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  1. Good Trade

    Nah, not looking to veto, just making sure I am not missing something...
  2. Good Trade

    Ok, starting to get upset in one of my leagues and a few of the trades...but want to make sure I am not over-reacting. Team A gets Theilen, Team B gets Trubisky and A. Jones....Team B also has another trade where he gets Rivers, and Team C gets Allen... Thoughts?
  3. Pick my RB

    All my RB have some good/decent match-ups this week, so having trouble figuring out which ones to play. I start 2, then can play a flex: AP vs ATL Carson vs Chargers Martin @ SF Lindsay vs Houston (bench) Also, Diggs is apparently dealing with an injury and may not play. Do I take a chance on Golladay? He hasn't been as productive, but Tate is gone now...
  4. Howard for Olsen

    Crap...need a tie breaker haha...thanks guys!
  5. Keep Njoku

    Thanks guys!
  6. Howard for Olsen

    Wrong Howard...I'm talking the TB tight end
  7. Keep Njoku

    With all the changes in Cleveland, would it be better to go a different route? Available on the wire: Watson, McDonald, Clay, Herndon, Dickson...
  8. Should I take this trade? STandard scoring

    I don't think Njoku is a real upgrade right now, especially considering the coaching change that just happened in Cleveland...
  9. Pickā€™em for this week, RB/WR

    That's tough because so many are in new situations...but I think you are set at RB. I would probably roll the dice on Sutton instead, both Cooper and Thomas are on new teams, new schemes...too risky for me.
  10. better upside stash?

    I'd say Moore right now
  11. Who to Drop?

    I'd say Allison or Parker (more Parker right now)
  12. Howard for Olsen

    Which TE would you want the rest of the season? I also have Cook. I have been wanting to trade either Cook or Olsen, but not for another TE...I am pretty set at WR, so was looking more for a RB, but can't get anybody to bite. Make the trade? 12 team full PPR
  13. Hold or move on my current roster

    I think if Michel comes back and plays like he had been, then you can either stay put or package Chubb/Martin/collins for a better RB...
  14. RB ROS

    Mixon...Jax is going to have a crowded backfield with Yeldon and Hyde there too...