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  1. Greg Olsen probably done for the season

    PF sucks and it's a very variable injury. For some it's a nuisance, but for others it can be debilitating. The problem is it's so easy to aggravate again. He may play again but he'll probably never have another solid stud season.
  2. I hate those positions. Mainly because I suck at picking good ones and when I do get a top notch defense, they choose that week to suck ass. Next year in our dynasty league we're abolishing the K position altogether as it really is all luck with those guys.
  3. Chiefs-Rams Game Thread

    That's got to be the most entertaining game I've ever watched. It may not be this year but I think both QB's will be sporting SB rings in the future.
  4. Not sure where he'll wind up but unless it's with NE, I highly doubt he'll ever put up the same numbers. He's great but he also had a stellar O line that bought him the time he needed. Conner has been great and remember when DeAngelo Wiliiams stepped in a few years ago? He also put up great FF numbers. My new rule is draft PIT RB's, even if they're undrafted retired 45 year old former water polo players.
  5. How have you kept your team afloat?

    I'm basically screwed in a 10 team PPR dynasty league in 7th place at 4-6. To make the top four and get into the playoffs the 4th - 6th teams have to lose and I have to win every week. But they're playing the 8th - 10th teams, who at this point would prefer to lose. So I can't win this year and I can't get to the bottom for a better draft next year. Mediocrity limbo. Unless, my studs actually start become studs again and my high potential rookies actually evolve into solid players. QB: Rodgers, Wentz. Aaron isn't even in the top 10 this year. WR: Brown and Thielen, Kirk, DJ Moore, Anthony Miller, Coutee, Tyrell Williams. I traded away Thomas (and Hyde) for Thielen (and Jordan Howard). Not sure who won that one. RB: Johnson and Fournette, Ekeler, Drake, Howard. Grabbed Freeman for my IR spot. TE: Burton, Reed. Added Heuerman and considering grabbing Hunter Henry for next year. I think Reed's a lost cause, that dude needs to just retire. Def: NYJ, PHI, WAS... basically I played whichever defense had a great matchup and manure the bed that week. K: eh, who cares? As the commish I'm abolishing this position next year for a 2nd Flex spot. Sadly, in each week in which one or two players had breakout games, the rest often scored in the single digits. I don't even remember who all I dropped by now. I've never finished below 3rd place. So this sucks.
  6. Dynasty building for 2019

    My season is officially shot. Now it's time to start massaging the roster for next season. Thoughts on the following players blooming into studs? Christian Kirk Anthony Miller DJ Moore Keke Coutee Michael Gallup Kenyan Drake Austin Ekeler Trey Burton David Moore Nyheim Hines Hayden Hurst Rashaad Penny Ronald Jones II Jordan Howard lol
  7. traded injured player

    I agree it's their fault for not canceling but would you have still made the opportunistic trade if it was a close friend? You took advantage of a situation and it was a dick move but well within your right. This really isn't a question for the forum, it's one for your conscience. You'll find plenty here that would go ahead on the trade and I'd argue that this topic will distinguish those with honor from those without.
  8. Byron Leftwich

    Please, please make David Johnson fantasy relevant again. At this point I'm thinking of starting Fournette instead of Johnson and possibly trading David away for a mid level kicker. Gurley had a crap year before returning to studliness. Just cheat off of the Rams' homework paper and give us a second coming. Actually, he's been the QB coach long enough for me to think they're screwed.
  9. Cooper to Cowboys

    Agreed. Cooper will get more love than he did in Oak though so he'll have a chance to prove himself. This can only help Elliott's production. I have a feeling Gallup is going to languish in mediocrity now as well.
  10. Picked him up in a multiplayer trade and let Hyde go. Now I have this paperweight on my bench after a whopping 4 points last week. I know a couple friends think he's great for dynasty but I'm not convinced. This is a 10 team dynasty PPR league. Think he's worth holding on to?
  11. Can't recall how bad my streak was last year but I finished 7-7 and ultimately won the whole thing. So far this year I'm 2-4, in 8th place and probably completely hosed. This past week I traded away Michael Thomas to obtain Thielen, which should have ensured a victory. Instead, the majority of my team failed to meet projections while my opponent's team in several cases doubled projections. Current team name was changed to Underachieving Gimps.
  12. Week 6 Milk Carton

    It could be worse. I have DJ, Fournette, Howard and Drake. Season has officially gone to manure.
  13. Hyde for Kerryon and Ridley

    I suspect Hyde is going to fade this year and I just sold high. I think Ridley is good enough to take that trade
  14. Wentz or Wilson this week?!

    I sat Wentz due to Weather. My opponent has Jeffrey and Ertz. I gave up Michael Thomas to get Thielen to beat him and it looks like I'm still going to lose. Suck.
  15. Olson or Reed

    Not sure what's going on in Washington but Alex Smith is not helping. I'm trying to trade Reed and can't get a taker