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  1. WDIS help need 2

    Or I could pick up Mike Davis rb or Chris Conley Wr
  2. Can I panic about Cam Newton yet?

    Like trade but maybe counter with someone other than Cooper first see if they if they take it....or waiver pickup dart throw with Josh Allen or Mariota because rushing yards always help. Cam cost me season last year.
  3. Need help picking 1 wr and 1 flex spot a trade left me weak at WRs. Pick 2. In ppr Marquez Scantling ( Mecole Hardman DJ Chark Mike Williams Justin Jackson rb Jordan Howard rb Traded for Tyreek Hill, but do have Julio Jones as Wr1
  4. Trade Saquon??

    Someone in my league just traded Saquon and Chris Godwin for Davante Adams and James Conner... that said aid might shoot for higher offer
  5. Trade Did I make Mistake?

    Was not Excited about Howard, I believe Sanders has beat his out already, but chance to get Hill and possibly start him and Julio later in year, I had to to take those 2 with him
  6. I traded last night: i get Tyreek Hill, Jordan Howard, Dj Chark give up Tyler Lockett and Emanuel Sanders 12 team Ppr start 2 wrs 2rbs 2 flex 1qb 1te 1 kicker 1 Def 1 qb other wrs I have are Julio Jones, Mike Williams, MVS, rbs are: Carson, Chubb, Aaron Jones Justin Jackson te oh Howard qbs Lamar Jackson , Russell Wilson def Texans, and Jacksonville
  7. Flex Start? Ppr RB Aaron Jones @ Chicago or Wr Emmanuel Sanders @ Oakland Thanks in advance
  8. Devante Parker or Albert Wilson as waiver pickup who would you pick? 12 team Ppr some one has to catch ball since traded Stills in Miami
  9. I took trade and it cleared 2 day review, I gave up josh Gordon and got OJ Howard in return. hope OJ has a good year....Gordon ranking have moved up.
  10. Ppr High Stakes 12 Team I give up Josh Gordon receive OJ Howard Who wins, would you do it... or keep Gordon to see usage, for bye weeks or Breakout....but rankings have my team weak at TE. other wrs are Julio Jones, Tyler Lockett, Mike Williams, Emmanuel Sanders, Mecole Hardman my Te is Jordan Reed
  11. pick number 4

    I would draft still draft Zeke....
  12. All agree to take James Conner over Julio Jones in first round? And pick wr in later rounds?
  13. Yes Zeke was a 10th pick in 1st round Keeper..not available at 4 no big 5 rbs all were kept...Barkley CMC, Alvin Kamara, David Johnson, Zeke... Davante Adams and Mike Thomas as WRs were also keepers and a Te Travis Kelce, so basically best of rest. Thanks for replies.
  14. 12 team ppr. Who would you pick at 4. A lot of key players kept as keepers. 1. Barkley (keeper) 2. Hopkins( says he is drafting 100%) 3. Bell (says he is taken wants rb 90%) 4. My pick ? My keeper was RB Nick Chubb for 10th round. Who would you select and why? I am leaning towards Julio Jones , but having 2 top rbs is key as well. That would be picking Conner or Gurley? League starts qb, 2 wrs 2 rbs, 2 Flex 1 te 1 def 1 kicker best top available positions: wrs: Julio Jones, Tyreek Hill, Odell Beckham, JuJu Smith, Antonio Brown rbs: James Conner, Todd Gurley, Melvin Gordon, Joe mixon, Dalvin Cook.... thanks in advance will help in return.