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  1. I'm down 15 heading into this week because I sat T. Hill in favor or T. Montgomery. QB: T. Brady RB: D. Johnson, L. Blount WR: A. Rob, T. Hill Flex: L. Murray TE: T. Kelce DEF: OAK K: Gostkowski Reserves: QB: J. Winston RB: J. Rodgers, T. Montgomery, D. Lewis, A. Blue WR: M. Thomas, T. Montgomery, S. Diggs Opponent has L. Bell so that's why I have extra RBs on my roster. I need to make up points so I figure I'm starting Hill over Thomas
  2. Using Waivers to Block

    My opponent rolled into the championship riding McCoy and Bell and 0 back up RBs. Who do I pick up to block him? J. Rodgers, C. Ivory, D. Booker, J. McKinnon, D. Booker, A. Collins and Z. Zenner. I'm leaning towards J. Rodgers based on work load. Thoughts? I also need to pick up a WR since they're not reliable, but I place blocking him a higher priority.
  3. TE question: Reed or Graham?

    I agree. If Reed is "healthy" I'd give him the start. Otherwise start Graham
  4. Pick One WR2

    Standard: S. Diggs, T. Hill or T. Gabriel?
  5. Malcom Mitchell or Taylor Gabriel?

    It's tough to only roster 3 RBs in case of an injury. Are there other teams that need a WR?
  6. Malcom Mitchell or Taylor Gabriel?

    Going forward I'd rather have Mitchell
  7. Pick 2 RB

    L. Blount, D. Martin and L. Murray Need 2 of these guys to fill my RB2 and flex. Blount has a tough matchup but the pats tend to run the ball more late in the year. Martin has a great match up is banged up (will still play most likely) and I don't think I can sit Murray while he's producing. I'm leaning towards Martin and Murray just because of blounts match up. Edit: I also have D. Lewis but I don't think I'd start him over murray or martin
  8. Bennett Droppable?

    I have Kelce and Bennett as my two tight ends. Bennetts done squat for me the last couple weeks. What's the consensus on him? Can I drop him for a C. Brate who plays NO twice in the playoffs?
  9. Keep, Trade Cut the Most Influencial Position

    That's who I'm actually not sure about. I don't know Gostkowskis value since he's a kicker. Never really done a 2 for 1 type trade involving a kicker. If no trade can be made, is it sensible to just cut him? I'd hate to do it, but it's tough to see a kicker on waivers who's outproducing Gostkowski by a wide margin
  10. Keep, Trade Cut the Most Influencial Position

    Yes exactly. So I'd pick up a "better" WR and pick up lambo who's actually been producing all season. I'm all about having solid depth and that's how ive constructed my team by making small trades for Murray, martin and Diggs over the season
  11. Keep, Trade Cut the Most Influencial Position

    The trade would be, for example, Diggs and Gostkowski for a small upgrade at WR. Sorry that wasn't clear. Basically I'd try and take advantage of his name value since his production hasn't been anything special. That would allow me to make a small upgrade and pick up a kicker on waivers
  12. Winston over Brady in the playoffs?

    Pats can sit Brady if they run the table and have no competition for the #1 seed. That's the only concern
  13. The kicker. I'm 10-1 in my 10 team standard league and my is is as follows. QB: T. Brady J. Winston RB: D. Johnson L. Blount L. Murray D. Martin D. Lewis WR: A. Robinson A. Cooper S. Diggs M. Thomas TE: T. Kelce M. Bennett DEF: Vikings Giants K. S. Gostkowski My question is, do I KEEP Gostkowski for the playoffs TRADE him (package him with someone to possibly get a small upgrade) CUT for J. Lambo. I've been lucky to where he hasn't needed to win me any weeks, but I want to shore up my roster for the playoffs
  14. Flex

    Only reason why I'd consider him this week is purely just volume work
  15. Winston over Brady in the playoffs?

    With those on waivers I'd rather keep winston