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  1. Need a D

    They got picked up last week
  2. Trade advice?

    I'd stick...DJ hasn't been lights out, and Breida is hurt...Miller has some good match ups
  3. Pick a TE

    McDonald vs Balt Watson @ Giants Burton vs TB Goedert @ TN (kind of reaching here, but could have potential) Other guys available: Clay, ASJ, Seals-Jones, Njoku, Gates...
  4. Need a D

  5. Need help w/ trade architecture

    I think DJ or CMC is too much for Theilen, but I think Conner could get him for you. Other than that, I like Collins for Kupp, but I don't think I do it. He doesn't improve your team enough to justify...unless you are just want more balanced depth at each position.
  6. I'm assuming this isn't your entire roster, but I'd say do it...
  7. Peterson for bell

    Worth a shot
  8. Drop Fitzgerald, Cobb or Powell

    I'd probably drop Henry right now before those others.
  9. Need a D

    Streaming defenses in a 12 team league is a brother out! Jets @ Jax Miami @ NE Pitt vs Balt Indy vs Houston Cincy @ Atl Detroit @ Dallas (these are in order of the most points in our league so far)
  10. Waiver WR pick up

    Who would you drop? I think Edelman is the first choice, even if he isn't playing this week. He will be top 2 targets on that team when he comes back. Then Enunwa, Jeffrey, Godwin, Lockett....all in all, I wouldn't say your WR corp is horrible though...
  11. Trade Hunt for Diggs?

    In PPR, I am always more concerned with WR than RB, unless it is dual threat RB. I'd see if he'd be willing to do Breida instead...I think Hunt can get you a little higher, even if he hasn't performed all that great so far.
  12. I'm 0-3 and don't know what to do.

    I get what you're saying about having them for trade bait, but in a 12 team league, pickens get slim at other positions and that's where your focus should have been. And this far into the season already, I'm betting the waiver wire is pretty thin too (it is in my 12 team league). I'd look at dealing both Rivers and Goff for a RB and WR...then drop Dalton for either position, I personally think Wentz will be fine. As for the signature, go to account settings--> signature
  13. I’ve found myself in QB trouble... Help!

    Flacco is the only guy that I think you can count on to put up X amount points weekly...I'd roll with him.
  14. I'm 0-3 and don't know what to do.

    From what I've read and can tell, you seem intent on keeping all 4 QBs for whatever reason...TE is a position where there only a few must haves, and it's hard to trade for them. I'd look more to upgrade you WR than your TE. But you can't afford to get rid of Hunt, especially for a guy that won't be starting in a week or two (Gio)'re not deep enough. All your QBs, with the exception of Dalton, can command some quality guys...maybe not top tier, but 2nd and 3rd...
  15. Frustrated