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  1. Is this a good offer?

    Hell NO!
  2. After the Foles injury, definitely droppable.
  3. Which QB to trade?

    I would shop Lamar, his value won't get any higher and Ryan has a sweet schedule ahead of him.
  4. Yeah, I went 0 WRs in this draft. LOL
  5. My RBs: Zeke, Chubb, Carson, McCoy, Ito Smith, Justin Jackson, Armstead My WRs: Woods, Golloday, Dede, MVS
  6. Thanks, you're so saying keep Chubb?
  7. Breida or Fournette

    Breida has the better matchup with the higher ceiling, but Fourtnette has the safer floor. I would probably go with Fournette.
  8. Trade away Chubb?

    You don't have the depth at RB.
  9. Coleman worth a pickup?

    Where are you on the waiver wire?
  10. Drop t coleman for mostert?

    I don't want any part of that backfield! I had Coleman and Brieda. I dropped Coleman and traded Brieda for Tyrell Williams. That backfield is a 3 headed monster WITHOUT Coleman. What does your roster look like?
  11. A too good to be true trade?

    You're losing the best player, don't do it.
  12. Should I Take This or Pass?

    I would probably take that trade because Breida won't make it into your starting lineup.
  13. Without knowing anything else, would you trade Chubb for Mack and T. Hill? It's an investment that might cash in big time midseason.
  14. Trade for cuff?

    I have Zeke and I'm probably going to trade Justin Jackson to the Melvin Gordon owner for Pollard. I'm overpaying, but it's worth the security.
  15. D Cook for L Bell and Ertz

    I would rather have Cook and just stream your TEs. I would handcuff Cook with Mattison.