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  1. Kicker question!

    Drop Tucker for Greg the Leg?
  2. 10 team full PPR: Josh Gordon, Wentz, Goodwin My team: QB: Winston WR: Hopkins, Golladay, Baldwin, Ridley, Marvin Jones RB: CMC, Kerryon, Hyde, Drake, Brieda, Lewis TE: Kittle I am planning on dropping Lewis
  3. Michel or Hyde?

    I would be screwed if Michel sits. Should I play it safe and roll Hyde out there?
  4. Who wins trade?

    Team A receives Tyreek Hill and Mixon Team B receives McCaffrey and Ridley full ppr
  5. Ingram or Golladay at Flex

    Definitely Golladay
  6. Hyde or Kerryon?

    Full point ppr. Kind of leaning Kerryon but already starting Stafford and Golladay,
  7. Thoughts on Goff

    IDK it’s a 10 team league and he was kind of under the radar until this week. Our waivers go through tomorrow.
  8. Thoughts on Goff

    Thinking about usung a high waiver priority for Goff and dropping Stafford, is this wise? Will Goff be that much better than Stafford the rest of the year to justify using a high waiver?
  9. TE Hell

    Full PPR. Need to stream one of the following this week due to Burton being on bye: Watson Seals-Jones Hooper Seferian-Jenkins
  10. Help me trade AWAY Gurley

    That would make your team worse
  11. Gurley Trade

    I would want more than that for Gurley to be honest. Do you have a wr you could trade for a rb instead?
  12. Kenyan drake for josh gordon?

    Are you kidding me?
  13. 10 team ppr. qb: Stafford rb: CMC, Hyde, Kerryon, Lewis, Brieda, Drake wr: Hopkins, Golladay, Baldwin, Ridley, Marvin Jones te: streaming thinking it would have to be Drake or Stafford
  14. Brees For Brady Trade?

    Keep Brees