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  1. Tevin Coleman out multiple weeks

    Time to spend my FAAB on Jeff Wilson.
  2. Maybe. I feel like we go through this every year, even with preseason.
  3. Goodness, should've just skipped the first round of drafting this year.
  4. This isn't fantasy, it's real life. He's right where he should be for his caliber of play (i.e. Thielen, Kupp, Landry, etc.)
  5. Week 2 Chat

    I think he is just as physical, but his IQ just outshines his physical gifts.
  6. Week 2 Chat

    Russ's deepball is insane!!!
  7. Week 2 Chat

    I think they're playing pretty well, all things considered.
  8. Week 2 Chat

    Butker made that look easy, goodness.
  9. Week 2 Chat

    I know and I'm happy. But has that on 11 touches, and Kelley has 12 touches. I'm just a paranoid owner right, don't pay me any mind.
  10. Rookie QBs are always fun to watch.
  11. how are you watching NFL?

    I'm watching on Hulu Live today and noticing a minute lag. The ESPN gamecast/boxs core is updating about a minute before I see the play happen on TV.
  12. Week 2 Chat

    This Chargers backfield is a freaking RBBC! I was hesitant to draft Ekeler, but still did.
  13. Week 2 Chat

    Cowboys got the onside kick!!!!!! WTH!!??
  14. Week 2 Chat

    Aaron Jones is having a game!!!!
  15. Week 2 Chat

    Tannehill with 4 TD passes in what might be a close game.