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  1. Which QB?

    I still have Wilson as well, I just dont trust him against Minnesota. They've been dominant lately.
  2. Which QB?

    Bump . Really stuck here .
  3. Who to start in flex...

    I like Jackson a lot this week
  4. Which QB?

    I'm seeing that too. He did pretty well during their last match up.
  5. Which QB?

    I have Trubisky in right now, but Allen is sounding pretty good too..
  6. pick 2 RB

    I like Cohen and Samuels
  7. Which QB?

    Which QB would you roll with this week? Trubisky, J. Allen, or Prescott?
  8. Spencer Ware

    Yes. Edward's is banged up and Dixon is back. As for yeldon, I've never bought into his hype, and I doubt they brought in hyde to not use him in these games
  9. Need RB2.

    Anybody else ?
  10. Kittle Ridley Humpries

    Kittle is practically a must start. Humphries would be my other choice
  11. Need RB2.

    I would go Woods. I have him in my flex and hes not moving until the Rams have that #1 spot. Hes been very consistent all year.
  12. Need RB2.

    Full PPR I have lindsay as my RB1. Need to pick an RB2. My choices are: White, Mixon, J. Adams, Ware.
  13. Who won this trade?

    Before the trade. Sorry, should be mentioned that in the post.
  14. Who won this trade?

    I'm high on Hill but not near as high on him as you are on him.