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  1. Texans vs. Chiefs

    Reminiscent of January 3, 1993.
  2. Texans vs. Chiefs

    Well, the Texans are dropping this one, literally and figuratively.
  3. Texans vs. Chiefs

    Well, that quickly changed.
  4. Texans vs. Chiefs

    This is why we play the game, or watch it, because you can never predict what is going to happen.
  5. Browns New Coach

    Compared to the Giants hire, the Browns hit the jackpot as far as I'm concerned.
  6. Browns New Coach

    I'm sure the decision was made before yesterday's debacle.
  7. I continue to curse every SmackBowl team I've ever chose. Sorry Saints and Ravens fans! +2
  8. Vikings vs 49ers

    Fair enough. The only way is to move all games to Sunday.
  9. Titans vs Ravens

    Henry is moving up his draft stock. Has moved past Kamara in standard.
  10. Vikings vs 49ers

    They deserve to be on the road. It's the playoffs. That's why you play during the regular season to get to this spot.
  11. Takes one to know one! Only one time, but my girls keep the youtube videos on loop. I'm so tired of the "unknown."
  12. What if you hate the way he picks his noseā€¦and eats it! Excuse me sir, he is a prince!!! No, his name is Booger!
  13. Henry and Chubb are other wordly.
  14. Holy crap SF!!!!! If they could just decide on a bell cow.
  15. Baylor HC Matt Rhule to coach CAR

    Nah, we get the Patriots WR Coach....
  16. Here comes the Judge

    I give up cheering for this team. A Patriots WR coach is the best they could do? Seriously? I would rather a college coach. The rumor is that they're also interviewing Garrett for the offensive coordinator position. That could mean good things for Barkley, but this hire is .
  17. Cowboys likely to hire Mccarthy

    They said they wanted a coach with extensive NFL experience so that rules out the college coaches. This should be very interesting for their passing game.
  18. Yup, the NO loss knocked me out of the running for tube socks. I'm sure someone out there had a NO-NE superbowl.
  19. Vikings vs Saints

    That's offensive PI, but won't be overturned.
  20. Vikings vs Saints

    Don't blow it Cousins!
  21. Vikings vs Saints

    This is the best opening weekend of playoff games in recent memory.
  22. Bill vs. Texans

    How can you not like Watson?
  23. Bill vs. Texans

    Texans are blowing it!
  24. NFL Hall of Fame class of 2020 finalists

    Many have been nominated before, but they didn't make it since only 4 to 8 make it every year.