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  1. Panthers cut Cam Newton & sign Robby Anderson're probably right about the Temple days. I found this: It's say the Jets offered him 4 years/$40 million!
  2. Watson has always been a good dude. Many others have donated also: Brees donated $5 million Russell Wilson and his wife donated 1 million meals JJ Watt and his wife donated $350K to the Houston food bank. Matt Ryan donated $1 million (need to double check on that one) And many others with a good head on their shoulders. A lot of owners also.
  3. Panthers cut Cam Newton & sign Robby Anderson

    He's getting paid his worth and it's only 2 years.
  4. Do you think he will leave the Texans? The whole Nuk thing could have done some damage with his relationship with the organization. I can see someone like the Patriots signing him in the next 2 years.
  5. FA Tracker

  6. FA Tracker

    Agreed. When I saw Ebron's deal, I was confused on why pay Graham, an aging player on the decline, so much. Makes no sense.
  7. Broncos Sign Melvin Gordon

    Didn't know that; that's good intel.
  8. Emmanuel Sanders To The Saints

    Great signing. NO is not playing around.
  9. Broncos Sign Melvin Gordon

    It's only a 2 year deal and a crowded backfield. IMO, that's about his worth, $8 million, if that.
  10. Falcons Sign Todd Gurley

    What a switch-a-roo offseason we're having.
  11. Sean Payton Tests Positive For CornaVirus

    The NFL world. Why did he get tested? Symptoms? The NFL might be testing a lot of their employees with the limited test kits available.
  12. Rams Release Todd Gurley

    Exactly. This is a part of the bigger discussion we're having on the board in reference to contracts. No one saw Gurley's knees giving out on him, hindsight is 20/20.
  13. Detroit will receive a third-round pick and a fifth-round pick in the trade.
  14. Stefon Diggs to Buffalo

    But contracts are not guaranteed in the NFL, there's the difference as you mentioned; therefore, players should be looking out for themselves. You combine a violent sport, with nonguaranteed contracts, AND teams who can cut players to save cost, AND the results are holdouts. Also, the other major sports don't have franchise tags which forces a player to stay with a team. All of these variables are the reasons there will continue to be holdouts in the NFL.
  15. Stefon Diggs to Buffalo

    I completely disagree. Employees have the right to leave if they don't like their contract and they can also suffer the consequences. Be a role model about contracts? To who? Other athletes? Additionally, Nuk never made this public. He never badmouthed the Texans. We don't know what happened behind closed doors, but if he asked for more money, that's his prerogative. Owners are quick to cut bait with under-performing players, why can't it be vice versa?