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  1. It looks like this will be open for orders again in July? How are things going?
  2. Preseason games

    Dudes a stud!
  3. Mark Ingram suspended first 4 games

    I hope this help Kamara. I actually think Kamara is more effective with another back sharing carries.
  4. C.J. Anderson released

    That's not a bad signing for Carolina actually.
  5. Have we had any rookie drafts yet?

    Wow look at some of those names. Can't help but think that if some where taken by a different team, they might still be playing or at least more impactful.
  6. Pats supposedly wanted to move up for...

    IMO accuracy is the QB killer. You can have an average arm, but if you're accurate then you can play QB. The next killer is smarts. If a QB isn't that bright then they better have a fall back.......... like tennis.
  7. Rashaad Penny

    Interesting to watch and see how this unfolds this summer. Thanks for the heads up.
  8. Classy move, the right move

    Wow that's fantastic.
  9. Pats supposedly wanted to move up for...

    Agreed about Darnold and maybe Rosen. But in no way are Jackson and Mayfield in the same category. Jackson is a long term project much more than Mayfield by far. If Mayfield can pick understand an NFL defense and pick up the playbook then he has a shot to be really good. Jackson has to do all of that and learn to be a QB first and a runner 2nd.
  10. Eagles Backfield

    Yeah, honestly I have no idea where to go here. Ajayi is still remembered for those few huge games 2 years ago and will probably be drafted 1st. I always like Smallwood but it looks like he's nothing more than an afterthought now.
  11. Eagles Backfield

    None. Looks like a mess fantasy wise to me.
  12. Pats supposedly wanted to move up for...

    All this time I thought the Mayfield hype was a smoke screen.
  13. Denver shopping the 5th pick

    Or you could look at it as every pick is available for the right price.
  14. Denver shopping the 5th pick

    I was thinking that they might move up to 2 and get Barkley. Guess not!
  15. Dez Bryant cut

    Is it to inappropriate for the best phrase ever! That's what she................. Sorry couldn't help myself.
  16. The first 6 picks will be.......

    1.01: CLE takes Darnold 1.02: NYG take Barkley 1.03: NYJ take Rosen 1.04: CLE takes Chubb 1.05: DEN takes Nelson (I hope they don't take a QB here) 1.06: IND takes Derwin James
  17. Browns fans: Read this long rumor!

    Gotta say that with all the QB's and a few other very talented players, not having a clear cut #1 player is making this draft fun as hell. Can't wait to see how this whole thing unfolds.
  18. Lamar Jackson

    Why are we comparing him to Tyrod Taylor? I don't think he's that great of QB either.
  19. Lamar Jackson

    I think him not running the 40 was more about him sticking with being a QB vs a WR. Can't blame him really if that's what he wants to do, sort of Tebowish. He definitely will get drafted in the 1st. I'm guessing top 20, however, I don't think he's going to be a good NFL QB. He looks like a runner first and a thrower second. That never works in the NFL.
  20. OBJ trade?

    2 1st's is way too much for a WR. Even if he's the best WR in the game (not sure he is). I thought a #1 for Brandon Cooks was too much as well.
  21. Cleveland is dealing today

    What if Cleveland doesn't take a QB? Instead they go with Barkley and Chubb/Nelson. This team is getting very close to winning more than 4 games next year!
  22. Jets Trade up

    Wow! Seems hard to move up in drafts in the first round. Incredibly costly for teams. Mortgage their future in hopes of getting it right. That's a heavy risk.
  23. Jets Trade up

    I don't think the Giants take a QB at #2. I think the new coach wants to establish his support of Manning and will take either Barkley or Nelson.
  24. Since there is not much else to talk about, let's see if we can figure out who will be the projected starting QB, after the draft, on the following teams: Minn: NY Jets: Denver: Arizona: Cleveland: I'll go with: Minn: Cousins NY Jets: Josh Rosen Denver: Josh Allen Arizona: Case Keenum Cleveland: AJ McCarron
  25. Aquib Talib to The Rams

    There's leaders and there's cancers. I believe he was the later. Now it could have been just frustration with the lack of team success. When some leaders leave, others emerge. Who that is, I have no idea. It's disappointing that all we got was a 5th for him.