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  1. In his defense, have you seen his wife?
  2. Yeah I think Garcon may be the answer, but I sure like Cousins in the 11th. And I'm not an early QB guy either but he's been pretty consistent. I'd probably lean toward Cousins.
  3. My experience is that especially in a 12 team league many teams draft 3 QB's. Which obviously leaves not much to pick up. You need to draft one pretty early, and probably your 2nd in round 5-7 just so you have some decent options. I always find that there are a few I like and if they sit a few rounds then I can wait a bit.
  4. You can't tell me that teams don't speculate ALL the time. If this player goes down, whose going to step in. If they don't they are stupid! Crazy crap happens all the time. It's absolutely possible that Flacco's back flares up or has issues and he's out a little longer then expected. Having a quality backup in place now to get quality reps is incredibly important. I don't care who they sign, but they better be ready to play. And yes, it's all just in case.
  5. This is where I struggle with him. I just don't see them throwing down the field that much. However, if they use him right and just get him the ball any way possible, he could explode. Worth a mid round pickup IMO. Dude can be dangerous.
  6. Are you saying there's a problem with a $2 crack whore?
  7. Yep you got me. Completely blind. Everyone should rate their team based on Vegas odds! What was I thinking?
  8. Booker was coming off an injury and wasn't in great shape last year. It showed. I'm not ready to throw in the towel on him. I think he has a ton of potential in Den. Based on last year though, yeah he was very average.
  9. Hell yeah!!!! Well done! These may be friends of yours, which makes it harder to do? But it needed to be done.
  10. Still not even sure Charles makes the team. This hurts DEN. Booker was going to be a decent portion of the run game.
  11. Pretty simple really. One stays with the current team and pick. The other gets the 1st pick and the abandoned team. The end....... Besides, I'd rather have 5 than 1 anyway.
  12. That's funny right there!!!
  13. As I clearly stated, didn't take anything away from either win or loss. And I can see that you're desperate to make sure we all know that Oak beat Denver good in week 9 but the loss doesn't matter. Ok sounds fair. You had better hope that Denver doesn't win EITHER game this year and that it's not close, otherwise I'm sure you'll disappear. All I'm saying is that Denver is not getting old and is in no way rebuilding. Hell it's about time Oak showed up to the party after all of those high draft picks over the last 10 years.
  14. I know Calvin is fairly young, but I believe his body was starting to break down. Pure speculation on my part but I would be shocked if he actually made a come back. I'm sure Lynch and the Raiders are telling him that he needs to join that team and come back but I just don't see this happening. Heck I'm not even sure Lynch is going to be similar to his former self this year either. This seems like not much more than a summer time discussion.
  15. So now they are talking to Marty Hurney..............what??? The guy that crippled this team with all of his rediculous signings to begin with? I'm so lost on this one. What is going on in Panther land?