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  1. I learned this lesson a while ago, it's not a good team if they're not playing.
  2. Week 6 Chat

    Here we go....
  3. Adam Gase

    Yup, and look at the difference. Good catch.
  4. Adam Gase

    He needs to be traded. And he deserves a 2nd chance. In the right system, many QBs can prosper. Look at Lamar Jackson or Jimmy G. or Ryan T.
  5. Week 6 Chat

    He showed up very nicely!
  6. Week 6 Chat

    I think they want Diontae to be the main WR in that offense.
  7. Just seeing if we can streamline all of the threads. So....the Colts have shut down their practice facility today (Friday). There were a few positive tests.
  8. Week 6 Chat

    Dammmmmmmmmmm.....Derrick Henry!
  9. Week 6 Chat

    Titans and Texans in a straight shootout.
  10. Week 6 Chat

    Same....chasing points.
  11. Week 6 Chat

    Finally, Mixon gets in the in zone after Burrow and Bernard vulture some TDs!
  13. New England Patriots place Sony Michel, Shaq Mason, Derek Rivers on reserve/COVID-19 list. Via ESPN
  14. Eckeler or Melvin Gordon ROS

    Agree but as info there have been a few reports that his injury was a bit more severe and might be out longer than expected. From the horse's mouth:
  15. Pick 2

    Sanders and Crowder
  16. Did I just fleece this guy?

    You, I know I love when I can pull off trades like that. Then this weird feeling comes over if I win a championship because I won by beating idiots.
  17. Ryan has a juicy matchup with Julio returning. Think Goof had the safer floor with Ryan having the higher ceiling.
  18. Maybe Gibson, but I would keep Bell. I wouldn't lose sleep over either of those backs. Gibson is attractive in PPR. What does the rest of your squad look like?
  19. Julio and Gurley for Kamara?

    If I was Kamara owner, I wouldn't accept that offer, but you can try.
  20. Diontae Johnson out this week

    Great, between injuries and covid my lineup is looking like this: QB: Watson RB: Pollard RB: Snell WR: Ridley WR: Cooks TE: Hockenson Flex: Gage Watch out, I'm going to destroy my opponent.
  21. In my field we are closely monitored to the point of annoyance and we do not have the money the NFL has, and we rarely have false positives.
  22. Trade Metcalf for Kamara in Dynasty?

    Dynasty is tricky like that.... championships are rare in fantasy football.
  23. Trade Metcalf for Kamara in Dynasty?

    What does your season look like right now?