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  1. I am in rebuilding mode for my Dynasty and am looking to trade AJ Green for picks. Any suggestions on how many picks he's worth? I was kinda thinking a 1st and 2nd round pick.
  2. I am getting pretty sick of Fournette in my Dynasty league because i don't have any RB Depth. Also, I should note that next year our league turns into a 2 QB league. Background: Full PPR 2 RB spots 16 team league My RBs are weak! Fournette Jordan Howard Alfred Morris Jamaal Williams Rashaad Penny My QBs are weak! for next years 2 QB spots (No one is on waivers) Matthew Stafford Eli Manning Dak Prescott The offer: I receive: Phillip Rivers Carlos Hyde Alex Collins He gets Fournette Nelson Aghalor I'm torn and can't decide. Giving up Fournette in a Dynasty league feels like a big loss but he's always hurt and i can't win without him. Should i do this or keep Fournette?
  3. Dynasty league 12 teams full point PPR. I am really lacking on WRs but am solid at RB. I Just got an offer for Kenyan Drake and my #3 overall pick for AJ Green. Is this worth it? How much does AJ Green have left in the tank and am I giving up too much?.
  4. I just received an offer for Ertz if i give up my #4 and #14. I need a TE but is that giving up too much or is this the safe bet? My current TEs are Charles Clay and ASJ. Any advice would be appreciated
  5. In a Dynasty league and i'm trying to determine how good Barkley is. I have the #3 and #4 draft pick this year and the person with #1 said he would trade for both my picks. Should I do it?
  6. Believe in Olsen or Clay?

    I was just offered a trade. I see Charles Clay still on the waivers so that's what would replace Olsen. Duke Johnson would go to my bench and MJ would go in as a starter to replace Aaron Jones. I like Greg Olsen's upside with Benjamin out but I'm wondering if Jones will be worthless in a few weeks so i'm torn. Any advice would be appreciated. Get Marvin Jones Duke Johnson Give Aaron Jones Greg Olsen
  7. Will Watkins ever be Elite?

    That's what i was thinking too. But you think I should give up CJ?
  8. I'm out this year in my Dynasty league. No chance. Full point PPR. Should I trade CJ Anderson for a struggling Sammy Watkins? Or DeVante Parker?
  9. Lynch or Murray

    No that's the problem, he doesn't have him so i'll have to work on getting him for someone else. It's straight up Lynch for Murray
  10. Lynch or Murray

    Just got offered a trade to give up Lynch to get DeMarco Murray? Would anyone do this?
  11. Quite the keeper dilemma...

    Yeah the more i think about, the dumber the question feels haha. Going AB. Thanks for the input!
  12. Which Keeper is the better move? 12 team league, standard scoring Antonio Brown in the 1st rd. (9th pick) CJ Anderson in the 6th rd. (4th pick) Spencer Ware in the 9th rd. (9th pick) I'm a little worried about Anderson and Ware even though they have good value. Side note, the 1st round is pretty limited because people have them as keepers. As of now, Alshon Jeffery would be landing in the 1st rd. 9th spot. Any advice would be appreciated!
  13. I should have came here first but i already accepted and i'm just wondering what peoples thoughts are on it. I'm pretty new to Dynasty and i'm still figuring out the value of rookie draft picks. I accepted a trade to get Cameron Meredith to give up my #12 overall pick (10 team league). How important are draft picks in rookie dynasty drafts, especially in the second round? I had 2 second round picks last year and both didn't work out. Thanks
  14. Dynasty Advice - Draft Value

    I meant Brandon Marshall plus next year's 1st round pick pick for my #2 pick
  15. I'm pretty new to Dynasty and was wondering how important drafts are after the first year. Rookies can be hit or miss and I've received a few offers for my draft picks. Any advice on these offers? Full point PPR with a lot of open WR spots 10 teams I have these picks for this next draft (Linear Order): 2nd, 12th, 14th and 22nd Offers: Carlos Hyde plus the #17 pick for my #2 pick. Brandon Marshall plus next year's #1 pick for my #2 pick. Keenan Allen for my #2 and #14 pick My team (Shows positions): QB Dak Prescott, Dal QB RB C.J. Anderson, Den RB RB Jordan Howard, Chi RB RB/WR Eddie Lacy, Sea RB Q WR Jarvis Landry, Mia WR WR Jamison Crowder, Wsh WR WR Alshon Jeffery, Phi WR TE Jimmy Graham, Sea TE FLEX Rishard Matthews, Ten WR D/ST Texans D/ST D/ST Bench Allen Hurns, Jax WR Q Bench Chris Thompson, Wsh RB Bench Sterling Shepard, NYG WR Bench Devontae Booker, Den RB Bench Jared Goff, LAR QB Bench Philip Rivers, LAC QB Bench Robert Kelley, Wsh RB Bench Cole Beasley, Dal WR Bench Jack Doyle, Ind TE Bench Chiefs D/ST D/ST Bench Peyton Barber, TB RB Bench Kapri Bibbs, SF RB Bench Eli Rogers, Pit WR Bench Marqise Lee, Jax WR Any help would be appreciated!