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  1. MNF - What do you need (Week 11)

    I was up by 50 and just playing against Mahomes, now up by 1 point with 12 minutes left in the 4th.
  2. Alex Smith out for the season

    Agreed, soon as Colt McCoy came in I saw Jordan Reed's value go up.
  3. Gus Edwards

    I think so....I see another Chubb situation.
  4. Evans fum rec TD?

    The scoring settings need to be changed.
  5. Bear are at them!
  6. Down 52. Who to go with.

    You need a high ceiling, go with Cohen.
  7. John Keim "Redskins coach Jay Gruden said Alex Smith broke his tibia and fibia and will require immediate surgery." The injury:
  8. Week 11 Milk Carton

    It's the Lamar Jackson show.
  9. Week 11 Milk Carton

    3 of 4 have heard me. It's your turn Amari.
  10. Week 11 Milk Carton

    A. Brown OBJ Cooper Julio
  11. I have Hopkins and would not trade him for those two.
  12. QB to start Week 11?

    You know Fitzmagic will put up stats, no matter the situation. If not, then Cousins is the safer play.
  13. Trade Theilen

    The top WR in the league deserves top payment, not money from a piggy bank.
  14. I wouldn't mess with Green. I think your team is good where it is. For Kamara, you would have to package Mixon and a WR, AND that might not get it done.