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  1. Cam Newton

    Very true. The pitch was good, not perfect but good and the receiver dropped it. The announcer was even saying that it was Cam's fault. Completely wasn't his fault but he got charged with the fumble. Dumb
  2. I think Gurley bounces back and is a good value

    This one surprised me. The maturation and dramatic improvement of Goff is directly related to his success. Rams are becoming very legit with this tandem.
  3. I still like the plow his wife solution the best.
  4. If he puts in 40 waiver wire claims, is he not also putting in 40 claims to drop someone as well? Sounds like he's going to royally screw up his own team. Let him and then don't invite him back next year.
  5. Fournette down

    exactly what I didn't want to hear. Figures though.
  6. Bragging rights

    What behind the rabbit???? It is the rabbit!!!!
  7. Fournette down

    Soooo.....back to Fournette. Hopefully on pace to play this weekend. Seems to have become my only reliable player these days.
  8. PHI/CAR thread

    I always thought Milk was the bigger challenge.....
  9. Kamara vs McCaffrey

    I like McCaffrey between the two. I think he will eventually this season become the primary back. Most likely due to injury.
  10. Josh Gordon hoping for September reinstatement

    How many times is enough for him. And how many excuses can we come up with for him to get re-instated. Playing in the NFL is a privilege period! If he doesn't understand that by now he never will.
  11. Every Giants starting WR is out.

    A winless team is a dangerous team though. Denver better be on their game next Sunday.
  12. Breakdown of Cowboys last possession.

    No way does a player take a knee instead of get the touchdown. You take the points every time. The pass play I'll give you. Don't know why they passed when the run was working great and takes time off the clock. Tough loss. That last drive by AR was unreal though. That's why we watch football right there!
  13. Rob Gronkowski...Week 5...uh oh

    Crap, couldn't change it in time. 0 for Gronk hurts. Should've known better than to trust he would play.
  14. Washington earned this loss

    Everyone got confused when you used the word Muff.......
  15. What is everyone doing about Rawls?

    This! Did the same thing. Carson was my hope to do something. Sigh