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  1. Pick’em...WR/RB. Will help in return

  2. Week 3 - WR/Flex Help

    I like the order you have it...Cooper winning out. With Wentz coming back I think Agholor could have a good game too but it is more likely he’ll rekindle with Ertz. mine’emwrrb-will-help-in-return/
  3. Start Trey Burton or Jesse James

    I’m going Burton. If James does it again then I’ll start believing he can maintain the production.’emwrrb-will-help-in-return/
  4. Who to start QB

    Bortles here too. Not trusting Alex after last week.’emwrrb-will-help-in-return/
  5. Need help with Flex.

    Sanders for me. DThomas is expected to pull the CB1 which should give Sanders more room to work and Keenum has been leaning his way more’emwrrb-will-help-in-return/
  6. qb dilemma

    I’m on the other side. I’d be cutting bait in Stafford given how the offense has looked under the new staff. If you want to give it one more week then cut if they stink it up again’emwrrb-will-help-in-return/

    Tough one but I’m leaning Conner/Coleman.’emwrrb-will-help-in-return/
  8. Hyde for Landry

    Yep I’d do that’emwrrb-will-help-in-return/
  9. Pick’em...WR/RB. Will help in return

    Also could start both Murray and Michel on that team (have the flex spot to play with) then would have to pick 1 remaining WR out of those options...Cooper/DThomas/Fuller/Brown Seems a lot riskier but I could see this being a solid day for Michel too. More thoughts?
  10. My RBs got destroyed on injuries this week, 2 teams... So start LMurray or Sony Michel? Then start Jamal Williams or Javorius Allen? At WR I started Quincy Thursday night and he didn’t put up what I expected. I have Amari, DThomas, Will Fuller, John Brown left...which two do you start? I’m leaning Amari/Fuller as Demaryius hasn’t been the favorite in Denver and gets a tougher matchup at CB...also Fuller at home. thoughts?
  11. Flex Help.. Enunwa or Allen Robinson?

    I don’t know if you can go wrong. Both have been eating up targets and receptions. They seem pretty similar to me. I might lean towards Robinson bc of the defense but then again, I don’t think the Cards will put up any points on the Bears so that might limit the upside. I’m starting Enunwa tonight myself.
  12. Lineup advice needed. Will help in return

  13. Flex Help. Thomas, Enunwa, or Goodwin

    Enunwa and Fuller. Using the strategy Montana states to keep your flex spot available if needed
  14. Hate being this undecided but started 0-2 both times losing by 1pt. Need to pull one out this week: At QB...Watson or Fitzpatrick? Leaning Watson but the multiple rankings out there go both ways. At WR...Amari, DThomas, Fuller, Enunwa...start 3. At TE...Njoku or Dissly At the event Cook doesn’t play...start Latavius or Sony Michel? Post link to yours and I’ll throw my thoughts there as well.