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  1. Last roster spot

    I may actually go with McKinnon he's good for about 14 carries and 4 catches a game and Cin. Hasn't been to good at stopping RBs lately
  2. who to start at flex?

    I'd go with Williams. out of the 3 he'll get the most touches. Abdullah and Henry are both touchdown or bust
  3. PPR LG. Should I start Tyreek hill tonight in place of Fournette or should I bench Tyreek and wait until tomorrow to see Fournette status? I also have Perine and Sanu I could use as well. But pretty much if I go with hill tonight it leaves the other 3 on the bench for tomorrow
  4. Oh boy Rogers is back HELP!

    As a couple other people I'm in the same situation to except I have Russell Wilson and I'm more confident in him than Rodgers. If I were you I might be thinking about Rodgers to. Brees at home against the Jets sounds good but if kamara is back healthy they will probably run more. Rivers is pretty interesting to though I could see them and kc getting into a bit of a shoot out
  5. PPR lg. Should I flex Fournette and his bad ankle or the boom or bust Tyreek Hill?
  6. Start two!

    I'd go Sanu and Drake. Just because I had Crowder for majority of the season and he was so disappointing for me. I kept telling myself this is the week he'd break out and never happened lol
  7. which 2 WR to start?

    Baldwin for sure for one but then I feel the other 2 may be a toss up I feel like Crabtree may be a bit safer of the 2 but juju has a higher ceiling
  8. Robert Woods or JUJU Smith-Shuester?

    I'd go juju as well. And I'm not just saying this because I'm a Vikings fan and know woods will be kept locked down
  9. Trade for Wilson?

    When I first seen them I was leaning towards trading hill(which is why I came here first lol) and keeping Allen. I'd also be pairing up Wilson with Baldwin and my thinking was of Wilson has a bad game so does Baldwin and at least I'd get a little more consistency out of Allen then the boom or bust hill.
  10. Who’s everyone dropping for Westbrook?

    Unfortunately no one he got scooped up in my lg about 3 weeks ago :'( lol
  11. Gurley or Brown ROS

    I'd go Gurley not only do you get his rushing production but he's caught at least 3 passes in 6 of 9 games and has 4 games with at least 5 receptions. And I've always believed the drop off from a solid RB is much bigger than it is a WR especially in PPR.
  12. Davis or Benjamin

    id go with Davis just because Benjamin is in a run first offense with a rookie qb making his first start.
  13. Zeke and DJ and a 1st for Bell and Howard

    I'd take the trade as well. Side note: what kind of league has bell go in the 3rd and Howard and David Johnson go in the 16th?
  14. Trade for Wilson?

    12 team PPR lg. I had these 2 offers sent to me this morning Carr/T. Hill for R.Wilson Carr/K.Allen for R.Wilson I'd be the team receiving Wilson. I'm tempted to make one of these trades since each week I have one of Hill/Allen on the bench. But I'm not sure if Wilson is that big of an upgrade to sacrifice the depth. And if I were to make the trade which one would be a better one to make?
  15. Will be sitting at 8-1 after tonight and looking ahead for the playoffs. I'm currently sitting with 3 RBs in McCoy, Gurley , and Fournette. And I was lo