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  1. Keeper Advice

    Appreciate the both of you. I think it's narrowed it down to DJ, Evans, Thielen, and Kittle, if I had to choose this week
  2. Keeper Advice

    Alright, in my league if we keep a 1st rd player, we draft from their adp spot, so say if CMC is 3, the person keeping him picks from the 3 spot overall and cmc is the 3rd overall pick and their only 1st rd pick. Anyway, I'm at the 4th overall if I don't keep a 1st round player, I'll be drafting one Saquon, Zeke, or Kamara, most likely Zeke We're allowed 2 keeper selection, 10 Man Full PPR, All TD's are 6 pts here are my options: 1st Rd - David Johnson (I would pick at the 10th spot instead of 4th if I keep him) 2nd Rd - Joe Mixon 3rd Rd - Julio Jones (last year that he's eligible to be kept) 4th Rd - Mike Evans 8th Rd - Sony Michel 10th Rd - Drew Brees 12th Rd - Adam Thielen (3 yrs of eligibility left) 15th Rd - Mike Williams 16th Rd - George Kittle (I'm a little superstitious when it comes to top TE's) 18th - Chris Godwin Right now I have Evans and Thielen as my choices, however I'm still considering Julio, Kittle, and DJ Any insight? Thanks in advance