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  1. Pick my Receivers for Championship Game

    Lockett, Hill and Woods
  2. I like Woods in the flex in 2nd league
  3. Guice or snell?

    Snell has been getting a lot more touches than Guice.
  4. Playoff must win Qb help!

    Tanny for sure
  5. Guice or snell?

    Snell. Guice is 3rd in touches in that backfield on a crap team. Game script will be against him too so Chris Thompson will be on the field most the day.
  6. TE help

    I’d roll with Cook. He has been solid.
  7. Full PPR. Thinking about dropping Murray (don’t own Kamara) to cuff Fournette with Armstead. Other option would be dropping Murray for Snell. Debating who to play between Michel and Jamaal Williams, so could potentially play Snell over those two if Conner is out, but not sure if playing him over one of those guys is worth not cuffing Fournette. Other option would be to take a flier on Darwin and keep him on my bench this week (already own McCoy). Any thoughts would be much appreciated!
  8. Bench Watson for Daniel Jones?

    I would just roll with Watson. Jones hasn’t done well in tough matchups.
  9. Bench Watson for Daniel Jones?

    Any better options than Jones?
  10. So about Watson...

    I need to win to make playoffs, and I am a 20 point underdog going against the league juggernaut. Watson has been my qb all year but considering swapping him with Foles for the higher upside given my situation. Good idea?
  11. Right now Breida is listed as Doubtful. Is there any chance he gets moved to Out before the early games? Was hoping to move him to ir and pick someone up.
  12. Godwin for Lev Bell

    This is an obvious trade for you. And it’s fair as can be. Trying to offer an injured Hilton would be laughable
  13. Who to drop?

    Herndon or Anderson