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  1. Boone or Washington flex

    Mm, it’s a hard sell. I could see DeAndre Washington getting some carries and goal line touches sniped away by Jalen Richard with Josh Jacobs out, so there is more uncertainty there IMO. Boone is pretty much all that the Vikings have in the way of RBs and same could almost be said for the Eagles with Jordan Howard still out.
  2. WR2: Courtland Sutton or Tyler Lockett?

    Bump. Please help! 10-15 min left
  3. PPR Flex

    I like A. Miller for a upside/ceiling play in PPR. Lindsay could be a floor play but I am not digging the backfield in Denver.
  4. AJ Brown

    I think so. Haven’t heard or seen otherwise. TEN offense has just been quiet in the second half minus the pass TD that just happened for Sharpe.
  5. Crosby or Jake Allen

    Do you mean Jake Elliot? It’s tough to say for kickers, but I would probably lean Crosby. However, if you don’t want to wait until tomorrow night for your points to be decided, maybe go with Elliot. He didn’t score much the last time they played Dallas but could be different at home.
  6. half point PPR in my fantasy championship game against the league No. 1 Who should I start? Tyler Lockett or Courtland Sutton? The matchups both seem good, with Sutton’s a little better in the broken Detroit Lions. Lockett has more upside in my mind, but is also more likely to be a bust. Sutton likely to get a lot of targets, but Drew Lock is more iffy of a QB than Russell a Wilson. Tyreek Hill is my WR1. I flexed DJ Moore and sadly he is now out with a concussion... wish I would have played someone else. Outcome was almost the same as if I left Derrick Henry as my flex... Thank you in advance!
  7. Last minute help needed because I cannot decide for the life of me this week! Which QB, 2 WR, 1 RB (besides D. Henry), FLEX, and D/ST to start? I’m in 0.5 PPR, here are the players I have: QB: Kirk Cousins (leaning based on match up), Josh Allen RB: Derrick Henry (Must start), Saquon Barkley, Todd Gurley, James Conner (out) WR: Tyler Lockett, Tyreek Hill, DJ Moore, Jarvis Landry, Courtland Sutton TE: Travis Kelce K: Greg Zeurlein D/ST: Pittsburgh, Philadelphia My current thoughts: whoever I don’t start will probably blow up on my bench because that just how these things go sometimes!! Def starting Derrick Henry. Helppp! Thanks in advance.