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  1. Breakout Candidates For 2019

    There was a question last season as to whether he'd even play in the upcoming season. He also rearranged his roster to balance good post season potential and young talent. And then he proceeded to win the league. (10 teams)
  2. Breakout Candidates For 2019

    Why do you think so? I dropped him to pick up AJ Green at the absolute last minute. As far as the original question goes, I have learned that I'm about on par with most experts here - useless. Too many variables.
  3. Tried straight up to the Hopkins and Michael Thomas owners and got a resounding no. I think his numbers are going to plummet with the Raiders. Tyreek Hill may be an option. My WR core is Brown, Thielen, AJ Green, DJ Moore, Christian Kirk, Anthony Miller, Dante Pettis, Keke Coutee. RB are David Johnson, Fournette, Drake, Ekeler, Jordan Howard, Jaylen Samuels, Devonta Freeman.