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  1. League selected draft order today I ended with 4th pick. I do not think the first 3 picks will use a first round keeper, so they will use pick.
  2. I would keep McCaffery for second round pick. I also would possibly grab another top RB in the First round. Rb drop off on points is greater after top tier backs are drafted. Draft WR if one of the top backs did not fall to you in the first....
  3. The way the league is we random draw draft position day of live draft after keepers are submitted. So do not know draft order 1 thru 12?
  4. Highly competitive 12 team ppr keep 1 for drafted round pick only keep 1 player who would you pick? Saquon Barkley for 1st round Joe Mixon for 2nd round James Conner 11th round Nick Chubb 10th Round Hard not to keep Saquon Barkley. Who would you keep.