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  1. NEWS Thread

    I was holding out hope until I saw the video of him berating the cops. I understand being hot headed on the field but what the hell was that? Call the cops, they do their job and you taunt and insult them?? I finally agree, he's nuts. Probably bipolar from the limited stuff released to the media. I can't imagine any team being desperate enough to take that risk. I guess when we drop 5 players in the fall for our rookie draft he'll be on my cut list. Right next to Jordan Reed.
  2. Titans Chiefs

    You're dead to me. Honestly, I've been pulling for the Chiefs since the beginning of the season, Mahomes is the most fun QB to watch. But, that was when Mariota was leading the team into another season of mediocrity. Obviously I hope the Titans make it to the SB and I think the players want it bad enough to surprise a lot of people. I think Titans vs GB would be a close game. Titans - SF would probably be painful to watch.
  3. Titans Chiefs

    If anyone here has the flu or that nasty stomach bug going around, I need you to head over to Kansas City for a team meet and greet. The Titans defense is looking really good but Mahomes just has too many solid weapons.
  4. Titans vs Ravens

    I like Tannehill but look at the stats - 88 passing yards. Last week it was 72. Thankfully he's got a long ball and isn't afraid to run into a defender so it keeps defenses guessing. The wins really belong to Vrabel, Henry and our defense
  5. NFL Hall of Fame class of 2020 finalists

    I meant in general. There are guys on that list 20 years out from the end of their careers. Why the nomination now and not 10 years ago? I'm legitimately asking. I don't understand how someone comes up as a HOF nominee who stopped playing in 1999. What changed from prior years?
  6. NFL Hall of Fame class of 2020 finalists

    Why is there such a long time frame between career and nomination?
  7. Packers vs Vikings (MNF)

    ThiThielen needs to step the (the really bad word) up. What the hell?? Thielen 0.20 points Moore 1.10 points Kirk 0.90 points. First place with an 8 game winning streak to getting slaughtered in the playoffs thanks to these guys with honorable mention to Evans, Johnson and Rodgers. May you all contract raging incurable anal warts.
  8. My League Is A Joke

    This is preposterous and I call bs. I want to see a screenshot of the league. If this is real and assuming you're in the South based on Jesse, then you have grounds for kneecapping the Commish
  9. Never again list

    Fingers crossed for next year
  10. Can anyone confirm DJ Moore injury?

    I'm going to post my team at the onset of the season so you'll have a list of who will go out with an injury. We play 10 with a 22 man bench and Moore was my last reliable WR. This season has gone to hell in a dramatic fashion
  11. Never again list

    Is it even an option to say Reed?
  12. Week 16 D/ST: BAL, DEN or NYJ

    I liked NYJ until week 13 when I picked them up and played them. So not them.
  13. It means you have fournier's gangrene. You're dick is going to fall off and then you're going to die. It's helpful to ask these questions on unrelated forums, see?
  14. So I went to bed early....

    You do it for free in the morning??