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  1. We can keep 2 but are any of these worth it? R.Wilson M.Thomas J.Crowder M.Wallace M.Forte M.Ingram D.Booker G.Tate J.Graham C.Ivory I'm thinking of keeping Wilson and Thomas but if I don't I should get a 1 or 2 pick.
  2. Would you drop Powell for any of those?
  3. 12 team C.J. Gordon Forte Powell Asiata
  4. I think it's more of a Jets problem than his but is he droppable? Duke, ja. Rodgers and Ivory after available.
  5. Right now he's like forte, nobody wants him so I'd hold.
  6. I have him to and on the bright side holding penalties killed him last night. He would have had 17.6 points if it wasn't for his o line.
  7. Greatly appreciated guys I took it.
  8. I was just offered Gordon for Howard. What you guys think? Std
  9. Kerleys only bad game was when kap played in week 2.
  10. Standard I say Thomas. Kerleys only bad game was when kap played and he's the starter now. Meredith had a good game but Jeffrey and Royal will be targeted a lot.
  11. I think Michael Thomas has a lot of up side also.
  12. Ivory I guess but I'd stay away from Kerley with capermanure starting and Meredith still competes with Jeffrey and Royal. Coates not available?
  13. Stafford/Marvin J./C.J. for big Ben/D.Murray Standard here's my team Rivers/Stafford Howard/C.J./Forte/Powell A.Rob/Edlemon/Jones/T.Benjamin