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  1. Give it to me straight, Doc. Will I survive?

    Let's go Dolphins!!!!!!!
  2. Up by 16.4 - my opponent only has Patriots D playing tonight. What're the odds for this?
  3. I think Wallace has the opportunity for a good game this week. I think Perine will be more involved though throughout the game so I'm leaning Perine.
  4. Who would you start out of these 2? .5ppr
  5. Is anybody playing Kelvin Benjamin?

    Trust me, I understand why it's mostly a no. But I'm seeing people say he has WR3 value this week. I think it's extremely risky to play him
  6. Are you? if so...are you CONFIDENT in playing him??
  7. Title says it all. How close is your leagues playoff race? In mine - 12 team league #1 is ranked 10-2 #2-6 are all ranked 7-5 #7-8 are ranked 6-6 6 teams make it. How about you guys? Any interesting playoff situations on your end?
  8. Which TE to start?

    I picked Henry in another persons thread so I gotta stay consistent and say Henry again
  9. Who would you start this week? Bryant faces the Bengals. Coleman faces the chargers. .5ppr
  10. Boswell or Succop at kicker??

    Any feedback on this? I know it's just kickers but I'm contemplating who to plug
  11. Set my lineup

    I was saying WR: Anderson, Sanu TE: Henry Flex: Freeman, Duke that answer it? I think I read the post wrong at first
  12. Set my lineup

    I'd go Anderson, Sanu, Freeman and Henry
  13. Boswell vs Bengals Succop vs Texans help me decide with this pivotal kicker question
  14. Houston vs Tennessee Denver vs Miami