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  1. Gurley trade

    if you got the depth then hell yeah. Always want to get the best player in a deal and Gurley is by far the best player. Not even close.
  2. Bell Offers

    Proposed Bell for Michel AND Watson. Good trade for me? He'll do Michel straight up but looking to upgrade QB.
  3. Gronk trade... Help

    I'd keep gronk in a 8 man lg
  4. Bell Offers

    Thanks anyone else?
  5. Bell Offers

  6. Trade Bell away keeper .5ppr

    what is your record? If you can afford to hold Bell then do so
  7. TE help

    Go with the Vegas implied point total... Uzo Didn't work out for McDonald last week though so good luck.. TE landscape is a mess!
  8. Trade help!!

    your wr are hella solid, if anything package them to upgrade at rb
  9. I'm starting Saquon. Right?

  10. Jeffrey or Boyd

    Jeffrey is up against a good corner in Jenkins, enough for me to go Boyd in the tie breaker.
  11. Bell Offers

    So here's the jist. I am 1-4 in my keeper league, so need to decide to either make a run or prepare for future. I have Bell as trade bait. My starting lineup this week is the following QB = Dalton RB = Hines / Smallwood / D Freeman (Q) / Breida (D) / Blue WR = Jeffery / Watkins / Baldwin / Cole / M. Thomas (bye) TE = Brate I have the following offers: Bell = Carson and L. Miller or Carson and Luck (not a fan of Miller but Carson is enticing) Bell = Yeldon or S Michel ( would be a 5th rd pick next year) Any of these worth pursuing? If not, what is a reasonable return for Bell? Here are the teams full lineups Team 1 QB = Ryan / Luck (I am playing this team this week) RB = Barkley / CMC / L. Miller / Carson WR = Fuller / Woods / Goodwin / Funchess / Shephard TE = Njoku Team 2 QB = Newton / Watson RB = Michel / Yeldon / R. Freeman / K Johnson WR = A Brown / Thielen / Edelman / Agholor / J. Brown TE = Kelce Thoughts peeps?
  12. I'm torn.... Help please
  13. Above is my starting lineup for this week. Anyone?
  14. Ppr LG. 1-4 need a win. Qb Dalton Rb d Freeman, Breida, Hines, Smallwood Wr Watkins, Jeffrey, Baldwin, Cote Te brate