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  1. QB: Luck WR: Hilton, Juju, Tyreek Hill RB: Barkley, Chubb TE: Kittle Flex: Fournette Bench: Lamar Miller, Edelman, Kerryon, Allen Robinson. This team started with Barkley/Fournette in rounds 1-2. Ended up going 2-5, currently 8-5 after acquiring Juju, Hill and Kerryon in trades. This is a 12 man league.

    Hold on. You are in 110 leagues? How do you even do that?
  3. Which TE?

    Rudolph or Hooper?
  4. Do I start Tre'Quan Smith tonight?

    Hope you didn’t. Cause I thought about it and decided not to. Sure am happy I looked away.
  5. OK guys, I need a flex. Crucial must win.

    Even against a bad 49ers team? I’m tempted to play Smith but he’s boom or bust....
  6. 6-6 in a must win to make playoffs scenario against the #3 team in the league (he has Gurley and Tyreek Hill, smh) so I need a good game. So in a .5ppr i’m starting Wilson Diggs Cooks Woods David Johnson Chubb Hooper Sooooo Flex: either Doug Baldwin (for the Wilson stack against the 49ers or Tre’Quan Smith for the possibility of a high upside?
  7. Tre'Quan Status?

    We need answers!
  8. ...Burkhead?

    Reports are saying he could return in early December. Would you drop someone like Brandon Marshall to take a shot at him?
  9. Buy Low on Rob Gronkowski

    Eh, my one 5-5 team is still in the race and I wouldn’t trade for Gronk at all. Plenty of 5-5 teams can still be in the race. I won a big money league last year after going 8-5. Then again I said preseason I am NOT high on Gronk and everyone’s wrong for saying he’s going to do great this year. My buddy didn’t want to listen to me and drafted him in 2 leagues and now he’s stuck with him. the only people trading for Gronk at this point are rookies, patriots fans or one person who’s both.
  10. How have you kept your team afloat?

    100%. I’m in 3 leagues and it’s clear that the 1 ‘non competitive’ one leaves a lot of room for iffy decisions and outcomes. Both good and bad. The league I mentioned above is a competitive league and it’s difficult to pull ahead usually. Also I appreciate the input guys! I enjoy reading about other people’s seasons
  11. I feel like talking FF right now. This time of the year is interesting. Teams have either steamrolled their way to the playoffs, in the playoff race, or completely out of it. So I want to know what position you are at in your league. What important waiver acquisitions did you make? What trades and did they work in your favor? And last but not least - what’s your position in the league?! I started 2-5 with a team led by David Johnson/Jordan Howard. I needed to make moves. I traded John Brown/Agholor for Kerryon Demaryious Thomas for Baldwin Howard/Parker for Chubb Kerryon/Amari Cooper for Robert Woods Currently #7 in the league at 5-5 along with ranks 4-8. 6 teams make the playoffs and the top 3 are 8-2 - basically guaranteed in. Tight race. How about you guys?
  12. Not really. It’s a competitive league with no waiver waiting list so people can feed from it. The only ‘decent’ RB options on the waivers are Clement, Gore and Riddick which isn’t saying much.
  13. 4-5 with a favorable matchup. My roster is QB: Wilson WR: Diggs, Woods, Cooks, Baldwin, Tre’Quan Smith, Goodwin RB: David Johnson, Chubb, Duke, Royce TE: Doyle, Rudolph I recently traded for Woods. However, with Week 12 bye coming up I can’t have two Rams WRs out. Chubb has a bye next week leaving me thin at RB for that week. Would it make sense to trade Cooks for Jeffery and also try to get Collins in that trade?
  14. Kerryon for Calvin Ridley? Fair? Too much?

    Would you trade Kerryon and Cooper for Woods then?
  15. Agreed with League. Keep your balance with that team.