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  1. Hunter Henry torn acl

    This is sad news. I've been big on Hunter Henry for a few years. I thought this would be his breakout year.
  2. Is Tom Brady the GOAT of all sports?

    He should be in the conversation. My point was to respond "to forever in debt to mo lewis" claim that the professionals in the sport have more knowledge than the fantasy fans. In short, they weren't asked the same question, so we can't compare their responses to the ones on the board.
  3. Is Tom Brady the GOAT of all sports?

    They all said he is the greatest football player. This thread is about the greatest in ALL sports and there should be serious debate when we are questioning if he's the GOAT for all sports.
  4. Is Tom Brady the GOAT of all sports?

    Brady is not even better than Al Bundy, Polk High, who scored 4 touchdowns in a single game.

    Dam you Diggs!

    TY Diggs, you just ruined my chances by eliminating 99% of my NFC team!
  7. Vikes vs the Saints

    He was thinking the same thing that DB who missed Diggs was thinking.....obviously, NOT thinking.

    *raises hand*

    Tomlin looked like he wanted to cry after that last Jax TD. I wouldn't say he's a horrific coach, that's homer hate, but they have arrogance that is not matched with determination.
  10. JAX/PITT

    Yup, he's warming up. I like a fair game.
  11. JAX/PITT

    Fournette is questionable to return. That can change the tide.
  12. JAX/PITT

    This is getting ugly fast!
  13. ATL deserves to lose this. Just sad.
  14. Here we go Steelers..... again , ughh

    Talent wise, they're similar, but Bell has to put in many years to be mentioned in the same sentence as L.T.
  15. Here we go Steelers..... again , ughh

    A more fair comparison would be the contract he turned down, since a franchise tag is only guaranteed money for one year. With that being said, he did turn down a long term deal that would've averaged him $12 million a year, so your point still stands. He's trying to act like a trailblazer for younger RBs, but I hope his pride doesn't get the best of him. ETA: I still believe that would be the biggest contract for a RB. L.T. got a big contract, but that was over 13 years ago.
  16. I believe it's a lot closer. DJ will be under a new QB and coach also. I think DJ is a better talent, but think Hunt is in a better situation IF Reid stays. Most people would say go with DJ, but I would put some thought into it. DJ had one great season when everything was working on that offense.

    Not so fast!!! I'm .9 points behind you!!!! Only 25th place.
  18. Panthers/Saints

    Same here. I was scared Newton and Olsen would pull off some magic. That intentional grounding call was huge.
  19. Bills/Jaguars

    That's all folks.
  20. Bills/Jaguars

    Yes! Papa Johns has ALWAYS been overrated. I personally prefer local mom and pop pizzerias. Out of all the big chains, Pizza Hut is my favorite (used to be Sbarros).
  21. Playoff Game Thread

    This will be a good finish.
  22. Put me in for max.
  23. Yeah, this story is circulating big time in a lot of the sport circuits.
  24. Carson Palmer retiring

    I wouldn't classify this time as quitting. He's 38, injured this season, and on a team going through transition. It's time to hang up the cleats. ETA: What does this mean for Fitz is the bigger question.
  25. Be safe tonight!!

    Thanks Taz! It's too dam cold out here to do anything. I have no shame in saying this will probably be a Netflix night.