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  1. Avoid this backfield at all costs!
  2. There are no words to express the pain he must feel. He has my prayers and thoughts.
  3. This is one crowded backfield.
  4. I also think it's difficult to compare different time eras. In other words, it will be hard to argue with someone who says Joe Montana is still the best when you take into account the era and the different rules that were in place. You can't place it all on championships when it was a different game then. You have to also take into account that today's game benefits the offense tremendously, especially QBs and WRs. I wouldn't argue against either being the best.
  5. I thought "trying" to steal signals was a part of the game? Now I understand why I came across all of these articles on Tony Dungy yesterday.
  6. He can still re-sign for a lower salary.
  7. I think making it 7 times should count also.
  8. While I agree with this sentiment, they do rise to the occasion when needed, except against the Giants.
  9. Well, Brady has similar feelings:
  10. I've always disagreed with this logic. They came in totally dominated for a short period of time. They both are Cinderalla stories. They are at the top in postseason success. Just because they didn't pad their stats throughout the years doesn't mean they don't belong. Would you rather start your team with Terrell Davis or Curtis Martin? I think most of us would choose TD.
  11. I don't like TO and he should be in, but there are a few things holding him back. This list is not exhaustive: character no rings character different teams (and many times he tore apart the teams) character character character character I do think he will get in eventually.
  12. Agreed, this is Darin's to lose.
  13. They are all expected to play
  14. "Cowher's" team is long gone besides Big Ben and Harrison. If you wanted to make an argument on "whose" team it is, I would say it's Colbert's team. Tomlin also has a higher winning % than Cowher. I00 wins in 10 seasons is not a fluke.