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  1. Arizona vs Dallas (MNF)

    So unpleasant to watch.
  2. Adam Gase

    Well, Ryan played under Gase.
  3. Adam Gase

    Simply put, Gase ruins players. While he can take some credit for the records set by Manning and the Broncos, I'd say that's more a function of Mannings leadership
  4. Is the milk carton thread on a milk carton?

    Can someone who saw the game tell me what happened to Gesicki? Zero points! And that GB TB game killed me. I have Evans, opponent has Jones and Adams. I'd be pissed if I was Evans. Dude is basically a sprinting decoy for Godwin and Gronk. Oh, did I mention I sat the TB defense since GB "allows the fewest points to team defenses"?
  5. Someone tell Brady that Evans is a WR. And at this point I assume Gesicki went home. 2 points combined for these two and I'm likely going to lose by less than 10. Alright, need some FF voodoo...
  6. Anyone else doing well and losing terribly?

    Won this week, which bumped me to 5th place. 2nd in points, 1st in points against. And predicted 30 point deficit for week 7 although my opponent has been beating his projections by 20+ points so I'm screwed
  7. Who would you rather roster ROS

    I have 3 of those 4. I like Gordon but his time may have passed. I feel better about McLaurin since Anderson is eating into Moore's targets and plenty also go to the RB's.
  8. Tonyan?

    More power to him. He seems to have a "type" when it comes to the ladies. Maybe we can figure out an association with the receivers. Brown hair, ambitious, probably bitchy... He needs Antonio Brown!!
  9. Tonyan?

    I think the Rodgers - receiver dynamic is one of the most odd in the NFL. It's almost personal, he'll like a particular option for weeks and then change to someone else.. I grabbed Tonyan in hopes of riding the wave for 2-3 weeks and then selling high
  10. Bad or wrong lineup decisions this week

    Apparently I should have started Williams instead of McLaurin. But sooo glad I started Herbert and sat Matt Ryan
  11. How to watch games online live?

  12. I'm usually home watching whatever games are available on Comcast but I'm stuck at work. I have my laptop but the firewall stopped the site that popped up initially. Is there an easy and free way to watch the game? I don't want to pay for a service since I'll rarely use it.
  13. Drop Matt Ryan?

    Anyone else on the wire? I'm dropping him and picking up Fitzpatrick, again
  14. Matt Ryan - wtf?

    I dropped Rodgers because he barely cracked 20 ppg last season. Picked up Ryan in case Wentz went south. And I think Rodgers is currently QB5. And now someone let Alex Smith play, totally ruining any WR on Wash, including McLaurin who I'm playing. I suck at FF
  15. Matt Ryan - wtf?

    I can't believe I dropped Rodgers for him. What the heck is happening to the guy? /rant