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  1. Pick 2 rb in ppr

    Darkwa, White, Abdullah, Lewis
  2. Better ROS ppr stash, Rod Smith or Jamaal Williams?
  3. Better bench stash

    Thanks guys. Any other opinions?
  4. Better bench stash

    I do not plan on playing this player this week. Who is better to pick up for long term in ppr league: Jamaal Williams or Rod Smith? I am a Zeke owner btw, and securely in the playoffs.
  5. Hogan dropped

    Wondering if I should claim him. Not sure who I would drop in my .5 ppr league. We strart 2 rb 2 wr and a flex. I am all set at wr so I don’t really need Hogan, but I would hate to just let my opposition grab him. qb- Carr rb- Ajayi, CJ, Dion Lewis, Abdullah, Duke, Perine wr- Thomas, Diggs, Hill, Marvin, Corey Davis te- Gronk
  6. Want to trade for RB

    What about Thomas for Ajayi?
  7. Prioritize Cook first for sure. I would not even bother using one on Cutler, no one is claiming him. I prefer Bortles vs. the Browns this week.
  8. I am 7 of 12 and considering claiming Elliott or Tucker. Is that completely stupid?
  9. Dickson, Clay or Ebron

    Believe it or not I would start Ebron this week. The Lions will be playing with the lead but will not be able to run the ball. They will be throwing several safe passes and I think Ebron will be heavily involved.
  10. Just curious how many teams in your league? All of those players you are trying to trade are on waivers in my 10 team league and 2 of the 3 are in my 12 team league
  11. Pick 2 of 3 RBs to stash

    Agree with Mack and Mont. Cohen is hardly involved on a bad offense. Aside from the first couple weeks he has been crap.
  12. Help me get Dez!

    The last “good” receiver you have in his eyes is probably Landry. So it would probably take him and Drake. I think I might rather stay put.
  13. Drop Abdullah?

    Not for those guys.
  14. Freeman for AD and Mariotta

    AD is a commonly used nickname for Peterson.