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  1. I noticed the draft is set manually. How do you plan on setting the order?
  2. I am looking to join a keeper league that plans to reactivate yearly. I do not want to do idp and I do not want to do a money league.
  3. Can I see the settings for the league?
  4. I have to replace an owner in my 12 team ppr league. Here are the settings:
  5. The league is 12 teams ppr. Here is the link to see the settings: Draft Sunday Sept. 3 @ 5pm
  6. Free league needs 2 owners

    Thanks! Invite sent
  7. Looking To Join ESPN League

    I have a league you should check out. It's free and competitive.
  8. Free league needs 2 owners

    Thanks! Invite sent
  9. Looking to replace two owners. 4th year ppr league. Link to settings below.
  10. I am looking for a ESPN League

    I've got a standard with PPR espn league. Draft is tomorrow at 5:30 ET.
  11. Free 3rd year league looking to replace two owners. Standard scoring, except for the PPR. Snake draft tomorrow at 5:30 ET. Reply for an invite or for more information.