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  1. I’m on the Tre’Quan Smith hype train
  2. Drop Keelan Cole for Trequan Smith?

    Anyone have insight on this?
  3. Currently have Cole on my bench. Is Smith more valuable at this point with Ginn out?
  4. Arizona Denver Game Thread

    If I was David Johnson I would want out. I haven’t seen such poor utilization of talent in awhile.
  5. Trade loan collusion?

    You’re legitimately conspiring to benefit your certain teams over others during bye weeks for the sake of wins. A ‘boomerang trade’ is the essence of collusion itself. If two teams work together to gain wins with borrowing players — it’s clear collusion. Your league is just naive to it because it’s presented in a warm invitation of “Hey everyone i’d like to present an idea for you all”.
  6. Trade loan collusion?

    OP knows it’s wrong. Just needs someone to tell them it’s ok.
  7. Trade loan collusion?

    Wait now I’m actually laughing. You went to all these other forums and it was declared collusion. So are you just trying to find one who tells you it isn’t?
  8. Trade loan collusion?

    “When planning ahead I came up with the brilliant idea of loaning one of my top players for a random week in return for a starter for week nine. I read a lot on it before to see if it was cheating and all the forums I came across called it collusion.” Well that’s because everything you’re doing is collusion. I don’t even think this needs to be explained.
  9. Karryon Johnson

    We start 3 and a Flex
  10. Karryon Johnson

    I was offered Karryon for my John Brown/Agholor. current WRs: Diggs, Cooks, Baldwin, Brown, Goodwin, Agholor, Cole RBs: Davis Johnson, Howard, Buck Allen, Ronald Jones. is this a good trade for me?
  11. The Raiders are shopping Amari Cooper

    The Packers or Colts would be fantastic. Other teams that I think would benefit from him there would be the Jets, Eagles, Seahawks, and even the Falcons. I know Atlanta has Julio, Ridley and Sanu but that could actually be good for a Cooper. He doesn’t have to be ‘the’ guy and could definitely find mismatches. They could even trade Oakland Tevin Coleman in the deal.
  12. The Raiders are shopping Amari Cooper

    Looks like it’s an active trade effort.
  13. Amari Cooper on the waiver....

    That’s my hope too. Hopefully he gets traded FAST.
  14. One of those guys you hate to have on your roster...yet still the appeal is there to pick him up. if you saw Cooper on your leagues waivers right now would you pick him up?
  15. Ronald Jones II - Calling TB Homers

    So Barber is going to be the guy still?