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  1. I guess league has weird scoring.... I attached photo of scoring leaders in our League. 1.Lamar Jackson 518.95 outscored 2. C McCaffery scored 448.40. Most of leaders are QB’s. But Lamar higher significant higher points, but experts say he should regress some this year Nick Chubb had 250 A Jones had 298.50 Makes it hard not to keep Lamar for 9th round, I understand value aspect. last season I kept Chubb for 10th and dropped back Saquon Barkley for 1st for value reasons. I won Championship This is a key choice, I mainly between ( Lamar for 9th, Chubb for 10th, Tyreek Hill for 2nd, and maybe Aaron Jones for 3rd) Tyreek Hill for second is ok too since projected as #4 wr And top 2 WRs are keepers in (Thomas and Adams) A Jones for 3rd is ok since will be a first round with keepers. sorry for long post but was not sure if points would change peoples minds from Chubb to a different player(Lamar Hill or Jones)
  2. Just thought about this, since nothing else going on... Early 12 Team PPR League: 1 Keeper per team for 2 year max in round drafted. Who would you keep pick one? Tyreek Hill for 2nd round Pick Aaron Jones Rb for 3rd Round Pick Lamar Jackson for 9th Round Pick Nick Chubb for 10th Round (keeper this past year so can only keep one more year) Starting primary Running backs are hard to come by after first 2 rounds on average in our drafts and after keepers. Team with best RBS usually are hard to beat we start 1qb, 2wrs 2rbs, 1 te, 1 (wr/rb flex) and 1 (wr, te, rb flex) 1 kicker, 1 def/st Alot are keepers for other teams are Rbs my guess off last years keepers are (Cmac, Elliott, Barkley, Kamara, Cook, and Drake, other keepers at other positions are Kittle, Mahomes Micheal Thomas and Davante Adams are few keepers) My first thought is defiantly keep Lamar Jackson for 9th round pick. Since he was the highest points scorer last season....Second choice might be Aaron Jones for 3rd Then, Tyreek Hill for 2nd is hard to pass on close 2nd with Jones...I usally get BPA in First(RB or WR) and end up with two starting after/by 3rd round pick... I know QB points can be had later but Jackson won some game for me last year with his points. Who would you pick and why. Thanks in advance
  3. Maybe staring lineup is : qb Lamar Jackson rb1 Chris Carson Rb 2 Aaron Jones wr1 Julio Jones Wr2 Tyreek Hill, te Dallas Goedert , def Denver Flex 1 Nick Chubb flex 2 ?
  4. Bench perriman?

    I like Perriman, his usage should be high giving injuries. I am tossed up with starting him or Mike Boone this week though.
  5. Ppr Pick one: Mike Boone Breshad Perriman Anthony Miller
  6. Who would you Start PPR League Championship at Flex? Pick One: DJ Chark (Started til Hurt) Breshad Perriman Anthony Miller Mike Williams Mike Boone RB just picked up Thanks for your help
  7. I picked up Mike Boone RB this morning does that change anyone pick for Championship flex starter. Dalvin Cook Is projected to sit out but it is Monday Night Game... and other flex option play on Sunday My Starting Lineup is QB Lamar Jackson WR1 Julio Jones 2nd Flex is ? RB1 Chris Carsom WR2 Tyreek Hill RB2 Aaron Jones TE Dallas Goedert Flex Nick Chubb Def Broncos or Saints (undecided) Bench Players Anthony Miller Breshad Perriman Boston Scott DJ Chark Mike Williams Mike Boone
  8. Who would you Start PPR League Championship game high stakes. Pick One: DJ Chark (Started til Hurt) Breshad Perriman(Leaning to start Him) Anthony Miller( Has been on Fire last few weeks) Mike Williams *** Picked Mike Boone RB today does that changes anyone mind... with Dalvin Projected not to play. Thanks in advance, I appreciate the help.
  9. Flex starter ppr: pick one Mike Williams Boston Scott Anthony Miller Zach Pascal thanks for help
  10. WDIS with Dj Chark hurt

    I was able to get Boston Scott on Free agent pick up as well. Would anyone play him? Or anyone else on WDIS pascal Williams Miller Gage or Scott
  11. Semi final 12 team ppr Dj Chark is hurt do who do I start in his place? zach Pascal Ind Mike Williams LA C Anthony Miller Chi Russel Gage Atl Thanks in Advance
  12. 12 team ppr semifinal round Lamar Jackson is hurt may not even play whole game. He score a lot of points when he plays. The early game hurts this week. Should I start Lamar or waiver pickup? waiver options are Fitzpatrick, Eli Manning Jacoby Brissett or Gardner Minshew Leaning to just playing him. thanks in advance
  13. Flex Start, Mike Williams Wr or Darrel Williams Rb 12 team Ppr, Thanks in advance
  14. Bump anyone else have thoughts thanks in advance
  15. Trade: A Jones for J Jones

    I agree with this, would not improve team.