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  1. 12 team Ppr Team info my Rb 1 was CEH, the Bell rang. I was offered to receive chase Claypool, Miles Sanders and Boston Scott i would give him Jonathan Taylor, Curtis Samuel and CeeDee Lamb would you take trade ? Worried about Rb strength . We start 2 Rbs and 2 wts and 2 Flex. Rbs are CEH Drake Taylor and Dobbins Wr are Ridley, Lamb, Watkins, Corey Davis Hardman Deebo Samuel Tee Higgins thanks in advance
  2. If Julio and Mostert both play.....

    Same , Julio is out today
  3. WDIS? Deebo or Higgins flex start Deebo Samuel or Tee Higgins in 12 team Ppr? will help in in return post link. Thanks in advance
  4. Interesting trade

    I Like Robinson but that pretty good trade, I would accept.
  5. Flex help

    Dj as well
  6. Pick rb to start

    Who are playing at flex? I would play Carson and Jones if you can
  7. With COVID games Pit/Tn and KC/ Ne issues with flex starters. wdis at flex? 12 team Ppr Deebo Samuel or Tee Higgins
  8. Mixon or Henderson

  9. Lineup Check

    Goedert as a free agent pick up, with usage in week 1 and end of last year. I would probably pick him up....starting lineup looks good
  10. 12 team Ppr, with injuries this week I am slim at flex who would you start? mike Williams wr Noah Fant Te Corey Davis Wr Jk Dobbins Rb i am am leaning towards Davis or Williams, Who would you start at flex thanks, will help in return post link
  11. I forgot I have RB Jk Dobbins on my bench as well
  12. Ppr 12 team trade: Deebo Samuel and Kyler Murray receive Dj Chark and Aj Dillon my team is qb Lamar Jackson wr1 Calvin Ridley , Wr2 Deebo Samuel, Rb 1 CEH Rb2 Jonathan Taylor te Kittle Def Steelers kicker Zurlein bench wrs are Mike Williams, Sammy Watkins, Ceedee Lamb, Jalen Reagor, Curtis Samuel te bench / flex Dallas Goedert, and N Fant rb Jk Dobbins I like Samuel a lot for upside but Chark would be nice pick up....I will not play Murray with L Jackson playing... would you do trade? or counter C Lam instead of Deebo? thanks in advance
  13. Trade Ekeler....

    I would do that deal to get Josh Jacobs.
  14. Keeper: are Micheal Thomas, Kamara, Barkley, Cmac , Elliott , C Kupp, Kittle, Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, D Watsonare a few. Cook will be number 1 off ADP of available players. I have completed many mock drafts , sometimes you get value if someone falls sometimes best Rb available..... i had Tyreek Hill, and Julio on my team last year so know value of those, I see Adams making it to 6. i feel this year I need to take best RB available. CEH or D Henry or Sanders or Drake if they CEH or Henry do not make it to 6
  15. Pick 1 Keeper: ARob or Woods

    Lockett because of value,