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  1. I'm in a similar situation. I don't trust Bortles though, even with everyone else backing him this week. It's between Keenum and Foles for me...probably would go Keenum but I'd also fear that one with having MIN get up easy and run the ball a ton with GB not able to put up a fight. For that reason I'd have a hard time with this bc I think Foles will be in a high scoring game and it's the MNF game which is always a plus in my book to have that last player to seal the win after everything has settled from Sunday. Tough call...Keenum is safer, Foles has higher potential. mine
  2. Championship Game - who to start?

    Keep how you have it.
  3. QB for the championship? Will help in return

    So I picked up Foles but still uncertain. Bortles still on waiver and I know everyone is feeling him this week but I'm not in on that thought process...just can't trust him. Completely undecided in L1...Dak, Goff, Foles or Bortles...any more thoughts?? L2 I'm in on Rivers.
  4. WR, pick 2 for the championship

    JuJu @Houston Mike Evans @Carolina Golden Tate @Cincy 1pt PPR. Really want to get juju in there but Evans/Tate have been my tandem all year to get to the finals and I hate changing the formula on the final game. It would really suck to put juju in and have road Ben show up in Houston too...but the upside is huge with AB out, to state the obvious. Thoughts?
  5. QB for the championship? Will help in return

  6. E Elliott, L McCoy, M Ingram - pick 2

    I'd have to start Zeke. Then I'm leaning Ingram over McCoy mine
  7. CHAMPIONSHIP Lineup help

    For whatever reason I can't see your signature so not sure on the QB question...who is the other option? if you can't get Olsen I'm leaning Watson. I don't trust Brate or Ebron and Celek has looked good with Jimmy but gets the Jax D now. The Ravens have a good matchup and more to play for. Im rolling the Bears in my title matchup but I think the Steelers would be a good play this week as well. I'm less confident in Chargers/Chiefs so if you want to try for the Steelers id understand that, otherwise stick with the Bears mine
  8. Title Game Questions

    Definitely between Collins/Shepard. I don't think you'll go wrong with either one and agree with the above that Shepard has more potential while Collins is a safer bet. Im leaning Collins. mine
  9. Help picking 4

    I like the way you have it ranked with the one rub coming for Cole/Jones. I still think I would lean Cole for the #4 given how Bortles has played and the matchup mine
  10. Made it to the finals in 2 leagues. QB situation is murky in both. Foles and Bortles are available on waivers in both. League 1: Dak, Goff League 2: Rivers, Goff So would you rather play the above options or pick up Foles/Bortles over my other options? Currently I have Goff going in L1 and Rivers in L2. Thoughts? Post your link if you'd like a reply there.
  11. Who do I pickup as insurance for Antonio?

    I'd actually go Jesse with those options. The Steelers have been top rated against the pass hurting Lafell value and their linebacker/safeties are plenty good enough to pick up Kroft. If AB doesn't play then Jesse value shades up.
  12. Antonio brown question

    Yea I'd do the same as above. Pick up the insurance with Bryant and wait it out
  13. Win and in. Which WR?

    Thomas for me as well. Trevor increases Thomas and Sanders value.
  14. QB advice

    And Ben is hitting a good stride right now. I think he puts together a good road outing. All of that said, if AB can't go bc of his toe injury then I'd fade back to Smith
  15. QB advice

    I'd go Big Ben. Not interested in Smith against the Jets. But if he rebounds and they right the ship I'd be all over Smith next week at home vs the Raiders. Give mine a look