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  1. Pick 2

    Which 2 should I start? Full PPR Michel vs Houston Ridley vs NO Gallup vs Buff Ekeler vs Den
  2. Defense This Week

    49er's vs GB or Buff vs Denver
  3. Kittle

    I'd appreciate that
  4. TE Help

    I have Kittle, with his return still up in the air I picked up Rudolph. Since he is on bye and Kittle may not play again, who should I pick up off waivers? any worth playing this week? Fant vs buff Hollister vs philly McDonald vs cin Walker vs Jax Brate vs atl
  5. Kittle

    What do yall think the chances that Kittle plays this week?
  6. Which D to Start

    Which D should I start this week? Bills vs. Browns 49ers vs Seahawks
  7. Hunter for Chubb trade help

    He needs to give more for Chubb. I have Chubb in one of my leagues and i'm not worried about Hunt taking away from Chubb.
  8. Which 3 to Start?

    Full PPR league, which 3 should I start this week out of Ridley, Gallup, J Brown, and Ronald Jones. Oh and I also picked up J Gordon Thanks
  9. Need starting WR help

    In a ppr league, with Adam's out and Matt Ryan out which 3 WR should I start? Ridley Stills J Brown Allison
  10. who to start???

    Thanks, this is what I have been leaning towards.
  11. Who should start in flex....

    The real problem I have are my receivers are crap. I have D Adams, Ridley, J Brown, Gallup, and Stills. With Gallop on bye I need to start 3 of the other receivers. If Adams play I think he is a must start, John Brown is a start also, so that leaves Stills and Ridley and I wasn't sure if Matt Ryan was to hurt to play or not.
  12. in a ppr league and at this moment my only options for flex is either Ridley or Stills. Which one should I start?
  13. Pick 3.......to start

    In a 12 man ppr league I need some help with who I should start at WR this week. D Adams-assuming he plays J Brown C Ridley K Stills
  14. who to start???

    If you had to start 3 which would yall start? D Adams C Ridley J Brown K Stills
  15. dEFENSE

    Who to start this week, Bills VS. Pilly or 49ers VS. Carolina?