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  1. Week 14 MNF what do u need ? Playoff edition

    I scored the 3rd highest points out of the 8 playoff teams, just to play one of the two teams that scored more than me. It's a one and done. It's time for some playoff football. I'll get a mental break for a few weeks, at least.
  2. Week 14 MNF what do u need ? Playoff edition

    40 points from Drake and Pats defense. No worries
  3. Mike Evans, where art thou?

    He really hurt me this week. Unless I have huge games from Patriots DST and Drake, I'm "one and done." He started off decent, but has been barely a flex play the last month or so.
  4. Wentz being looked at in tent for injury

    Outside of fantasy, that's just awful for Wentz and the Eagles. They really had something special going.
  5. Up in Smoke

    He made coals into diamonds!!!!!! I'm fugged!
  6. It's Playoff Time!!!!

    And they take Rivers out in the beginning of the 4QT! I need more points! Thank you Redskins for letting it be a blow out.
  7. Up in Smoke

    I'm facing Dak and Howard. I need BIG games from Rivers, Brown, Drake, and Patriots DST for a chance to stay in this. ETA: He also has Gurley, Jeffery, Watkins, and M. Bryant.
  8. effing Browns

    Wasn't GB already in easy FG range? It seems like a good calculated risk.
  9. It's Playoff Time!!!!

    I'm facing Howard and Dak.
  10. Josh Gordon Swag

    His future is so bright he gotta wear shades.
  11. Milk Carton time

    Mike Evans!
  12. Up in Smoke

    This always makes me feel better also.
  13. Am I screwed?

    I did NOT know this. I stand corrected, ignore my previous advice. I thought Barber was getting the start.
  14. Season on the line .....Wdis at qb

    Tough choices! Keenum has a tough matchup, but I would still go with him.
  15. Am I screwed?