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  1. Take it and pickup Tolbert as a handcuff.
  2. What do you need Monday Night?

    A time machine
  3. We need a thread for players we are going against to disappear or stop single handily destroying us. Chris Thompson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Kareem Hunt - Chiefs

    I read also that he is the only player to have 50+ yard runs in their first 3 games.
  5. OBJ's TD celebration

    It doesn't matter, you will still draft him if he's the best player on the board.
  6. Benjamin Down (Knee) - Any word?

    They are waiting on the results of a MRI.
  7. Milk carton time

    Rivers give me something besides an INT.
  8. Derrick Henry Full Season?

    75 yard run by Murray. He's not giving it up easily.
  9. Odd Week in Fantasy Football?

    Nah, this is a typical week. You never get what you expect.
  10. TY (pun intended). He just got a pass interference call too, stat line could even be bigger.
  11. I started him out of pride and stubbornness, so far so good...4-84.
  12. I have Riddick because I think it might be a shootout.
  13. Ppr. Pick my flex.

    Hmmm...I have Ingram and Hilton, and I benched Ingram. In your situation, I would go with Howard.