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  1. Le'Veon Bell (Trade or keep?)

    Yeah if you got both just stash and forget him. I don't think he'll be back until week 10 and if Conner play well during these weeks it's not like he's just going to show up and take all the snaps from Conner much less be ready for a heavy workload
  2. Do I start tj yeldon or do I go with Dion Lewis? PPR lg.
  3. Devonta Freeman (Trade or keep?)

    I'm in the same boat as you. He just hasn't seemed the same since Shanahan left much like the rest of the offense. I've been trying to package him up to try to grab a decent WR no one's biting though. I'm just hoping within the next couple weeks he puts together a couple good games to get his value back up
  4. Bench devonta and roll with Collins tonight?

    Thats what I was thinking. If they didn't have a good backup like Coleman I probably wouldn't even think about it to much. It is a PPR league and I'm just wondering if Collins is also a better option than the 4 on my bench
  5. TE advice for week 2 PPR

    I'd go cook to. Cook seen like 10 targets last week don't think that will change to much
  6. Start Mixon tonight?

    I'd go with the 3 rb again. I think mixon is going to have a big year and I think he'll go over 100 tonight
  7. As of now I'm starting D. Freeman, Conner and Lewis this week and From everything I've seen it looks like Freeman will play this weekend but if he ends up not playing or is bothered by the injury would I be better off going with Collins tonight or waiting it out to see? After Collins I'm looking pretty thin at a flex or another rb with just Shepard, Allison, Yeldon and Cole as my other options
  8. Walker NOT Walking anywhere....

    I would be targeting Ebron but if the guy before you does get Ebron I think it's pretty much a toss up between the other 3 where you're just hoping someone scores a TD.
  9. In a PPR lg. My Wrs are A. Brown, Baldwin, Sanu, Riddley, Jeffery So I think thin may be an understatement as of now I have a waiver claim in on Dorsett not sure how likely I am to get him since I'm in line to win my game. Are there any other waiver WR anyone is looking to Target that I should take a look at. Or would I be better doing a trading away a RB? At Rb I got D. Freeman, A. Collins, D. Lewis, Conner, Montgomery and riddick. Should I try to move Conner right now while his stock is very high if so what level WR should I be targeting? Or would I be better holding him and trying to move Collins or Lewis to try to get a lesser WR and hope it pans out?
  10. PPR Lg my team now RB: Freeman,Collins,Conner,Cohen, Lewis, Riddick, Montgomery WR: a.Brown, Baldwin, Jeffrey, Sanu, Riddley At first I was thinking of moving Conner to the guy with bell but would I be better off making a move for Bell and what would be a decent offer to try to get him?
  11. Is this BS or is it just me?

    I'm not upset that the trade was vetoed I know it was a bad trade but as I said he just kept sending offers so I took one. I'm upset that the LM took it into his own hands to veto the trade and say I'm taking advantage of the guy but then turns around and has no problem picking up Wentz off waivers when the same guy drops him
  12. Is this BS or is it just me?

    I understand the trade itself was bs but I never once even sent an offer to him. He kept sending a few and I rejected them until eventually I just accepted one. And after the trade got veoted he sent me another offer even more ridiculously lopsided in my favor and I screenshoted it and sent it to the LM and asked him how I'm supposed to keep saying no. I've given thoughts to just leaving the league but we're going on our 8th yr with most of the same guys so it's just sad to me that we can't get a simple thing like a trade veto down
  13. JuJu over Robinson?

    I'd go JuJu to. Me personally I stay away from Robinson all together. Nagy comes from that Andy reid coaching tree and they never produce any good fantasy WRs. Robinson will get red zone looks and who knows maybe Nagy will be different than Reid and Pederson and use his WRs more. But seems risky to me
  14. Advice about trade situation

    I completely feel you on this im going through the same situation with a LM vetoing trades lol And I completely agree with what someone else said that the LM should just stay out if the way and let the other owners vote on it.
  15. Is this BS or is it just me?

    That's what he was planning on doing but the trade got vetoed. So after the trade got vetoed he dropped Wentz to pick up Taylor. And in my league apparently just the LM has veto power.