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  1. If Zeke, signs, he's #1. The rest all have some concerns in reference to workload or their situation.
  2. Help with keepers!?

    I think his point is there is little to no value in keeping Beckham and losing a first round pick. Beckham himself is barely a first round pick this year. You would get that talent back in the first round.
  3. David Johnson and the Cardinals should feel good about how his contract situation went so smoothly.
  4. List YOUR Top 10 RB's

    Top 5 RB rankings, but I would probably take Adam's before him.
  5. Is David Johnson...

    I don't know. I probably would play it safe and go with Adams.
  6. How high does mahomes go?

    I play in a 16 team league with passing TD being 6 points. Mahomes will probably go the 2nd round.
  7. Requesting a trade.
  8. Help with keepers!?

    Conner and Williams
  9. How high does mahomes go?

    I wouldn't. I would wait a few rounds and go for someone like Luck.
  10. List YOUR Top 10 RB's

    CalamariFister!!! Zeke Barkley CMC Kamara DJ Mixon Conner Bell Chubb Williams
  11. With a 10 team league, there should be plenty of options at QB, I wouldn't stress too much. Also, I doubt you will find an elite TE. You're letting go of arguably the 2nd/3rd ranked TE. I would keep DJ/Julio.
  12. Michael Thomas... $100 million

    Or better yet, good QBs.
  13. Michael Thomas... $100 million

    Well, that was quick! At least they got him in his prime. $61 million guaranteed! That's a record for non-QBs. Zeke is coming next.
  14. A.Jones VS. M. Mack?

  15. Came up with 1st pick

    I have the #1 pick and if Zeke's contract issue is straightened out, I will take him. Honestly, I'm worried about CMC's durability. They ran him into the ground last year. I just dont know how he can continue pounding it away at his size.
  16. Giants lose ANOTHER WR. Saquon will be fantasy gold this year, especially with the other RB issues in the league.
  17. Lions release Theo Riddick

    Riddick will find another home. This could be a breakout season for Kerryon. Hmmmm...I might draft him and name my team Carry-ons.
  18. Dynasty trade ???

    Who is predicted to be your #4 pick?
  19. Over/Under 9 wins for your team

    And I'm from NJ, including a few others. You're going to start a huddle war with Giants and Cowboys fans plucking your Eagle feathers!!!
  20. A.J. Green carted to the locker room, ankle injury

    With his recent history, this is relatively good news.
  21. A.J. Green carted to the locker room, ankle injury

    I feel bad for him. He's had a rough past 2 seasons. People can see that this is a game of attrition.
  22. Am I Overthinking?

    I would draft Zeke mainly because his is not connected to injury concerns AND Jerry Jones has a good history of paying his players.
  23. Patrick Mahomes or Cmac keeper

    I disagree here. When you increase the scoring for a QB then there is a bigger chance for disparity in QB scoring. I do agree with the maintained value of stud RBs, but a change in QB scoring can consequently change the overall rankings since the scoring disparity will be greater QBs.
  24. Agreed, but these players are different from Le'veon in reference to baggage (i.e. usage. injury history, and age). If they were going to hold, now is the right time.
  25. This whole thread.