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  1. Since there is not much else to talk about, let's see if we can figure out who will be the projected starting QB, after the draft, on the following teams: Minn: NY Jets: Denver: Arizona: Cleveland: I'll go with: Minn: Cousins NY Jets: Josh Rosen Denver: Josh Allen Arizona: Case Keenum Cleveland: AJ McCarron
  2. Aquib Talib to The Rams

    There's leaders and there's cancers. I believe he was the later. Now it could have been just frustration with the lack of team success. When some leaders leave, others emerge. Who that is, I have no idea. It's disappointing that all we got was a 5th for him.
  3. Aquib Talib to The Rams

    I also think that the Broncos grew tired of Talib's locker room issues. He's a very divisive player that can be a cancer. Great player if you can deal with it. Dumping that cap was big. I just hope Roby can come close to filling his shoes.
  4. This . Dude is set to be a dominant RB. I'd prob pick him top 5 in a redraft right now.
  5. Agreed and I think Denver is holding a giant beer bong of the koolaide!
  6. Sounds like they are going all in on Cousins! Could be the favorite to land him too.
  7. [dynasty] ... most under valued players?

    I think you've nailed it. I'd take him as my 4th receiver. Love the upside but there been mostly disappointment there. Normally someone like Watkins is a player that I would just stay away from completely. But I've missed out on to many surprise players that had rebound years to continue with that strategy. 4th WR is a great position for him almost regardless of the round.
  8. Although I'm not a Browns fan, I would love to see them competitive. I would take Chubb and Saquon if that's possible with the #1 & #4 picks. Pick up a decent veteran QB to fill in if available and draft from there. I watched a few games last year (maybe 3), and it looked like they were mostly competitive in those games. A few players could completely change this team around to a 5-6 win team vs barely a 1 win team. They keep trading early picks for more picks in future years. It's time to start cashing those in getting some significant talent. Besides, a combo DE of Chubb and Garrett could be scary!
  9. Yeah but they also lost a bunch of coaches. If that oline coach retires, this team may take a step backward. It always amazes me how a great oline coach can make such a huge difference.
  10. Is Tom Brady the GOAT of all sports?

    So you're saying there's a chance!
  11. What an Ahole move all the way around. It would be awesome if Brady retired right before the season starts to screw McD. Wow, just wow! Why did he wait until he was at the front door to say "no thanks".
  12. Is Tom Brady the GOAT of all sports?

    So that's one year. My point still stands. They still won without Brady. Doesn't matter if they scored 500 more points or 100 less points. They still won. If a team continues to win when the starting QB is out for any period of time it makes you wonder if it's more of a system being successful vs. the player. Doesn't mean Brady isn't a great player just not sure my opinion of him as the GOAT has changed.
  13. Is Tom Brady the GOAT of all sports?

    The problem I have with the best in any sport is that when Brady was out the Patriots still won.
  14. HC Mike Mularkey out in TEN

    John Fox was canned in this manner I believe.
  15. I like breakfast!!!!
  16. What is going on with the Browns?

    The funny thing many wins will they need for us to think "hey they are really going in the right direction"? Is it 5 wins, 4?
  17. Yeah I gotcha. It would virtually be impossible to let Brady go at anytime really. As a matter of fact, I'll bet exactly the opposite happens. Of course he's playing at a ridiculous level now. Could still be there for a few more years. When the wheels fall off though, I'll bet he continues to remain the guy because of his past success. Probably longer than he should even when he starts throwing picks all day. He really has earned the right to play and start as long as he wants. Even more than Favre ever earned that right. I just don't see anyone moving him or releasing him from the Pats.........ever!!! That's not to say that the Garrapolo trade doesn't end up being a bad move. Given the situation though, the Pats had no choice and did what any franchise would do in the same situation. Brady stays........period.
  18. Carson Palmer retiring

    What does this mean for David Johnson is my question!
  19. Anybody else on the verge of quitting?

    Explain to me how Julio get 8 pts by halftime and then nothing the rest of the game......... Whatever Is it too much to ask JuJu to stop tripping over himself and just get in the endzone............apparently Was it too much to ask Julio to actually show up........another yes apparently Sigh
  20. Fournette just not worth it

    Dude has been awesome all year. Yes he's missed a few games but totally worth the draft pick. Figured he'd miss last Sunday so that wasn't a surprise.
  21. It's Playoff Time!!!!

    Won this week! Whew, came down to last nights game. Next week, play one of the teams on bye. 2 leagues in the playoffs, 2 done and missed by 1 game.
  22. The 2018 Browns will draft a QB @ number 1?

    True about the oline, but a great QB can really help an average OL. Denver has neither. Have you seen how fast some of the current QB's get the ball out of their hands? Apparently Denver doesn't have a play that tries to do that. Denver should draft a QB #1 as I believe they will end up with a top 3 pick. And there are probably 3 QB's in this draft that could be legit #1 overall picks. There's a ton of talent at QB this year. This is one of those rare years that if handled correctly, Denver could get a franchise QB. They could even trade back a few spots, still get a great QB prospect and get some much needed high end OL help. I realize they are desperate for OL help and speed at MLB. All of which could be helped during free agency, but certainly addressed during the draft.
  23. CYA Ben McAdoo

    Who the hell is Mary Kelly? What does she know about football?????
  24. Coach of the Year

    No one is arguing his legacy. This year he's been good (as usual), but others have been better. Vikings are on their 3rd string QB and RB? Are you kidding me?
  25. Coach of the Year

    Things are bad there? I thought they were the same? Just used to it I guess.....