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  1. My keeper options

    Would you recommend both? I can keep 2 players
  2. My keeper options

    1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, TE, 2 FLEX, K, D S/T
  3. My keeper options

    Pick 2.. It's 10 man Full PPR. I'm picking 7th but technicall it's 2nd overall Options: 1st Rd Julio Jones 2nd Rd AJ Green 3rd Rd Mike Evans 10th Rd Adam Thielen 12th Rd Derrick Henry 15th Rd Will Fuller 18th Rd Donte Foreman I'm stuck between Evans, Thielen, and Henry other keepers Leveon Bell 1st Rd & Aaron Rodgers 6th Rd Todd Gurley 1st Rd & Cam Newton 10th Rd Ezekiel Elliot 1st Rd & Davante Adams 4th Rd Antonio Brown 1st Rd & Tom Brady 6th Rd Miachael Thomas 2nd Rd & Andrew Luck 11th Rd Odell Beckham 1st Rd & Mark Ingram 6th Rd Kareem Hunt 2nd Rd & Zach Ertz 9th Rd TY Hilton 5th Rd & Jamaal Williams 17th Rd Keenan Allen 2nd Rd
  4. Aging AJ Green Trade HELP PLEASE!

    I think I'd do it but before I'm 100%, may I see your team?
  5. Dynasty Advice - Draft Value

    I would keep what you have, I think it suits you better.
  6. bell trade

    I think that would be fair, I dont like Miller at all this year though
  7. bell trade

    that value is no where near fair imo, he's low balling you for Bell
  8. Who gets the Blount ???

    The Eagles do
  9. Dynasty trade help

    Either Landry or Thomas, that is a solid team though. I'd see what you can get for Mccoy as well (unless you cant) not sure how yours is set up
  10. Keeper help

    What rd would Gordon be drafted in? I'd go Gordon now but if you can make this decision during or after Pre season, i'd see if Watson starts for the Texans... but lock up a solid low end RB1
  11. Keeper trade help

    I don't know if you've got it sorted out yet but what I would do personally is... Keep Bell and Tate or trade Mccoy for Freeman and Kelce, keep Freeman, (Kelce or Tate), & Bell I've always been told not to keep QB's, I know Ryan is great keeper value especially in the 16th rd, but remember when he's had different or 1st yr OC's he's struggled. Round 2 shoot for Michael Thomas, TY Hilton or Jordy Nelson I do think that 2nd trade is a little one sided and not in your favor, giving up a 2nd rounder isnt ideal Marshall could be a steal in the 6th but that's up to you, I have a bad feeling about him Maybe you can help me?
  12. Way too early Keeper question

    Crowell for sure, improved O Line, bad QB play. He's the guy.
  13. Need Help with your Fantasy team? GGL's got ur back

    Just need some keeper advice. We get to keep 1 player. It's PPR, 6 pts for all TDs the 2 that i'm deciding on are LeSean McCoy and Mike Evans, both were drafted in the 3rd rd and will be drafted in the 3rd rd this yr I'm sold on LeSean McCoy as of now. Roster and rds they were drafted in (will be drafted in the same spot this year) as follows down below QB Carson Palmer 11th Rd QB Derek Carr 14th Rd RB Doug Martin 2nd Rd RB LeSean McCoy 3rd Rd RB Carlos Hyde 4th Rd RB Jonathan Stewart 4th Rd RB Rob Kelley Free Agent WR Julio Jones 1st Rd WR Mike Evans 3rd Rd WR Jarvis Landry 3rd Rd WR Doug Baldwin 6th Rd WR Michael Crabtree 8th Rd WR Jamison Crowder Free Agent TE Jimmy Graham 13th Rd
  14. Need Help with your Fantasy team? GGL's got ur back

    Dixon vs Darkwa? or stay away from that backfield
  15. I was able to get Decker, Landry, and L. Murray for Brown