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  1. Ebron or Clay ? I have Clay, but can get Ebron. Fantasy Pros have ebron ranked #9 and clay is #15. Need help asap, need to place waiver claim by midnight central time.
  2. I have Bobby Wagner. Led the League in tackles last year. With our point system he got almost 13 points last game. TJ Watt got almost 29. Is he worth adding in place of Wagner ? Or would I just be chasing points ?
  3. I have a $1500 FAAB budget. How much is Gillislee worth paying for ? Im in trade talks to get Lamar Miller for Ingram. If I get Miller, would it be better to handcuff Forman to him ? Or just add Gillislee ?
  4. Drop Blount for Backup TE ?

    Engram or Fiedorowicz ?
  5. Current RBs: murray perkins abdullah Ingram D. Martin Blount my only TE is Gronk. I want a backup in case of injury & for Bye week. My top 2 TE available are Evan Engram & CJ Fedorowicz.
  6. Blockbuster trade help

    It's not a keeper league so I wouldn't get to keep Zeke. I went ahead and did the trade. Brees is ranked 10 spots higher than Cousins, Cooper is like 35 spots higher than Thielen, and if Zeke misses any time at all, to me that makes Murray Moreno valuable. Plus I'm in trade talks to acquire Henry.
  7. My : Zeke & Tyreek Hill or Thielen for his: Demarco Murray & Amari cooper I took Zeke in the 1st round with hopes & prayers his suspension is overturned. My other backs & WRs are: Perkins, Abdullah, D Martin, Blount, Ingram Theilen, Tyreek Hill, AJ Green, TY Hilton, Alshon Jeffrey.
  8. I drafted Zeke, would it be worth dropping Blount for McFadden to handcuff to Zeke just in case the suspension is upheld ?
  9. Looking to upgrade RB bench

    Jaquizz Rodgers is also available. Drop Blount to handcuff Rodgers to Martin for his suspension ?
  10. I have : 1. Abdullah 2. Perkins 3. Zeke 4. Doug Martin 5. Ingram 6. Blount Darren Sproles, Jamaal Charles, Jeremy Hill, Gio Bernard, Thomas Rawls, James White, McFadden are all available. Would any be an upgrade ?
  11. I'm an advocate of "letting the draft come to you" and don't force it. I've got my cheat sheet ready to go, I've got my draft wizard ready to go. I'm taking the best available player on the board for my team needs. BUT, that being said, are there any players worth reaching for who need to be heavily targeted ? Any rookies, or players who we can expect breakout years from ? Thanks for all your help I appreciate it !!
  12. Does this make you more likely to draft gronk given his injury track record ? And what round would you touch him ?
  13. Who sees the biggest bump in value on the patriots with edelman out ?
  14. This is our first year trying out an IDP superflex position versus using a Team Def. The scoring is: Tackle 1pt Sack 2pt Fumble Recov 3pt Int 4pt TR 6pt im fairly certain I'm drafting a LB for the volume of tackles. Not comparing any individual player to another, just "in a vacuum" how high should I draft my IDP ? For example, the LB from Seattle got 168 tackles last season. That's more points than a TE1 or a WR2. I was planning on just "letting the draft come to me" and get my IDP when I see others coming off the board, but I'd rather be bold and be the trendsetter. What's your best advice ?
  15. Ok, for free agents, my league has always been a "first come, first served" no waiver time, no waiver priority league. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but it's worked for us. This year we are voting in FAAB. I'd like to use FAAB so everyone has a chance to bid on any player that someone tries to pick up from free agency. But, I don't want any type of waiver priority. I want anyone to be able to pick a player and place a bid at anytime. So it's still "first come, first served" but a more level playing field with us using FAAB. I've tried setting it up this way on Yahoo, but all of their FAAB options have some type of priority waiver list setting attached to it. Does any other site offer what I'm looking for ? Thanks man advance, I greatly appreciate the help ! Also, on yahoo I didn't see where it told you how much FAAB you get, or the option to change it.