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  1. Received this offer would get mg3 what do ya think in a half ppr league? Other WR are Mike evans, Keenan Allen, devante Parker, Snead, garcon
  2. QB start today

  3. Dalvin Cook for TY Hilton Trade

    I wouldn't.
  4. Need 3 WRs... not sure about Dez

    I'd still start Dez Tate and Landry
  5. Who do I flex ?

    Diggs all dayyy
  6. Ertz or Hooper in 12 team half point ppr HELP

    Ertz for me
  7. Flex wdis

    Start Hyde and Bryant
  8. WDIS.....Crowder or Bennett

    Crowder easily for me
  9. Pick 3 plz.

    Kelvin Kupp ingram
  10. One last time! Dez Bryant or Ingram? Half ppr

    Bump for some more inputs, I'm getting anxiety haha
  11. Drop Amendola for Marshall? PPR

    Yes easily especially in a 16 team league
  12. Do i seriously consider Cutler over Stafford...

    I'd rather start Stafford
  13. Dez Bryant for Lesean McCoy?

    Dez and Demarco almost feels like too much
  14. Stafford or Smith

    Alex Smith should do well against the birds today
  15. T.Cohen & Bradford for Brees & Perkins?

    I'd do that in a heart beat...