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  1. who should I start at QB?

    No bad choice but I like Cousins a little better given the Eagles secondary.
  2. Need a starter tonight

    Hill has a higher ceiling and lower floor. If you can accept the risk go with Hill or take the more dependable Crabtree. Help with mine.
  3. Trade advice

    I would have a hard time parting with Gurley and losing Thomas weakens your WRs too much. I would not do the trade. Help with mine.
  4. Trade away Crowell for Parker?

    Yes and then try to get McFaddon to cover if Zeke has to sit. Help with mine.
  5. WR help

    Which 2 should I start this week? A Cooper vs KC D Funchess at Chicago T Pryor at Philadelphia I have Cooper and Funchess in now but would like some other input. Thanks and WHIR. 10 team, non ppr, QB, 3-WR, 2-RB, WR/RB, TE, K, Def, 6-BN QB - J Winston, K Cousins RB - D Freeman, K Hunt, J Mixon, M Gillislee, D Martin, T Cohen WR - M Evans, T Pryor, A Cooper, E Sanders, D Funchess TE - ASJ K - M Bryant D - Titans
  6. Luck

  7. What should I do with this team?

    By 'screwed' do you mean your season is over or that Jordy is now not worth starting? My answer to both of these would be no. Jordy's value does go down without Rodgers but he is still going to be at least a low end WR2.
  8. Elliot trade, need advice

    I would do it. You are not losing anything giving up Carr and you are covered for the loss of Martin. And since there is no certainty Zeke will even miss a game this year you are in the cat bird's seat. Go for it.
  9. What do I do with my team?

    You could try and sell high on Ingram or McKinnon to get a WR2. Depends on the need of other teams.
  10. Trade Kelce?

    Who would you drop and is Breida on the wire?
  11. Luck

    Anyone have any news on when he might return?
  12. Winston injury

    With Winston possibly hurt and Luck not coming back yet I need to look for another QB. I am in a continuous waiver league so if I want to get one of these guys I need to submit a request tonight. The choices are: Tyrod Taylor vs Tampa Bay Jared Goff vs Arizona Andy Dalton at Pittsburgh I rate them in this order for week 7 based on their matchup. I would drop Duke Johnson who I did not play today. What does everyone think? Thanks and WHIR 10 team, non ppr, QB, 3-WR, 2-RB, WR/RB, TE, K, Def, 6-BN, IR QB - J Winston, A Luck RB - D Freeman, J Howard, K Hunt, J Mixon, D Martin, D Johnson WR - M Evans, D Thomas, K Allen, S Diggs, J Landry TE - T Kelce K - H Butker D - Titans
  13. Drop Derrick Henry?

    Thanks guys. Anyone else have input?
  14. Who should be the Flex? 1pt PPR

    PPR means I like Kamara then Garcon. I want to see Martin another week before rolling him out. But I do think he will be the best as the season progresses.