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  1. Fair trade offer?

    What caiber receiver should Adams and Coleman get me? I suggested Green yesterday and people seemed to think that I was out of my mind.
  2. Fair trade offer?

    I give Devantae Adams and Tevin Coleman i recieve Michael Thomas
  3. Drop Zay Jones for D'onta Foreman? Who is the better bench stash?
  4. Drop Zay Jones?

  5. Trade away Bell for Hunt?

    Bell for sure
  6. Rodgers trade

    Worth a try but I wouldn't accept. Qb is not a position I am looking to trade for and those other two guys haven't looked very good.
  7. Drop Zay Jones?

    Was thinking about stashing someone like Foreman. Thoughts?
  8. Handcuffing Bell?

    Thanks guys. Do you think that handcuffing Bell is a worthwhile strategy?
  9. C. Carson or D. Henry?

    I like Henry more. Seattle o line blows.
  10. Trade away Bell for Hunt?

    No way. If he really wants Bell make him do better than that. Hurns is a waiver guy and has no place in the trade. Is this ppr? If so I would try to get Hunt and Landry for Bell.
  11. Handcuffing Bell?

  12. Pull the trigger on this trade?

    Would not do it. I would rather have Lynch than Howard, and the upgrade of Green for Thomas does not come close to what you lose with Gronk for an injured Olsen.
  13. Adams and Coleman for Green?

    My thinking is the downgrade from Adams to Green is not that significant, and may be worth it for him if he can get a startable rb out of the deal.
  14. The Green owner is stacked at wr but starting Terrance West at rb. Adams is a nice piece in himself plus Coleman could probably be start worthy for him. Is it a fair offer?