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  1. Hunt vs Fournette vs D.Watson

    If Houston makes the playoffs, and Watson continues his play, I think he will get it. At this stage, Hunt and Watson are both very deserving.
  2. That should work out a lot better for you. Nice.
  3. RB2 HELP..

    Darkwa because you know he is going to get the carries and he is hot right now . I do think Henry has the higher ceiling.
  4. All of your WRs have question marks, except Thomas. Do you want to add to that? I don't see you losing much with that trade, however. Any other QBs on the waiver?
  5. Need to improve my team

    Yeah, Martin or Ingram would bring me a bigger return, play big or go home.
  6. Need to improve my team

    No, I said "we don't HAVE to" to start 3 WRs. With a name referencing Tom Coughlin I should expect a smart azz. LOL. Either way, I definitely need WR depth. I think someone like Baldwin is a fair target, especially since Miller would rarely start on my team.
  7. Need to improve my team

    LOL...dude, I understand FF language, I was just clarifying. And I would think that Miller could land me a WR2, but I could be overvaluing.
  8. Need to improve my team

    We don't have to start 3 WRs, but yes, I've been shopping Miller and Foreman around for people like D. Thomas and B. Cooks.
  9. Seferian-Jenkins or Engram

    Those are great options. I would lean towards ASJ.
  10. 16 team, Non-ppr, but a lot of bonuses for yards and every 5 catches. QB: Rivers RB: Martin/Quiz, Ingram/Kamara, Miller/Foreman (Yes, I have every RB cuffed) WR: Julio Jones, Hopkins, Hurns, Mike Williams (lottery ticket) TE: ASJ For a 16 team league, I'm solid, but would like to improve my QB or WR situation. I tried packaging Rivers and Miller for Brees and the owner rejected it. Any suggestions?
  11. Trade Kamara + Fuller -- WHIR

    Dez, Michael Thomas, Fitz, Jordy, Ingram, Ajayi, and Howard are all in your range. ETA: I see you have Ajayi
  12. Trade Smith for Ryan?

    I've been trying to get Matt Ryan and the owner is not budging. His playoff schedule is awesome. I say go for it.

    I have both and I think it's Ingram. I'm holding onto both. A few things to consider: 1. Ingram is a proven 3 down back. He is a very good receiver. 2. Kamara has NEVER had 20 carries or more in college or the NFL. 3. Kamara is injury prone 4. Did you see their playoff schedule? It might be the best in the league.
  14. A.Brown for T.Gurley

    Fair is more than player for player. You have the best WR in the game and some would argue the best fantasy player, so people are going to wonder why is he being traded.
  15. A.Brown for T.Gurley

    Yeah, seriously.