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  1. What do you need?

    Ugg if that Td pass was Dez's last points that is an ugly way to lose.
  2. What do you need?

    Ok. Now rest Dez
  3. What do you need?

    I like your odds.
  4. Not much trust for Jerry Jones promise

    I did this when I heard that Miller was gonna sit on Satuday... snatched up Blue and the other four best remaining running backs.
  5. not much trust for Jerry Jones

    I really hope they pull Dez early...
  6. Doug Martin Out

    yeah, I picked him up with most of my FAAB in one league. Thought it was a smart play... I was wrong.
  7. Up by 7.5 points in need of a vote of confidence lol

    I mean if in theory he doesn't score a TD and they go up huge, maybe they sit him with him only getting 70 yards.... but I think you are sunk.
  8. Check in for 2016 League Winners

    If math and statistics is "my own koolaid"... I made (net profit) a little under a grand and if Dez doesn't score 16 tonight I'll make even more. Feels like a win to me.
  9. What do you need?

    Non-ppr? If so, that's a tall order, but not impossible. I hope Zeke scores all the points so Dez doesn't.
  10. Check in for 2016 League Winners

    You winning with your garbage team is why I play in 17 leagues because small sample sizes breed a lot of noise. The fact that someone wins with 7-2 offsuit going in pre-flop does not make them a good poker player. My results are still significantly above chance if we are using "law of averages". I had way more teams make the playoffs and also win championships then I should have based on chance. Getting into the playoffs and having the best overall record regular season (which I did in 10 of the 17 leagues) is actually a better measure of your fantasy skill. This is also only my second year playing fantasy. I had some bad luck in the playoffs... it happens.
  11. Check in for 2016 League Winners

    I had 17 and so I won more than would be expected---1 would be chance and 3 is what I got--and I more than doubled my money since the leagues I won were the bigger money leagues I cared about and lost in the crappier leagues I didn't. As a side note, I cannot believe the badness of your team in a 10 man league. You won with that garbage? I had a better team than that in one of my 18 team leagues. If you want to be chest out about it, you should not be able to post here if you play in free leagues full of newbs either. Since someone else listed stats on their teams that made the playoffs I'll add that as well: I made the playoffs in 12 of 17 leagues (70%), in leagues where only 25% of teams made the playoffs on average.
  12. I would think they'd be more likely to sit Dez. If you only need 1.5 pts, I think Beasley is the safer play. But both should be fine.
  13. Check in for 2016 League Winners

    I won three 12 team leagues and might win a fourth if Dez scores less than 16 ppr.
  14. Browns win!

    This made me laugh.
  15. Merry Christmas Fellas

    Merry Christmas! Glad fantasy is over kind of, but looking forward to posting here again next season.