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  1. ROS: Jordan Reed or Trey Burton

    3 to 1 for Reed so far.
  2. There is not much difference in their schedule the rest of the way. Which do you like? Thanks.
  3. Need two of these talented players

    Adams (ignore the weather) and Edwards against the poor Falcons run D.
  4. Drop Reeds

  5. Ekeler, Chubb , Cook help!!!!

    Ekeler then Chubb.
  6. Flex help .5 PPR


    Cohen. Blount may get a TD but he is a greater risk.
  8. Chubb or Ware

    I have the same situation I am going with Ware.
  9. Cousins or Newton, which one?

    Newton because RB gives up more points tp QBs. Also I just heard Diggs has swelling in his knee and may not play.
  10. Which defense?

    Close but I prefer the Rams since they are a bit stingier.
  11. Which RBs

    Thanks guys. I am weighing the Chubb/Conner question but I hate to sit Conner.
  12. Flex Question

    This with the added comment that since this your flex you should look to the higher ceiling rather than the safe floor.
  13. Ekeler, McCoy, or Humphries, Need 2. WDIS

    Ekeler for sure then a toss up for the other one. I would go with McCoy because I prefer the RB when I have a choice.
  14. I like Reynolds but if the team in your sig is one of yours you need to make a few changes there.
  15. Lineup Help!

    Bummer you have such a bad team!!! I like what you have with the only possible change is David Johnson over Mike Evans but that might be the Cards fan talking.