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  1. Which defense?

    You can't go wrong with either but I would pick the Chargers.
  2. Last fantasy decision of the season

    I have the same decision between Evans and Diggs and I am going with Evans. I think he has a great game and I am concerned the Vikings may get a lead and focus on their run game.
  3. Last minute help

    I think you are right. Baldwin will probably need a TD to give me significant points but he has a better chance than Williams to score.
  4. Which two QBs?

    Rivers and Keenum because of their match ups. Help with mine.
  5. QB Help Smith or Bortles

    To me this is a coin flip and I give the nod to Smith since he is at home. Help with mine
  6. Last minute help

    In my flex do I start: Doug Baldwin at Cowboys Jamaal Williams vs Vikings Delanie Walker vs Rams Thanks.
  7. I think this is Evans' week so I'm sticking with him.
  8. I have Clay in now but I'm thinking of shooting for the fences with Seals-Jones. What does everyone think? Thanks
  9. Collins or Freeman

    I have the same choice and I like Freeman's match up more especially with Coleman out.
  10. Cousins, bortles, keenum or foles

    I would favor Keenum over Bortles but would be confident with either.
  11. Rodgers or Goff?

    I would have to go with Rodgers. The Panthers have given up the second most points to QBs the last 4 weeks.
  12. Fournette out. Replace with?

    Williams against the poor Redskins run D and Ajayi hoping they use him a lot to reduce the pressure on Foles to deliver.
  13. Murray slightly over Williams. Cousins because I do not think you can trust Winston. Diggs because the change in QB will hurt Anderson.