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  1. TE Help

    Standard league Olsen (@DET) Graham (@SEA) Thanks
  2. Conner for Hopkins?

    I’d stick with Conner
  3. Stafford or Dak ROS

    Currently have Stafford but not sure if I trust him with a thin WR group..
  4. WDIS @ QB - 30 mins!

    I didn’t think it mattered but just figured I’d mention it
  5. WDIS @ QB - 30 mins!

    Thanks. One more, sorry - Lat Murray (w/ Cook playing) or Chubb?
  6. WDIS @ QB - 30 mins!

    .5 PPR league Baker (KC) or Stafford (@MIN) Thanks!
  7. WDIS @ TE & Flex

  8. WDIS @ TE & Flex

    I’ve got Jordan Howard and Lat Murray as my other two RB starters
  9. WDIS @ TE & Flex

    Standard league TE J. Graham G. Olsen Flex A. Jones T. Coleman C. Sutton
  10. PPR Flex Help

    .5 PPR league Do I start Richard, Chubb or Sutton?
  11. Pick up Sutton??

    Anyone else?
  12. Pick up Sutton??

    Thanks. DJ Moore is also available. I don’t know if he’d be worth the add over Sutton?
  13. Best wr picks ups this week?

    I’d lean more towards DJ Moore. Coutee might be worth a pickup for this week only given that DT has to learn the playbook.
  14. Pick up Sutton??

    .5 PPR league I lost Fuller for the season which leaves me with D. Adams, J. Gordon, S. Shepard, and D. Amendola at WR. Do I pick up Sutton and if so, how much FAAB? I have $45 left.
  15. Flex help before TNF

    Thank you guys