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  1. Who won this trade?

    Before the trade. Sorry, should be mentioned that in the post.
  2. Who won this trade?

    I'm high on Hill but not near as high on him as you are on him.
  3. Team 1 receives: T. Hill and Bilal Powell Team 2 receives: Joe Mixon and Sterling Shepard 10 man PPR league These are the teams before the trade Team 1 K. Cousins D. Baldwin E. Sanders M. Gordon C. McCaffrey K. Rudolph J. Mixon J. Gordon D. Westbrook S. Shepard I. Crowell N. Aghalor W. Smallwood Team 2 R. Wilson A. Brown K. Allen P. Lindsay J. White Z. Ertz T. Hill K. Coutee B. Powell D. Lewis D. Henry M. Davis Thanks in advance
  4. Which defense?

    Any last minute answers ?
  5. Which defense?

    Which defense would you roll with this week ? Houston @ New York Gianets Or Cleveland @ New York Jets Both defenses are at home.
  6. Trade vetoed. What should I do?

    If they agreed to only veto if it was clearly, without a doubt, collusion, and they have no way to prove yall were colluding.. then I'd tell them to to let the trade go through, or to give me my money back and leave the league. I'd definitely say that I'd rather have Zeke, but the trades not absurd for depth purposes
  7. First world problems

  8. Who do I sit?

  9. Flex position in PPR

    Crowder. As stated above, I see Tampa abandoning the run after falling behind. Crowder runs from the slot more often than not.. no Mathieu, and will avoid Peterson. Plus his ability to create separation will make him Smith's favorite target.
  10. Hyde or Lewis

    Ppr: Lewis Standard: Hyde
  11. Ju-Ju, Sanders or Shepard?

    Emmanuel Sanders, easily.
  12. Cole or Crowder?

    I'd roll with Crowder
  13. Lewis or Powell

    Ppr league, have to choose between Lewis or Powell as my RB2. Just to throw in an extra dent in the situation, Derrick Henry is my RB1. Tried the zero RB strategy for the first time.. dont like it.
  14. Auto draft / trade predicament

    Thinking of possibly counter offering. Hill for Mixon
  15. Auto draft / trade predicament

    Breida and Morris were picked drafted.. And I like his potential with Blount gone, but his injury history is what worries me the most.