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  1. Ranking top 10 RBs for 2020 NFL season

    It was a rookie year though. If Cohen steals all the PPR points then he may have a mediocre year. But I hope not, for my team's sake.
  2. Ranking top 10 RBs for 2020 NFL season

    Hey, what happened to David Montgomery?
  3. Quarantines and Handcuffs

    Thank you. I thought it was clear to everyone. Apparently not. Millworkguy, you seem eager to have a debate over something. My original post added the medical side of the dilemma to demonstrate why I think the NFL will avoid testing, which was the whole point of the thread. I could have just said that I don't think we'll lose a swath of players to Covid but that opinion is rather useless without some reason as to why. At no point did I say "I'm a doctor" and implied that you need to take what I say as gold. I've been working through the pandemic since day one and I gave some background as to why I know what I do and have certain opinions. If you don't believe me, okay, not my problem. Now, to be crystal clear, I play FF for fun. My entire day is consumed by medicine and I hop on this board in between cases or at night for a little break from that reality. What I typed in the past was quick. I have no reason to invest the time to cite sources to convince you of anything. As to why the font is different sizes, I'm guessing it was because I was in an OR typing on my phone and probably swiped by accident. I didn't notice until after it posted. I've seen a lot of people with very strong opinions on Covid since this began. All of the docs I know are cautious and understand we're dealing with a poorly understood entity in regards to how it affects different individuals. The new mutation is particularly concerning (G614 or D614G if you want to read about it). Those with the strongest opinions frequently have little if any medical background. So I'll ask you again, what's your educational and medical background and what experience do you have with this disease?
  4. Quarantines and Handcuffs

    I deal with Covid pts almost daily and am asked questions every single day. My sources are large networks of physicians locally and globally. We were discussing the issue with Iranian MDs when they got hit well before the US (like China, many were ENT because of the OR). I know exactly how devastating this virus is am quite outspoken against those who take it lightly and suggest we should open up businesses with high population density. I never suggested I was ID. Having a close friend who is though, I'll add that they don't have any more info that those of us who work critical care have. I am also one of the few surgeons testing all my nasal and oral patients who go to the OR. I'm not making recs, I'm pointing out a problem facing health care providers. The "fix" - quotes added to clarify, is to not test. THIS is the point I was trying to make regarding the NFL. It's a business. If you test asymptomatics and they're positive (which we don't even know what that really means!) then you lose players and lose games. The "solution" to the problem is not to expose it in the first place. If that's not clear to you by now then I give up. So to the initial issue, the NFL will probably keep it quiet and pull players who are actually sick, which they'll probably say is injury. Now, I clarified my background and position for you and anyone else that misinterpreted it. I'm curious, what are your credentials and first hand experience?
  5. Quarantines and Handcuffs

    You misinterpreted my post. This thread is about NFL players getting quarantined, not an encompassing discussion on Covid. I'm part of plenty of other groups for that. At no point did I recommend anything, let alone not testing. I stated that people in certain profession are not testing because the ramification is that a positive test means they can't work. And we presently don't know how contagious an asymptotic individual is. The south has been very cavalier, which is why we have so many patients under 40 in our ICUs. Going back to the above, this is a FF football forum. I'm not here to debate anyone about a virus that we really don't understand well. You can find plenty of people on FB for that lunacy.
  6. Ranking top 10 RBs for 2020 NFL season

    Fournette Worst draft pick ever. "but Fournette provided a steady hand through it all." Steady? I don't think the author was watching the same team I saw last year. But, I hope he's right.
  7. Quarantines and Handcuffs

    Picking Seattle, they saw a decline in the number of new cases/day in mid April and then had a consistent increase to over 300 cases/day in the fourth week of May, which increased further to over 400 cases/day one week ago. Seattle is riding an exponential second wave as we speak. In included the last paragraph because I wasn't sure if you were suggesting that I assumed people were asymptomatic. I, along with my Infectious Disease colleagues don't put much credence into the notion of an asymptomatic infection.
  8. Deebo Samuels broken foot

    LOL at the Deebo Samuels foot / Covid-19 thread.
  9. NFL player sues United Airlines

    As a general statement that's simply not true. Allowing idiots to go unchecked is detrimental to society as a whole Slapping someone across the face who desperately deserves it is an excellent deterrent to future unacceptable behavior. I'm not advocating that he strike her. But if the roles were reversed and he groped her, resulting in her slapping him across the face, the onlookers would likely clap. Perhaps it's unfair but it does suggest that society does not agree with your statement.
  10. Quarantines and Handcuffs

    Overall if graphed it will behave like a smooth wave. But regionally it will have two or three bumps. Most metro areas were declining, hence opening up businesses. Now they're seeing an uptick in cases. Correct. Social responsibility dictates we all get tested. But think about the impact on a society if the asymptomatic rate truly is 80% (which none of us believe) and you take 80% of your health care workers out of their clinics, hospitals, OR's for 2 weeks. Despite frequent exposure, how many MD's and RN's do you think are getting tested? Food for thought, every one I know that has tested in the last 3 months has been negative. Those health care workers that did get the virus, confirmed by testing, (all in March) were severely symptomatic and hospitalized.
  11. Quarantines and Handcuffs

    While we are experiencing a second, anticipated bump, the mortality rate will likely decline. But it is still in the 1-2% range of symptomatic individuals. The problem we have is we're testing asymptomatics. We have no comparable data for that -- we don't test asymptomatics for the flu. So we don't know what an asymptomatic positive means. In reality, they are probably having mild unrecognized sx such as fatigue, muscle aches, reduced stamina but don't appreciate it. The virus will likely follow the path of prior coronaviruses and fade out over the course of the year. The best way to control it is to test everybody and quarantine the positives until it dies out. The real issue is that it's a CDC reportable disease. So, if you test positive you have to quarantine. The fix for that in people with little to no symptoms is don't test. For business owners, and other true essentials (who need to work to keep their business afloat) it's in their best interest to avoid that swab. This goes for athletes as well. From a social moral standpoint they should test. But from a business standpoint, it's not in their best interest. My guess is they'll avoid testing unless someone has severe sx and if they do test, they'll try to keep it quiet and claim injury. To go back to the OP, in our dynasty league I'm not adding additional IR spots. I don't expect to lose many players, if any, to the virus.
  12. Bye Weeks 2020

    Corrected weeks 7 and 8
  13. Jaguars decline option for RB Leonard Fournette

    Dammit, another one of my dynasty players. I've lost count of how many of my studs turned to duds. Fournette is not exactly a humble individual either, I could see other teams not wanting the headache unless they were really hurting, in which case they're not going to have the line to support him anyway.
  14. International games cancalled for 2020

    So they'll just be done like a regularly scheduled game at one of the home stadiums?
  15. Gronk to the Bucs

    Asking a naive question - isn't Godwin a slot receiver?