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  1. NFL Hall of Fame class of 2020 finalists

    There are a lot of people waiting, that should be irrelevant in determining if he gets in. Either way, I think both deserve to be in.
  2. NFL Hall of Fame class of 2020 finalists

    It's only 5 years.
  3. NFL Hall of Fame class of 2020 finalists

    Their stats are pretty similar, but Polamalu did win defensive player of the year and I think that should give him the edge. I think they both should make it. The WRs are a different story. With so many WRs putting up insane numbers there will be a backlog of WRs. But with that being said, I do believe Bruce deserves to be in. I'm going Seymour (has to be his year), Polamalu, Atwater, Bruce, and Thomas (insanely underrated).
  4. Garrett done

  5. 2020 FA QB group

    Okay, that was an exaggeration. I should've left it at solid. They were the top rushing defense and I think Winston's turnovers really hurt them. Either way, the "WTF?" look was well deserved.
  6. 2020 FA QB group

    This makes the most sense for TB. Their defense is solid, borderline great and they have great WRs. They need to improve that o-line.
  7. Message Board League #1 Chat

    Well, for what it's worth, I did come in 2nd, but in typical fashion I was shafted!!!!!!!!
  8. Message Board League #1 Chat

    Congrats, you gave us a royal azz whipping.
  9. NYG HC Pat Shurmur fired

    He didn't do well last season either.
  10. Sea vs sf ... No PI at end of game?!

    Also, the awful time management at the one yard line after Wilson spiked the ball. They forgot there was a play clock and got a stupid 5 yard penalty.
  11. Sea vs sf ... No PI at end of game?!

    Solid football the whole year has diddly squat to do with the bad call, or lack of call, period. We're not discussing home field, We're not discussing the "solid football the whole year." Opie asked about another blown PI call and that's what the thread is about. You can keep dreaming that the Montana/Young years will return again, this is the closest you've had it in like 30 years!!!!! Oh, you need to update your "NFC WEST CHAMPS" in your siggy.
  12. Sea vs sf ... No PI at end of game?!

    Yeah, no homer bias here.
  13. Sea vs sf ... No PI at end of game?!

    Oh yeah, I remember that one. I thought the decision comes from NYC?
  14. Sea vs sf ... No PI at end of game?!

    Which play? There were a lot of questionable calls/no calls/bad calls in the last few minutes. That's not even including the awful game clock management at the end.
  15. Darren Waller...sleeper

    Yeah, I know. He's going to be a top 5 TE next year.
  16. Darren Waller has been on my sleeper list and after the Antonio Brown situation I believe his value has increased exponentially. He's a WR in a TE body. The dude is fast and big!!! Also, taking into account the year that Cook had last year, Waller could be in for a big year.
  17. Fitzmagic

    This x100. When the dude stinks, he stinks up the whole weekend. He also hasn't shown the leadership qualities of a good QB. He's had opportunities. I remember his time in Buffalo and he was average, at best. I just think at this stage in his career, he doesn't care. He's out there having fun.
  18. Darren Waller...sleeper

    4 catches ---101 yards in the 1st!!!! I love how everyone is going off when it doesn't matter for fantasy.
  19. Playoff Fantasy Football Contest

    Man, the worst thing to happen was to win this my first time playing it years ago and actually thinking I can win it everytime. I'm in.
  20. Makes sense. I just wish there were more days like this during the season.
  21. Projected top 12 for 2020

    CMC will definitely be the #1 pick and I hope he has a great year, but history is not on his side when a player get this many touches.
  22. Projected top 12 for 2020

    Very few players EVER have done well after a workload like CMC has carried this year.
  23. Week 17 Championship Game?

    If it ends in week 15, how many rounds of playoffs will you have?
  24. SEA has lost their top 3 rbs?

    Man, I can't way for some Marshawn Lynch press conference interviews. Yeah...
  25. SEA has lost their top 3 rbs?

    You forgot Ricky Watters. Lol