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  1. ***** 20 Questions Winner *****

    You had to be drunk to guess some of those correctly.
  2. Wayyy too early rankings for 2019

    I had Hopkins and then I edited and put Adams first. The dude had the highest floor of all the receivers this year. His worst game was week 4 and that was 8 catches for 80 yards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Wayyy too early rankings for 2019

    QB Mahomes Rodgers Watson Luck Brees RB Barkley Zeke Gurley McCaffrey Kamara WR D. Adams D. Hopkins M. Thomas T. Hill O. Beckham TE Kelce Ertz Kittle Ebron Howard
  4. Divisional Game Thread

    Also the top 4 offenses in the league this year. Either way, should make for a great Superbowl.
  5. Divisional Game Thread

    Bench someone with 125 catches.
  6. Divisional Game Thread

    They got their butt kicked for sure, but I still think they're a solid squad. If they weren't in the same division as KC, they would have home field advantage. Either way, their season is over.
  7. Divisional Game Thread

    Rivers has every right to bark at those refs., Brady gets all of the calls.
  8. Divisional Game Thread

    The dude is running like an All-pro with a dad bod!
  9. Divisional Game Thread

  10. Official Rams/Cowboys thread

    I haven't seen rushing like this since Bo Jackson in Tecmo Bowl.
  11. Divisional Game Thread

    Wow...that roughing the kicker call.
  12. Divisional Game Thread

    Seriously? What have you been smoking?
  13. Divisional Game Thread

    I see the Chargers coming out on top.
  14. Kliff Kingsbury to the Cards

    Maybe, and that's a big maybe, he should be an offensive coordinator? This is the type of stuff that's get people questioning the NFL and an organization's agenda.