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  1. OK Brown fans - exhale

    A good leader can bring out the best in people. That doesn't excuse it because everyone should do their job, but I've seen it so many times in life where a leader can change the whole morale of a situation.
  2. Joe Mixon...

    This isn't something you ponder on. Pick him up!
  3. Keeper League Trade Zeke for Bell?

    Absolutely NOT! Zeke is younger and hasn't even hit his prime yet. I can't say the same for Bell.
  4. Trade of David Johnson

    I prefer Miller and Tate.
  5. Trade for DJ?

    Have you considered going after Conner?
  6. Trade Green and Adams

    That's not a bad offer and you need RB help.
  7. OBJ Trade

    Nope! Stay put!
  8. Trade for DJ?

    I just traded away DJ. Either way, what's your record? One more good game and Lindsay is a sell high candidate.
  9. Keep Cook and get his handcuff.
  10. Who do I bench? Amari Cooper Allen Robinson Demaryius Thomas Corey Clement Non-ppr, but bonuses for every 5 catches and every 100 yards.
  11. WDIS? QB..

    Brees? Cousins? Fitzpatrick?
  12. Wait........WTF?!???

    DMD mentioned that earlier, along with the Chris Thompson's insane pace.