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  1. QB2 thoughts

    I think Cutler will suprise some people not sure who they play though.
  2. I play in a 2 keeper standard league. I didn't keep anyone due to piss poor team so I could have first 2 picks. PICK 2 CROWELL HUNT FORNETTE M.THOMAS
  3. We can keep 2 but are any of these worth it? R.Wilson M.Thomas J.Crowder M.Wallace M.Forte M.Ingram D.Booker G.Tate J.Graham C.Ivory I'm thinking of keeping Wilson and Thomas but if I don't I should get a 1 or 2 pick.
  4. Forte sucks!

    Would you drop Powell for any of those?
  5. Forte sucks!

    12 team C.J. Gordon Forte Powell Asiata
  6. Forte sucks!

    I think it's more of a Jets problem than his but is he droppable? Duke, ja. Rodgers and Ivory after available.
  7. Time to Trade CJ Anderson?

    Right now he's like forte, nobody wants him so I'd hold.
  8. Time to Trade CJ Anderson?

    I have him to and on the bright side holding penalties killed him last night. He would have had 17.6 points if it wasn't for his o line.
  9. Gordon for Howard

    Greatly appreciated guys I took it.
  10. I was just offered Gordon for Howard. What you guys think? Std
  11. 49ers players want Ponder to start at QB

    Kerleys only bad game was when kap played in week 2.
  12. Need help picking a WR

    Standard I say Thomas. Kerleys only bad game was when kap played and he's the starter now. Meredith had a good game but Jeffrey and Royal will be targeted a lot.
  13. I think Michael Thomas has a lot of up side also.