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  1. HC Mike Mularkey out in TEN

    Yeah, you don't break up with a good thing unless you have a lead on a better thing. I hope the rumors of Brady and Belichick not getting along are true and Belichick decides to come back home to Nashville.
  2. Streaming defenses

    Finally got it right. Played Minnesota and Philadelphia week 16 and their stellar performance won me the the championship in one league and 3rd place in another (which still pays out). Bout damn time.
  3. What's the first N in NTOTY? I figured out the rest.
  4. My Xmas Miracle!

    They won me the Championship. Apparently Foles is unaware that there is a left side of the field. Just 1 or 2 completions and I'd have lost. Sucks for my opponent but that's FF.
  5. Tron is an awesome movie. Dak Prescott, who nearly lost the championship for me, will not be on my roster next year. He reminds me of Jim Kelly. An overall solid talent who fails to come through when he's needed most.
  6. What do you need on Christmas?

    Thanks to Prescott's choke, I needed Elliott (the kicker) to outscore Alshon Jeffery by 4 points tonight. Long shot. Well, I'll be damned, thanks to Jeffery's goose egg I just won the championship! In another league I needed 14 pts out of the Philly defense. Wasn't looking good until the last 30 seconds of the game. Won that matchup too! It's been a good Christmas.
  7. Streaming defenses

    I've been using Philly and Seattle in one league, various Def in another. Picked up Denver for lasts nights game but forgot to plug them in. Good thing too! Hopefully Min pulls through or I'm probably done for the season
  8. Streaming defenses

    perhaps I set myself up for that one.
  9. Streaming defenses

    I am clearly the buy high sell low master here. When each solid defense put up a terrible showing, I was playing them. I've decided the experts don't know manure. From now on I'm starting the team at the bottom of their lists. Tampa Bay vs Atl? Perfect. Dropped Jacksonville after a negative point performance early on. Lol. I think I'm going to have my wife pick my D weekly, can't get any more random than that. Who has been successful and HOW?
  10. Rodgers has been cleared to return

    We're in a Dynasty league and someone dropped him. Picked him up for the hell of it. Good thing since my QB was Wentz
  11. Rodgers has been cleared to return

    Not necessarily. He broke a bone, he didn't tear any ligaments or tendons. He may have pain but that's manageable and usually not a significant issue for athletes of his caliber. I expect he has full range of motion already.
  12. Wentz being looked at in tent for injury

    Thank God the Rodgers owner dropped him, allowing me to scoop him up as a FA a couple weeks ago. I squeaked into the playoffs and if Wentz is out, I'm either playing Rodgers or some QB3 off the wire.
  13. Playoff tie-breaker question

    Does either system really account for strength of schedule? We go by record for playoffs and total earned points for tie breakers. The guy sitting at 12-1 has far fewer points against than anyone else. He just got lucky every week when other, seemingly better teams, failed to perform. But that's true for both fantasy and reality. Funny thing, I have the only team that beat him and I'm 6-7. I'm also tied with another person who, when we compare both points for and against, has a differential of 400 points compared to my team. I.e., I had to work harder to achieve the same record. As such, assuming we both win this week, I'm going to the playoffs with my better overall standing. Make sense to me.
  14. Do you think Hunt will rebound after the bye?

    Watching KC early on was fun. Now it's like Ind, NYG or the Titans a few years ago. Just painful. And I still maintain that they have the easiest offensive plays to read before the snap.
  15. Antonio Brown missed practice again

    I love that he's a badass and plays through it. Secured me the win against my opponent who has Green. Reed, on the other hand had the same injury and took a couple weeks off. Big enchilada