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  1. Picked him up in a multiplayer trade and let Hyde go. Now I have this paperweight on my bench after a whopping 4 points last week. I know a couple friends think he's great for dynasty but I'm not convinced. This is a 10 team dynasty PPR league. Think he's worth holding on to?
  2. Can't recall how bad my streak was last year but I finished 7-7 and ultimately won the whole thing. So far this year I'm 2-4, in 8th place and probably completely hosed. This past week I traded away Michael Thomas to obtain Thielen, which should have ensured a victory. Instead, the majority of my team failed to meet projections while my opponent's team in several cases doubled projections. Current team name was changed to Underachieving Gimps.
  3. Week 6 Milk Carton

    It could be worse. I have DJ, Fournette, Howard and Drake. Season has officially gone to manure.
  4. Hyde for Kerryon and Ridley

    I suspect Hyde is going to fade this year and I just sold high. I think Ridley is good enough to take that trade
  5. Wentz or Wilson this week?!

    I sat Wentz due to Weather. My opponent has Jeffrey and Ertz. I gave up Michael Thomas to get Thielen to beat him and it looks like I'm still going to lose. Suck.
  6. Olson or Reed

    Not sure what's going on in Washington but Alex Smith is not helping. I'm trying to trade Reed and can't get a taker
  7. 10 team PPR Dynasty I give Michael Thomas and Hyde for Thielen and Jordan Howard. He also has Tarik Cohen, who looked good catching passes last week.
  8. Week 5 milk carton thread

    Couldn't see the game. Did Enunwa die today? Wtf?

    Gore, keeping mediocre teams mediocre
  10. Drop Philly defense for Chicago ROS?

    I'm starting to really doubt this. I can't see a game where I'd start Phi over Chi.
  11. Breida vs ARI or Hyde vs BAL

    Breida. I also benched Hyde against Bal (played Hines)

    You traded Ebron after last night? Did you not see the googly eyes that Luck had for him? I think they're in love. I'll admit, I am bitter, having played Hines last night.
  13. Commish Question

    I've struggled with that a few times. Of the 10 of us, 9 of us play poker together. The 10th lives elsewhere and I've known him online for many years. A couple of the guys are less competitive and very busy in life. They forget, especially on Thursdays. I always check and will usually remind them as needed. My rationale is to keep everyone interested and involved, especially since it's a dynasty league and we're all friends. I don't check everyone's roster. But when one of those two was up against me, I still reminded him to set his roster (one is now on his 2nd season ever and drafted a kicker in the 4th round last year [he's 0-4], the other is my 12 yr old). If it was one of the seasoned pros, well, they know better and that's on them. A couple times I've almost gone in to fix a roster (newbie is in law school, owns a real estate agency and has 3 kids so he gets preoccupied) but I've refrained. Going back to the original issue, once the game starts, that the line up. Deal.
  14. My Wednesday alarm is set for 2am and again at 6am. Picked up Hines and Coutee for free this am.
  15. Mack or Hines?

    Fortunately I was able to pick up Hines and Yeldon. Playing the latter this week. I have Fournette back on IR so I may be able to go back and pick up Mack again. (They didn't officially list Fournette as out until after I dropped Mack, despite listing his points at 0.00 and Jax saying he was not playing).