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  1. So I have to start 3 of these guys. .5 ppr Ingram, Gurley, Melvin Gordon and Ekeler currently have Ingram, Gurley and Gordon but I’m debating on taking Gurley out (vs 49ers) and playing the package of Gordon/Ekeler (vs Raiders). What do you think Irish?
  2. Help me win the Finals!!

    To me Boone is a solid RB2 this week. Both him and Washington have good matchups. Both teams want to run to run the ball so you’re lucky to have either. I favor Boone (it seems like him and Mattison can thrive in that scheme) but you can easily replace him with Washington if you like the matchup against the Chargers more.
  3. Championship Lineup Advice

    I think what you have is good but I personally don’t trust Landry. I think the Ravens dog walk the Browns this week on both sides of the football — that’s just me. Other people might like Landry. After the Cowboys wins over the Rams and a huge game vs the Eagles I’d probably play Gallup over Landry. Perriman is somebody I’m playing too hoping his hot hand continues. But I’d probably play Gallup somewhere in there.
  4. They’re probably thinking the Tannehill/Brown stack is more valuable than Mahomes. what do you guys think?
  5. Are there any other options available? Just curious
  6. Pick a flex - Championship game!

    Ingram baby
  7. Gurley against the niners seem more appealing than Gordon?
  8. Gurley @ 49ers Melvin Gordon/Ekeler package vs Raiders .5ppr
  9. ...Lamar Jackson or Tannehill?

    Super late reply but I wanted to be courteous haha I absolutely played Lamar. As I was watching the game I laughed to myself for even contemplating playing Tannehill over him. Huge blowout win for me this week and on my way to the championship to get revenge against the team who beat me 2 times earlier the season!
  10. Still slightly nervous about Lamar even though they say he’s good. Am I dumb for considering Tannehill?
  11. Pick 3 to start + D/ST

    Adams, Cooper, and Conner if he’s good to go. Buffalo hasn’t been consistent with stopping the run this year. If he’s not good to go I would play Slayton. KC defense would be my pick for DST.
  12. Depleted WR corps get depleteder.

    I feel your pain. I lost Ridley and Jeffery this week. Not fun at all considering they were my 2 and 3. Usually I’d prefer Crowder over Amendola but with Marvin on IR...I go Amendola and Tate.
  13. I like your chances.
  14. Pick my defense please

    Saints vs Colts or Bills @ Steelers