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  1. Milk Carton Week 11

    Fitz reduced Brate from a low TE1 to a TE4. Absolutely pathetic.
  2. How many players have you lost this season?

    And there goes Chris Thompson. 18 injured or suspended players over 11 weeks.
  3. Do you think Hunt will rebound after the bye?

    KC has deserved every loss they've had this season. They'll earn this one too.
  4. Who will be the 2018 studs?

    This was exactly my plan. But it turns out that yahoo doesn't allow reducing the number of roster spots after the draft. The option the Yahoo rep gave me was to expand to 25, rookie draft, and then have guys cut back to 20. At that point I'd write all the players down, scrap all the rosters and then manually enter 200 players into a 20 player roster. Screw that. I could expand to 25 and enforce a 20 cap but it would allow people to temporarily roster a 21st before dropping a player, affecting the waiver wire.
  5. Jordan Reed

    Needs to retire. This is getting ridiculous. Now while recovering from one injury his hamstring flared up during deceleration. K I'm sure if I drop him he'll get healthy and put up 20 plus points every week. Dude is either made of glass or he used a lot of "supplements" that wrecked his ligaments and tendons. Just call it man
  6. Who will be the 2018 studs?

    If I'm off in my definition I'd appreciate clarification. This is the first time we've done the dynasty thing and I'm the commish. It's a work in progress.
  7. Am I out of line?

    The Bell trade makes me think he got paid on the side. The fact that the commish doesn't care is worse. I'd finish and walk away or, give the other complainant your best guys to stack him. Give them a taste of their own medicine
  8. Who will be the 2018 studs?

    10 Teams. 10 active spots, 10 bench, 1 IR. Anticipate keeping 16 and drafting rookies early next season. The initial plan was to expand the roster to 25, rookie draft and then cut back to 20. But Yahoo can't do that. Kept players won't affect draft position.
  9. Who will be the 2018 studs?

    This is the first season and yes, the plan is to keep them indefinitely. With 10 bench spots and a dedicated IR spot there is no reason to drop an injured stud so I'm not sure why he did. But, he's also in 3rd place and doing fine despite also losing Johnson in the beginning. I currently have 4 guys on IR.
  10. Expectations for Austin Ekeler

    Definitely. If Gordon goes down, Ekeler is going to be very productive much like Freeman a couple years ago. Otherwise it may turn into a timeshare, like Freeman/Coleman now. At least both are worth starting.
  11. Trying to figure out who to pick up this year for my dynasty league next year. I've already grabbed Johnson and Rodgers (who somebody dropped!) as well as guys who supposedly have a lot of potential: Hunter Henry (I really think he could be the next Kelce), Austin Ekeler, Dede Westbrook and Corey Coleman. Considering Cam Meredith too. I'm not talking about solid players. I'm talking about guys like Johnson, Elliott, Watson, Gurley, Thielen, etc Who do you think should be a stud next year that can be snagged cheap or free this year?
  12. How many players have you lost this season?

    I had Kelce 2 years ago when his decent games were mixed in with absolute garbage and many of those games cost me. Meanwhile Reed was a beast. Last year the concussion hurt Reed but he was there when I needed him. On paper Reed looked more appealing as KC also had Hill and Hunt. And I was still pissed at his feast or famine behavior 2 years ago. In my dynasty league I have Brate and Henry. I doubt I'll hold onto Reed next season. On a side note, someone above mentioned Meredith. I forgot about him. I think I dropped him around week 1?
  13. Cut Aaron Jones for Rod Smith?

    I picked up Smith but I dropped Corey Davis to get him. I'd much rather have Aaron Jones.
  14. Lineup Questions post Zeke hearing

    Anderson over Fitz??
  15. Jerry Jones vs Roger Goodell

    What would you do in his shoes? Have you not noticed out this country works? If you have an issue in which you're not getting what you want, you get a lawyer. It's all about who gets the better/more expensive attorney.