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  1. Gotta Keep 2!?

    ODB since you are losing the first 2 picks and he's clearly a 1st rounder. I'd probably lean Gordon depending on how you gauge the rest of the teams keepers and the RB situation remaining. You may be able to grab Thomas in the 3rd.
  2. Keepers 2017 edition

    After all the input... I believe I've narrowed it down to: Zeke(3), Evans(4) or Zeke, Gordon(11) I figure I can hopefully get Julio back with my 1st pick, whereas trying to get Evans or Gordon at that value won't happen.
  3. You have WR locked up so I would focus on a RB especially since it looks like everyone else is keeping 2.
  4. Keeper advice needed

  5. 8 team League, high dollar. 1pt/25 yd WR/RB, Bonus at 100/200/300 yd games. Keepers are RD specific: Last year 1st 2rds were used for keeper selection so 3rd was essentially the beginning of draft. Need to select 2. (2) Julio Jones - (3) Zeke Elliott - possible suspension (4) Mike Evans - addition of Djax, Howard (11) Melvin Gordon - good enough value to jump Jones/Evans? I am also picking 7th, which could be the 2-3 pick depending on if anyone keeps a 1st rounder. Lineup is 2RB, 3WR, Flex is WR/TE only.
  6. Yes, I'm sure the winner will just be so worse off without probably $200-$400 dollars. Surely his life will be far worse than a man dying. I'd imagine if he has been with the league for close to 17 years that most know him as more than a team name and maybe a friend. Might as well show up at his funeral and take it out of any donations they received. I know this is a difficult time for your family but "bob" owes us $25 for fantasy football.
  7. What do you need?

    Less than 23 from Captain Kirk. "I'd like that!"
  8. I think you and the other owners can eat whatever the fee is. And send the winnings to either the nephew or the guy's home. I'm sure they could use the money right now. Donate this years fees and winnings as well. If your league is that cutthroat maybe you should reevaluate life.
  9. What do you need?

    A 60yd TD to Mike Evans.
  10. Should of used him on the Dak goalline run at least.
  11. Week 15 Milk Carton

    Zeke on any of that series?
  12. Week 15 Milk Carton

  13. What do you need?

    Evans! And another Zeke TD Down 6 vs Bailey. 1pt/25 1pt bonus at 100.
  14. Week 15 Milk Carton

    Losing to the All Undrafted Team: Tyreek - WR with no receptions but a 68 yd TD run TY Montgomery- not a RB!
  15. Week 15 Milk Carton

    Watkins Delanie Ware Howard