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  1. Eagles kicker (with out wentz) against rams or panthers kicker vs saints
  2. Who is the top wr without hilton. Is he worth picking up also.
  3. Trade Conner?

    I take mccafrey
  4. Boyd or sanders

    Boyd vs steelers.. Sanders vs rams
  5. Michel, Bernard, Boyd, Funchess, Reed

    What's your thoughts on michel
  6. Who do i start in my flex? Standard scoring
  7. Is trading Peterson and ajayi for David Johnson giving too much?
  8. Rate my team. 10 team standard

    I thought it was a really good team.
  9. Ryan, Luck Bell, Connor, DJ, Bernard, Breida, Michel, Penny Michael Thomas, Green, cunchess Kelce, reed Rams D. Made a couple trades
  10. Peterson for bell

    Is this a fair trade offer. I know there is alot of risk
  11. Who should I drop for which? I was leaning Denver's d