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  1. PPR. My WRs right now are Hopkins, Marv Jones, SSS, Britt and Watkins. And my RBs are McCoy, Gillislee, McKinnon, Prosise. I'm planning to grab Dixon on waivers. Do you think dropping Marv for Eli Rogers would be a good move? I desperately need a win this week and Ramsey will probably shut down MJ
  2. My WR right now are Hopkins, SSS, Jones, Britt, and Watkins. Should I drop jones for Rogers? It just seems he doesn't get the targets and is being shut down by CB1s but part of me is scared he'll explode again once I drop him or Rogers will fall off
  3. PPR, which do you think? I'm also debating Brate and Z. Miller
  4. In a PPR league, I currently have Coates but am eyeing smith and Rogers as potential replacements.
  5. Major Lineup Help Needed WHIR

    I'd say Palmer against SF. As for the two, I'd go Graham for sure and would plug in Tyrell too. If Benjamin is out and they're playing Miami, I think he could have a big game Thanks for the help on mine
  6. It's PPR, and I need to win this week. I'm debating either dropping him, or McKinnon. Whichever one I drop, it'll possibly be for Kelley
  7. PPR league, 12 teams. My roster is in sig below but main points are: my team has been destroyed by injuries, I can only hold 5 RBs and 5 WRs on roster. Waiver targets this week are: RB: Perkins, Kelley, Dixon, Harris WR: SSS, Rogers How would y'all handle this? I need to win this week
  8. PPR league and my roster is in my signature. I started 5-1 and am now about to be 5-4 after tonight. I've gotten decimated by injuries and busts through the season. We have 3 more games before playoffs and I'm barely hanging onto a spot. We are only allowed to carry 5 RBs and 5 WRs on our roster so I'm not able to drop my 3rd QB and get an RB, etc.These waiver wire pickups this week are huge for my team. Players I'm potentially gonna drop are McKinnon, Matt Jones, Coates. The waiver wire has: SSS Rob Kelley Paul Perkins Kenneth Dixon Dejuan Harris Cordarelle Patterson Eli Rogers So for starters, would you drop McKinnon over jones? Gruden said jones has to earn his way back but McKinnon just hasn't been able to do anything and his O-line/RBBC isn't helping. Second, how would you prioritize these guys? And if you see someone else on my roster you think I should drop then let me know.
  9. PPR; full for receptions, half for carries I need to pick a RB to spot start this week. I need to decide between Antone Smith, Peyton Barber, Derrick Henry, Tim Hightower, or Charcandrick West. ROS value is also important and you can mention your ROS thoughts. Please rank them in the order of how you'd pick them up
  10. PPR; full for receptions, half for carries I need to decide between Antone Smith, Peyton Barber, Derrick Henry, Tim Hightower, or Charcandrick West. Please rank them.
  11. Thompson or R Kelley PPR

    That's a tough one. I'd choose Thompson as better ROS. Kelly did alright this last week but that staff has been pretty behind Matt Jones and I can see Kelly getting a few more snaps week 10 but I doubt anything significant changes. Thompson usually gets you 10 at least each game in PPR.
  12. PPR league. 12 teams. I want to stash Watkins pretty badly and drop Marqise Lee because his playoff schedule is beautiful. But Idk if I should chance it because I'd be left with an empty slot at flex and it's beginning to get close for playoff races. I'm 5-3. My current starters for week 9 are: Rivers Empty QB (Dalton on Bye) Gillislee/McCoy (injury issue) McKinnon Marv Jones Britt Doyle Barnidge Coates Empty Flex
  13. It's a 12 team PPR league, we can only hold 5 RB 5 WR and 2 TE on roster so idk who to drop? We start 2 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 TE and 3 flex My current players: Dalton Rivers McCoy Gillislee Matt Jones Chris Thompson McKinnon Hopkins Marv Jones Britt Coates Lee Barnidge Doyle I am currently 5-3 and our playoffs start week 13. It's becoming a close race. I wanted to drop Lee and stash Watkins but that leaves me with an empty slot at flex and I already have an empty QB slot cause Dalton is on bye (we start 2 QBs). Any thoughts?
  14. I'd go Graham. ARob has been such a disappointment recently.
  15. Stash Peterson Now?

    Yeah, I guess since I owned him prior to injury I may be hopeful of his return. Like I said though, I've got several targets ahead of him and if I don't end up with any, I may just snag him for the week in case another report comes out and It'll be too late then.