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  1. Washington ????????

    I would assume the Cleveland Indians are next. This is nothing new. I remember about 20 years when there was heavy protest at the University of Illinois over Chief Illini. Media coverage was different then, so it didn't make it to the national coverage level.
  2. NFL cuts preseason down to two games

    At this point, I'm just hoping for a season. God knows I need it!
  3. Cam Newton to the Patriots

    BB's reputation for resurrecting careers is 2nd to none, so this should be interesting.
  4. Dalvin Cook holding out.

    One year and incentive based will address a lot of issues.
  5. I see it as herd immunity.
  6. ...until he gets a better contract.
  7. Drew Brees

    Thanks, I agree with 90% of what he said (not that it matters). He called out some hypocrites, as needed. I still think it was awful timing for Brees to say what he did, given the circumstances, but he also has shown his allegiance and didn't need to apologize. But that's my perspective.
  8. Drew Brees

    I think you're London?
  9. Drew Brees

    His wife speaking makes him a p$%^? He has contradicted himself a number of times. What most people forget is that he did kneel a few years ago before a game. 2017? 2018?
  10. Drew Brees

    I'm always up for good dialogue. I'm not arguing against misdirected anger, I think it's a valid point. But Kaep was also alienated and his protest was as peaceful as it gets. When he did it, I say he has the right to do it and he has the right to be penalized for it. I'm just calling a spade a spade. With that being said, I think this Barkley and Shaq discussion is spot on:
  11. Drew Brees

    Stop what? Did you hear me bash Brees? I'm saying there are different perspectives, even from Black athletes. Yes, he's an easy target! Anybody on a platform is an easy target, so stop!
  12. Drew Brees

    You clearly missed the analogy. If you want to be figurative and literal, his teammates are the ones that got groped.
  13. Drew Brees

    Everyone just keeps reminding me why I hate social media so much. Either way, it's unfortunate because Brees does have a great body of work. I still say it was bad timing. He's means a lot to Louisiana and Mississippi, I see it every time I go down there. And unfortunately, many people have tarnished their legacies with one incident. I hope it's not the case for Brees. For the record, some (black athletes) have spoken out and said his backlash is unwarranted.
  14. Drew Brees

    That's the point. His teammates feel he should be on their side, instead he made it worst.
  15. Drew Brees

    Did Huddle just edit out my "Sh....ty"?