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  1. Carson wentz or Trevor siemian

    I had the same option, chose Wentz. They have no run game to fall back on and his schedule is better
  2. Time to stream the D 🤔

    All the Pros say Miami but crazy things happen. I'd be more inclined to take Pit
  3. Tevin Coleman or Buck Allen

    Allen as long as Freeman is healthy
  4. 1st world fantasy problems list them here

    Sporting Elliott, Mccoy, Hunt and Reed and I'm 0 - 2.
  5. Michael Thomas worth keeping?

    Even if I could get Dez for him?
  6. I didn't learn my lesson over the last couple years with NO WR's and drafted Michael Thomas when he was the best available player. And again I regret it. We have a guy who love's Atlanta (he drafted their kicker in the THIRD round, lol). He also has Bryant and Fitzgerald. I just grabbed Sanu and I'm thinking about offering him Thomas and Sanu for Bryant or Fitzgerald. Is there any reason to keep Thomas? Or do y'all think he's going to be like Cooks last year, boom or bust as Brees spreads the love?
  7. What happened to the Min D??

    Thanks for the input. That really helps. I have a stout RB crew and decent WR. I can drop Decker for Bal. I will also likely drop another WR to get Wentz or Siemian and see if I can salvage my 0-2 season.
  8. Dynasty League drafting

    I realize this is early but I'm asking for input since we can trade draft spots as well and I intend to do exactly that. It's a 10 team league with 10 active spots and 10 bench spots on Yahoo's network. I'm the commish and a novice at that. One simple way is to have 10 or even 15 keepers. Worst team drafts first. But 15 keepers means it's going to really screw up the draft order since you lose the round in which you kept a player. Somehow, someone will get shafted. Is there a way to increase roster spots to draft rookies and then make cuts prior to season start? I foresee a giant manure show. Anyone experienced with this?
  9. Corey Coleman (broken hand) needs surgery

    Is Coleman good enough to keep in a dynasty league format? I have an IR slot. That said, I'm trying to get my hands on Johnson for the IR spot but it's not looking good.
  10. In one of our leagues the Defense numbers are somewhat inflated. A shut out is 20 pts, 0-7 allowed is 10 pts, etc. Their D often beat most WR2's and RB2's. So of course this year I jumped on them. NINE points total over the last 2 weeks. Meanwhile other defenses are putting up 15 to 30+ points. WTF? Baltimore put up 44 points and 25 points!!! I don't know much about that team in general. Did something drastically change? They face TB and Detroit in the next 2 weeks. I'm thinking I need to dump them. I guess I could pick up Baltimore, who faces Jax next week. Any insight would be appreciated
  11. Oh Ezekiel...

    I would greatly appreciate if you bench him next week. It will ensure he has a blow out. Not, perhaps due to motivation or talent, but rather by dumb luck. The ball will get stuck in his helmet or pads or he'll fall on a fumble in the end zone. As long as you bench him, the rest of us should have an easy 20 pts. Don't renege now.
  12. Week 2 Milk Carton Thread

    Antonio Brown and Michael Thomas. The latter was my first round draft pick. I knew I shouldn't have taken a NO receiver. I hate this game. Maybe I can trade him for a backup kicker.
  13. PPR format. The Huddle, Fantasy Pros, Rotowire and Yahoo all vary in their predictions. Crowder cost me the win last week. I'm actually leaning towards Kupp.
  14. Flex - J. Crowder or P. Garcon

    Lol, I came here just now with the same question. I had Crowder until I just picked up Kupp. Rotowire favors Crowder of the above two but by a small margin. Kupp is slightly ahead. FantasyPros favors Crowder in standard and Garcon in PPR with Kupp way behind. I liked them both last year. Garcon faces Seattle while Crowder faces the LAR. So I'd pick Crowder. In mine I put in Kupp (who faces Was). I hope that doesn't burn me badly.