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  1. All of these debates are circulating and I have to deal with them daily. There's a fine line between the physical consequences and fear mongering.
  2. Different states have different policies based on their circumstances. Costco isn't closed because they are making money.
  3. 18-29 year olds do not space properly, maybe in that picture! I've worked my whole life with this population and the last thing they care about is "proper spacing." Check out a bar in a college town and you'll know what I'm talking about.
  4. This is the key point and why a lot of colleges shut down. Those kids would've brought all of their stuff back to the campus and infected everyone.
  5. Official QB domino thread

    I know I am kind of surprised he hasn't signed yet. Will be interesting to see what happens Which makes me wonder what the Bears are going to do. They have to know that they aren't going anywhere with Trubisky. I know it's crazy but I'd rather take a shot on Jameis and hope a change of scenery and lasik does him good. I can see Winston in Miami.
  6. Brady the Buccaneer - A poll

    They better invest in that o-line!!!
  7. Jordan Howard signs with the Dolphins

    The WORST possible offense for an RB, I feel bad for the guy.
  8. Official QB domino thread

    TB to TB Has there ever been a year like this for QBs? Goodness!
  9. Rivers to Indy

    Sorry didn't see this posted, I deleted my other thread. He has something to prove. It's a one year deal, so I think he'll be fun to watch.
  10. Official QB domino thread

    Rivers signs with Colts!
  11. Official QB domino thread

    Brees signs 2 year extension with Saints.
  12. Tom Brady No Longer A Patriot

    That makes sense. They have Cohen who is like White, a good defense, and cold air!
  13. Tom Brady No Longer A Patriot

    TB to TB? I need to copyright or patent that.
  14. Tom Brady No Longer A Patriot
  15. Official QB domino thread

    Lol. We don't know who they reached out to. Tannehill has shown he can win their system. I can see the Brady argument, but apparently Brady wants to get paid also. After him, who? Winston? Bridgewater? Mariota? Keenum?
  16. Stefon Diggs to Buffalo

    Wow! And the Texans got DJ for Hopkins.
  17. Official QB domino thread

    Marcus Mariota agrees to deal with Raiders.
  18. Falcons release Devonta Freeman

    My 4 year old saw that coming.
  19. Wow! This actually made me forget about the Corona for a few minutes. This is like that bad fantasy trade everyone sees happen, but can't veto.
  20. Really, more like 4 games since he leaves a few early. But I completely agree.
  21. Official QB domino thread

    Winston will become a free agent.
  22. Official QB domino thread

    Who is better out there?
  23. Official QB domino thread

    Prescott gets the franchise tag.
  24. Official QB domino thread

    49ers are NOT pursuing Tom Brady.