan Mathews

    I think the G Men will be snooping around on him
  7. Draft Position in a 10 Team league

    Totally agree but man, so far 1-3 spots are bad a**
  8. Discount still working. A few members have already used it A tip. Once you create and pay for your CBS league call the CBS help line. Talk to fantasy support tell them about the $89.00 deal you heard about on XM radio, they will give you a partial refund!! Sweet deal, thanks superball for this Also when you have them on the phone ask them about the free, they will be more than happy to give you the 7 month membership free!!!
  9. Got my link. Same as last year fellas but this year you can get a 1 year MLB.TV subscription for all of your league mates using my link. This is limited and I do not know how long it will last. In 2016 is lasted until March 28th. Also this link gives you $30 off your league!!! 1. MLB.TV is free upon paying CBS for your league and calling the CBS Sportsline hotline 2. No more than 12 free subscriptions per league (12 man league) 3. Use the link below LMK if you need help and make sure you see the $30 discount when paying!
  10. My bad .25 per completion, not attempts
  11. Actually just found out I am picking 8th so not sure now I still want QB's with my first two picks then load up on all those tier 2-3 RB/WR and snalg a TE in round 7-8
  12. TY nice advice 12 man league Yeah think at 6 i am going Rodgers. the guys in this league still do not grasp what is happening and think AP, Charles and Lacy have more value than Rodgers Hopefull get Eli or Pakmer in round 3-4