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  1. Pick 1 - flex addition

    1pt PPR Ingram Cook Michel
  2. QB and RB - Pick ‘em for the must win

    Bump...LJax confirmed into the start over Flacco. Still a sit and start Watson?
  3. Started the season with 5 losses in a row. Followed by 6 wins in a row. Lost last week...sitting at 6-6 with the 4th highest scoring team in the league. Must win this week to get in to the playoffs. QB: Pick 1 - Watson or Lamar - High risk with potential high reward on LJax... Watson has been hit or miss and now against a good D. Both risky...leaning to the higher reward of LJax RB: Pick 3 (1pt PPR) - Dalvin / AJones / Ingram / Michel - main question being to start Michel over any of the other 3? Let me know your thoughts and happy to help on your questions.
  4. RB pick ‘em. 2 leagues

    Started Jones on team1...solid. Started Davis on team2...oh well. So back to team1...Ingram or Dalvin??
  5. RB pick ‘em. 2 leagues

    Need one more on the first Jones and Ingram or Cook?
  6. RB pick ‘em. 2 leagues

    1pt PPR in both Team1 Pick 2: Aaron Jones / Ingram / Cook Team2 (this one is ugly) Pick1: Mike Davis / Riddick
  7. Ingram v Michel - WDIS?

  8. Game changing trade deal!!!

    Definitely take that
  9. Ingram v Michel - WDIS?

    Yea I guess...feel like that’s fantasy football in a nutshell
  10. Ingram v Michel - WDIS?

    1pt PPR Ingram been under performing and not getting the snap share with Kamara. Michel coming off the knee injury and against a good run D. Which would you start? Most of the rankings lean in favor of Michel...but not by much.
  11. DST this week?

    But not if you have the bears
  12. Pick 1 x2 - RB/WR

    Breida or Mike Davis? Amendola or Humphries? 1pt PPR
  13. DST this week?

    Bears or Jets Bears currently starting but playing whatever D has the Bills has paid off great.
  14. WDIS @ flex??