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  1. I stick with Moss...could have a big day.
  2. WDIS x 3

    Cutler vs DET or Big Ben vs TEN? Gore vs TB or Addai vs KC? Steve Johnson vs PHI or Mike Williams (TB) vs SF? Leave link to yours...thanks.
  3. Help Please - At Flex

    Have to go with Ingram...
  4. WDIS @ Flex

    I give AJ the start against the horrible Jags...
  5. Last minute WR help...

    I agree, think you have to go with Julio.
  6. WDIS x 3

    OK everyone likes Gore but that's the end of the agreement... Cutler vs DET or Big Ben vs TEN? Steve Johnson vs PHI or Mike Williams (TB) vs SF?
  7. WDIS

    Jordy has been putting up numbers...I think I bench Ingram and his 3 YPC...
  8. WDIS flex poll

    I would give Deangelo a shot...could be a high scoring game...
  9. WDIS x 3

  10. WDIS...Isaac Redman or J. Best

    I think Best is the safe pick...Mendenhall might still play and you don't know what to expect from the Steelers...
  11. I would roll with SF too...
  12. I say what are you waiting for?!?
  13. I stick with Greene...
  14. Need your help WDIS?

    I would give Kolb a shot...

    I like Cruz and Greene...
  16. WDIS - FLEX: Addai, Ridley, Tolbert

    I like Addai...
  17. which reciever to start? Please!

    I have been waiting for Mike Williams to have a good week in 2 leagues...maybe if you bench him he won't suck for me again? Seriously though from the choices you have I would probably have to bench him too.
  18. any more news on Tuck?

    Likely out this says...
  19. DAL/SF

  20. Draft Complete

    Rice and sure it isn't a 4 team league??
  21. which RB?

    I like Jackson...think Bradshaw will be the best back in NY today...
  22. AP or MJD?

    You have ADP and MJD? My advice is expand to 4 teams for next year...
  23. WDIS @ WR

    I need one of these 4 as my 3rd WR for the week, already had Maclin go and I have Roddy going...10 yards/1 point and 6 for a PPR. Lee Evans @ Minn Mike Thomas @ Tenn Hines Ward @ BAL Braylon Edwards @ NEP Who would you start? I need to win to wrap up my division...
  24. WDIS @ WR

    People can't even vote for me??