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  1. Anyone starting McCoy this week?

    Thanks guys
  2. Anyone starting McCoy this week?

    I didn't get Carson so, I'm rolling with Shady.
  3. Anyone starting McCoy this week?

    Thanks guys. It's split lol. It's a tough call forsure. Just worried after what happened to Zeke.
  4. McCoy is going up against the Broncos and I'm on the fence about starting him this week. My other options are: Gurley (RB2) Gillislee (currently in the Flex spot) J Stew Forte (dropping for Carson, hopefully) The other thing with McCoy is that he has his wrist problem so, not sure what to do.
  5. Drop Forte for Carson?

    12 team standard with FAAB waiver system. Should I drop Forte for Carson, Perine, C. Thompson, or Chris Johnson?
  6. Bench Dez?

    Sorry, it's a standard league
  7. Bench Dez?

    Thinking about benching Dez against a good Broncos secondary. Who should I bench him for? I have Cobb, Thielen, and Golladay on my bench.
  8. Who to start at QB

    I like the insight. But you don't think Flacco has a bounce back game so to speak? Cincy essentially has a better defense than the Browns, no?
  9. Who to start at QB

  10. Who to start at QB

    Thanks. Anybody else?
  11. Who to start at QB

    Dak vs Den Flacco vs. Cle Standard league
  12. How's my team?

    So you wouldn't do it if you were me with this team?
  13. How's my team?

    It's tempting! That would leave Gillislee as my RB2..but I'd essentially have two top picks right? I forgot to mention that this is a standard league with .5 PPFD scoring.