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  1. Royce Freeman

    So the thing about most ADP's at this point is that information changes, sometimes at the last minute. In Freeman's case, he won the starting job but wasn't awarded the spot until most mocks were completed. A change like that makes a huge difference in were I draft him. A guy like Breida is the same. Not sure he's a great RB but if he's atop the depth chart then I might actually consider drafting him. Just saying that it is smart to take ADP into consideration, but when additional information provides itself then an ADP may not be the best thing to go by. I like Freeman a lot this year. If I'm wrong so be it, but I'd take a chance on him in the 3rd or even 2nd round based on what I've seen.
  2. Royce Freeman

    I will be shocked if Lindsay has that big of role in the offense. Could be a great addition and in specific packages dangerous but I don't see him having nearly the impact Cohen does.
  3. Royce Freeman

    From what I've seen and read, Freeman is the better back. However, Booker is a vet and has shown he can block in pass protection. If Freeman can't handle pass protection then he will only be a spot starter. If he improves in that area then he will be the #1 back and it's not even close. Pass protection is everything right now for Freeman.
  4. I'll bite if he's there late. Love high risk high reward players. Sometimes I get a little to dialed in on the high reward side and get myself in trouble.
  5. Sounds like you might need a cigarett..........
  6. I guess to your point it's pretty rare but does happen. Forgot about Turner. I just love McKinnon's opportunity and the kind of player he is. Especially in a PPR.
  7. There were good times with the Raiders?
  8. Priest Holmes comes to mind. I will be taking a chance on him, but not early for sure. Round 5 sounds about right.
  9. Interesting Mayfield observation

    You nailed it. 23 is not that old, and sometimes when your young, you need someone to "let you have it" to get you going. Unfortunate but true.
  10. Sirius XM FLEX experts live draft league

    Love the Cook pick. I really think he can be dangerous this year. He's one of my keepers. Can 't stand Gordon though. I just don't trust him at all at this point in his career. Too many of the same mistakes.
  11. Do you know what station on XM you'll be on?
  12. You make a good argument for his case but I still don't see it. If he holds out for more money when he's done nothing but hurt himself and his team with his own actions then I think his career is over. He has way more to gain by playing under his current contract and be the "good soldier" then playing hardball. If he hasn't figured that out after 7 years in the league then he is not someone I want in the locker room. It's not hard to stay out of trouble if your career depends on it. He's costing his own career, no one else is causing his issues. A hold out now would further push his lack of professionalism toward the trade.
  13. Yeah that's a little crazy. He has to prove that he can be a good teammate and productive player long before he considers any kind of holdout. A few games or even 1 year of being good doesn't give him any leverage. It would be a massive mistake for him to holdout.
  14. Should Antonio Brown be numero uno?

    To me, it comes down to which player in the 2nd round (i get there are all sorts of things to consider throughout the draft) has the higher upside and lower risk. In my opinion, McKinnon has a higher upside but higher risk than Baldwin. Am I willing to take that risk in the 2nd round? I would, but again I favor RB's especially in a PPR league. Baldwin is a more consistent player over the years so it might be smarter to go with a Gurley/Baldwin duo even though projection wise it looks like they will score 20 less points potentially.
  15. Should Antonio Brown be numero uno?

    Great stuff here. So is your point that if you draft Brown #1, then your potential points drop more due to fewer high end players available at the end of the 2nd vs drafting Gurley #1. I would think that would equal out. No? Would you rather have Gurley/Balwin or Brown/McKinnon. Tough call in in my opinion.
  16. Should Antonio Brown be numero uno?

    Do you think he's less risky than Gurley though? Have to agree you make a strong argument for him and he's a top 3 pick in any league but I'm not sure he's less risky than the #1 RB.
  17. Should Antonio Brown be numero uno?

    My only issue with a WR #1 is that on a good day he has the ball in his hands 8-10 times roughly. Where as a good RB is touching the ball about 22 times in a game. To me, more opportunities lead to more pts. So if I have the #1 pick I'm always going with a RB. Am I way off base on this?
  18. Who has been here since the 90s?

    2004 here. Holy cow that's forever!
  19. FTSA Experts Draft

    Ooops, one only drafted Winston as their QB.
  20. Yeah I think it's his wrist still. He may never have much of an impact.
  21. This year is still about the Oline. I don't think Elway did enough to help fix the RT position. Watson could very well end the season as the RT again and he is absolutely terrible. If that happens, then 8-8 would be a miracle. If the oline stays healthy then maybe 10 wins.
  22. It looks like this will be open for orders again in July? How are things going?
  23. Preseason games

    Dudes a stud!
  24. Mark Ingram suspended first 4 games

    I hope this help Kamara. I actually think Kamara is more effective with another back sharing carries.