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  1. Start Cam or Josh Allen

    Have went with Cam all year just still undecided. Anybody else. Thanks
  2. Injuries have James Conner down so WDIS AT FLEX ppr semis pick one, WHIR Evan Engram Kenny Galladay Corey Davis Dj Moore Curtis Samuel Thanks in advance,
  3. Which def to start?

    True coin flip between Rams And Bears scored similar points in last few weeks. i would probably go Rams because opponent
  4. Ppr 12 ream semifinals start Dj Moore or James Conner without injury would be Conner
  5. Start Cam Newton or Josh Allen in 12 team ppr semi finals. This should be easy but Cam's injury makes it a question
  6. Yes it only a 1 keeper player option....also will not know draft order until draw numbers on draft night.... love to keep all, value with Chubb and Conner...but keep seeing tv commercial with AB saying you should of picked me...when thinking about Barkley. If Big Ben retires I would go Chubb or Barkley so still undecided... NY qb situation. thanks for all help.
  7. Time to start early thinking of next season....I am still in playoffs but.... 12 team ppr 1 keeper counts as draft pick in round drafted or 9th round for Free agent waiver. Can keep 2 years. i have 3 choices maybe 4 to choose from. Who would you keep pick one? Saquon Barkley 1st round Joe Mixon 2nd round Nick Chubb 10th round James Conner 11th round thanks in advance
  8. Need some line up advice

    MCDonald, Hyde Davis, Winston
  9. Wdis PPR Joe Mixon or Dj Moore Thanks
  10. Anyone else look like start Mack ....Bench Davis and play MVS tonight . Whir
  11. I could also Start MVS over Corey Davis at WR and start Mack too, but Davis has looked good since Mariotta looks healthier. Thoughts, Thanks
  12. 12 team ppr I need a flex starter. Marlon Mack or Marquez Valdes-Scantling? WHIR MVS play tonight Mack got me last week by sitting Nick Chubb...
  13. WDIS Mack or Chubb

    Thanks for the help
  14. Ppr 12 team start Nick Chubb or Marlon Mack? Whir post link
  15. Is MVS worth waiver pickup?

    My other players are rbs are Saquon Barkley,Joe Mixon, James Conner,Nick Chubb, Marlon Mack, and Corey Clement wrs are Josh Gordon, Robert Woods, Sterling Shepard, Corey Davis, Dj Moore and Mike William others qb Cam, Te Ertz and Chris Herndon, kicker Zurlien, Def Rams start 2-rbs 2-WRs,2-Flex spots 1 qb, te, def, and kicker