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  1. Is David Johnson dead?

    In a dynasty league it's like holding a stock that tanked, waiting for it to go back up. You know the minute you sell low it will rebound. Or, you hold it and watch it turn to dust. I honestly don't know what to do with the guy. My son offered me Marquis Brown in a straight up trade and I'm damn tempted to take it.
  2. Seahawks vs 49ers (MNF)

    I was just about to post this.
  3. Anyone else smell a Gronk return

    I can't tell from the comments on this page if we're still in reality or have we jumped head first into fantasy land? So far there's $120 offered to anyone who wants to take the position that Gronk will return. Dcat?
  4. Alex Erickson (Cin)

    That's the one. His "speculative" suggestions usually come after some strong positive predictors, which have already been exploited by those knowledgeable in the field - namely top fund managers. By the time Jim covers it, it's a lower risk but much lower reward proposition.
  5. Alex Erickson (Cin)

    I'm not sure who's worse, the ESPN pundits, meteorologists or that really loud stock guy. The older I get the more I realize that they're on TV not because they're good at predicting stuff, but rather they're good at making their opinions sound convincing. In FF, I read the expert advice and then go with my own analysis. I swear my success rate is much better than any of theirs but then, I'm only analyzing a couple dozen players and scenarios, not hundreds. I did get it wrong with Rodgers and also the Giants D this week. What a manure show on both accounts. And I guess I should have played Erickson over Johnson.
  6. Alex Erickson (Cin)

    The oddity here is that Yahoo was predicting good production from this guy when Rotowire didn't even bother to rank him. And Yahoo was right 3 weeks in a row, while every other site was wrong. The guy had 22 pts (PPG) week 7. It's the first time I've seen Yahoo be so radically different from every other site AND correct. I was just wondering what Yahoo was basing that on and was there something they used in their algorithm that differed from others. They got it wrong this week but then again, plenty of studs tanked too.
  7. Trade ethics?

    I'd offer to reverse it but that decision should come quickly either way.
  8. Trade ethics?

    I had a similar situation occur with a traded player who got injured in the window before it finalized. I texted him and offered to stop the trade but he took him anyway on a gamble (that didn't pan out). After that season was over I abolished the trade window, now they're effective immediately.
  9. Is David Johnson dead?

    I can't see the game or highlights right now. Maybe I can trade him for a kicker in our no-kicker league
  10. Alex Erickson (Cin)

    I meant the love from Yahoo. No other site has any faith that he'll be productive this week, especially not to the tune of 18+ points. But, clearly I should have started him instead of that useless rock David Johnson.
  11. Week 10 Milk Carton

    These 3 will cost me the win this week. David Johnson may cost me 2 years in a row.
  12. Anyone else smell a Gronk return

    $20 says he won't.
  13. Alex Erickson (Cin)

    I guess the question is - is anybody starting him over other WR1 or WR2's? I'm running Evans, Kirk and DJ Moore. Contemplating the Flex. I just don't understand the love for a guy that's been a punt returner for years and is technically 3rd on the depth chart.
  14. Alex Erickson (Cin)

    Once again Yahoo had him predicted high at 18+ points while predicting David Johnson at 12, despite Erickson playing with a rookie QB. Meanwhile, the experts are 50:1 for Johnson. Oh the stress. Does Yahoo really have ties to Nostradamus?
  15. Anyone else smell a Gronk return

    He invested, his money is making money.