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  1. frustrated!

    is obj worth dropping?
  2. who to start?

    thinking ekeler , so it comes down to Jacobs, or Carson.
  3. who to start?

    12 team std. ok Barkley for sure, now pick two of the three, Chris Carson, josh Jacobs, Austin ekeler ?thanks.
  4. who to start?

    astin ekeler
  5. who to start?

    ok have Barkley for sure, so pick two of these 3, josh Jacobs, Chris Carson, actin ekeler . standard scoring. thanks.
  6. Fournette VS Carson

    Carson for me.
  7. rate my draft,

    thanks, I was worried being the # 1 pick.
  8. rate my draft,

    yes we are 8ratton, its old school, I've tried to change it but always get voted down.
  9. rate my draft,

    yes obj was my 2nd pick.
  10. rate my draft,

    thats just the format of our league, its an old school league they don't like change, money league $4 min. on waiver wire and trades.
  11. rate my draft,

    12 team std. #1 pick Barkley, #2 model, #3c. Carson, #4b. cooks, #5j. Jacobs, #6c. Godwin, #7a. ekcler, #8oj. Howard, #9 c. Samuel, #10l. Jackson, #11balt. def. #12m. prater, #13 saints def. #14n. files, #15 c. Boswell, thoughts thanks.
  12. MB League #1 12 teams

    rate my draft, #1 pick, 12 team std, #1barkley,@odel, #3 c. Carson,#4 b cooks, #5 j Jacobs, #6 c Godwin, #7a ekcler, #8o.j.howard, #9c. Samuel, #10 l, Jackson, #11balt. def. #12m. platter, #13saints def. #14 n. foles #15 c. Boswell. thoughts? thanks.
  13. MB League #1 12 teams

    I don't know what the first pick was thinking later in the draft buy wow!
  14. Take WR WR with my first 2 picks?

    I Like THE RB,RB startegy, worked well last year out of the 10th spot, or later spots, seems like there is more value at wr later on.
  15. List YOUR Top 10 RB's

    is Williams really a top ten rb?