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  1. Weekly Blitz

  2. Two hot hands. One spot.

    I'm like you and weary of a week 2 letdown from Parker. But, having said that I think its still a better option then Cadi vs Buffalo. Historically Tampa Bay hasn't really been a td machine in the running game, whereas we know Pitt loves to run the ball.
  3. Starting Leftwich over Favre

    I'm rolling with Leftwich again this week. Until Favre shows me something I would recommend you do to. Favre looked bad in week 1. Favre doesn't have J Walker now. The Pack O-line is not what it used to be.
  4. WDIS @ DST

    Baltimore. Not even close.
  5. Tough one: Roy Williams, Bennett, or Greg Lewis

    I don't want anything to do with a guy who has to face the Baltimore secondary. Greg Lewis is lucky to be on the field and wouldn't be some teams #3 or #4 WR. Give me Roy Williams.
  6. nother trade offer

    1. You are right you should try and deal one of your QB's. 2. I wouldn't trade Vick for Chambers or Givens.
  7. # flex WR

    Both should have good days. Seattles secondary is terrible but the home run play may go to Jenkins rather then Alge. For that reason I'd start Boldin.
  8. Trade Advice

    I'd do the deal as well. Even if Suggs were the clear cut starter there's still no guarantee the Cleveland running game can produce.
  9. TE Help

    Alge every week unless its a bye. As others have said the only points Bubba is gonna get you is if he catches a TD.
  10. Which D to start? Performance scoring

    I'd start Cinci. The Saints are going to try and play as much ball control offense as possible which often leads to less turnovers (and a better chance at a win). Cinci should be able to get up on Minnesota forcing Minny to the air and thus creating more turnover/sack opportunities. Doubtful we'll see a 5 TO game from Culpepper again but half that is not out of the question.
  11. Bruce or Burress?

    I'd go with Burress. I'm a Saints fan and the big physical receivers are the kind that can cause the Saints problems.
  12. WDIS--No kidding!

    Gotta start Preist. I like Alexander at home this week versus Atlanta. I expect to see allot of action thru the air in the Min/Cinci game.
  13. RB and WR Mess - WDIS

    I'd also stick with KJ and Westbrook. I rarely feel confident starting a RB for Cleveland. At WR I like Branch (still Bradys favorite target) and Lelie. I think Lelie gets back on track this week with a questionable Denver running game. STL has so many other options then Bruce at the moment.
  14. Lamont Jordan or Larry Johnson

    I'm voting for the guy that should be getting almost all the carries. Jordan.
  15. Need to sit 1

    Never thought I'd consider sitting McAllister but the matchups this week are tempting. .1 pts per yard 4 pt rushing tds 6 pt rec tds 1 pt per 2 receptions Which one do I bench out of these 3? Deuce McAllister @ NYG Lamont Jordan vs KC Willie Parker @ HOU