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  1. PPR lg. Right now I got: Conner,mixon, Jones, Breida at RB And at WR: AB, Boyd, Baldwin, Shepard, valdes-scantling, and Dez Saquans owner has a very weak team overall outside of Barkley and Theilen. So I was thinking about offering something like Mixon and Shepard/Baldwin for Barkley. Good move for me? And is it a fair trade?
  2. So I have a "T" problem.....

    I'd go with Cohen if you want to be risky and try for a home run. He's going to get his catches and he will get some handoffs and he's always got the ability to break out a big play. If you want to be safe I'd look at Boyd just because it's the bucs and expect a bounce back for the bengals offense
  3. Gurley trade

    ^^^^^ 😂😂
  4. I need some Team advice

    Who would you recommend moving for cook? The guy that has him has Hopkins,hill, edleman and Crabtree at WR and has Cook,Gore, Smallwood , riddick, Montgomery at RB And I've been trying to either get Bell or trade Conner to the owner all year and the problem with me trying to trade him to him is he really only has devontae Adams that I'm interested in his other rbs are McCoy and yeldon right now. And plus I like Conner because I feel like Bell will come back and after the first game he's going to end up with some mysterious hamstring injury lol
  5. I'm in a 12 team PPR lg. My team right now QB: Cousins RB: Mixon,Conner,Collins, Brieda, A. Jones, D. Freeman(IR spot) WR: AB, Boyd, Baldwin, Allison, Shepard TE: Kelce,Uzomah I'm currently in 1st place of 4-3 lol I'm tied with 6 other teams at 4-3 but I've scored the most points. There is 4 teams at 3-4 and 1 at 2-5 so 2 losses in a row and I could go from first to worst litteraly. Can't really find anything on waivers at this point to make an impact on my team and I'm starting to get the trade itch. And I wanted to get some advice from everyone. Should I feel comfortable with my team? Is there anyone on that had been over performing such as Boyd that I should move? And I'm just wondering if there is any specific players that anyone is targeting that you think will have a big second half. Any and all answers are appreciated
  6. I'd definitely go with Allison he may be technically option 3 right now but I think he finishes with a better season than Cobb. Plus Rodgers apparently loves guy
  7. Should I make a move?

    PPR league here Rbs d Freeman, mixon, Conner, collins, breida Wr: AB, Cole, Shepard, Boyd, Kirk, Baldwin, Allison, Callaway Te: Kelce I'm wanting to upgrade my wr position or maybe even making a move at gronk and playing him and kelce together (guy who has gronk also has ebron and only Barkley at RB) and I've been thinking of packaging a RB and WR to do so. Should I? If so who should be candidates to move? Or should I just stay where I'm at? Also my league has an IR spot so once Freeman and Baldwin get healthy I'd have to drop one of those guys so this makes me want to make a trade even more in order to receive something for one of these guys who I think are somewhat valuable
  8. Le'Veon Bell (Trade or keep?)

    Yeah if you got both just stash and forget him. I don't think he'll be back until week 10 and if Conner play well during these weeks it's not like he's just going to show up and take all the snaps from Conner much less be ready for a heavy workload
  9. Do I start tj yeldon or do I go with Dion Lewis? PPR lg.
  10. Devonta Freeman (Trade or keep?)

    I'm in the same boat as you. He just hasn't seemed the same since Shanahan left much like the rest of the offense. I've been trying to package him up to try to grab a decent WR no one's biting though. I'm just hoping within the next couple weeks he puts together a couple good games to get his value back up
  11. Bench devonta and roll with Collins tonight?

    Thats what I was thinking. If they didn't have a good backup like Coleman I probably wouldn't even think about it to much. It is a PPR league and I'm just wondering if Collins is also a better option than the 4 on my bench
  12. TE advice for week 2 PPR

    I'd go cook to. Cook seen like 10 targets last week don't think that will change to much
  13. Start Mixon tonight?

    I'd go with the 3 rb again. I think mixon is going to have a big year and I think he'll go over 100 tonight
  14. As of now I'm starting D. Freeman, Conner and Lewis this week and From everything I've seen it looks like Freeman will play this weekend but if he ends up not playing or is bothered by the injury would I be better off going with Collins tonight or waiting it out to see? After Collins I'm looking pretty thin at a flex or another rb with just Shepard, Allison, Yeldon and Cole as my other options
  15. Walker NOT Walking anywhere....

    I would be targeting Ebron but if the guy before you does get Ebron I think it's pretty much a toss up between the other 3 where you're just hoping someone scores a TD.