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  1. If Mattison sits should I start Boone over Jones on Monday night in a ppr league? Thanks.
  2. Flex conundrum

    Thanks. A tie means a coin flip . Anyone else have an opinion?d
  3. With Henry out who to start?

    I don't trust Bell or Johnson so would go with Hunt.
  4. Start Tannehill with Henry out?

    I think I would stick with Tannehill since having Lewis on the field my require him to throw more.
  5. Flex conundrum

    Thanks for the analysis. I was mostly deciding between Jones and Robinson because they both have bad match ups but with Jones you also have the problem of which way the Packers will bot regarding Jones vs Williams.
  6. Wdis at flex.....Moore or Brown

    Moore is the better WR so I would go with him.
  7. Championship RB2 help

    Close but I would go with Chubb.
  8. Flex conundrum

    I need 2 Wrs, 1 RB and a Flex from these choices in my ppr league? Keenan Allen vs Raiders Devante Parker vs Bengals Allen Robinson vs Chiefs Aaron Jones at Vikings Aaron Ekeler vs Oakland Right now I have Jones on the bench. Thanks
  9. A Miller or Metcalf in PPR

    Miller for the reason you mention.
  10. Defense to start

    KC against Lock.
  11. Manning or Murray ???

    Murray. I think he has a good day against the Browns.
  12. Mahomes in the snow

    Mahomes but if you are too nervous I would go with Baker.